Community Groups: Your Secret Weapon for Youth Program Marketing and Engagement
community groups

Community Groups: Your Secret Weapon for Youth Program Marketing and Engagement

Youth Program & Summer Camp marketing isn't just about filling slots; it's about creating unforgettable experiences for children and building lasting relationships with their families. In today's digital world, fostering a sense of community is key to achieving both of these goals. That's why Camps With Friends is thrilled to introduce our new Community Groups feature – the ultimate tool to enhance your youth programs marketing strategy and elevate parent engagement.

What are Community Groups?

Community Groups are dedicated online spaces where your camp can directly connect with parents and families. Think of them as private, focused discussion boards built right into the Camps With Friends platform. They offer a powerful way to engage with your target audience in a meaningful and personalized way.

How Community Groups Supercharge Your Camp Marketing

  1. True Engagement:

    • For Camps: Initiate and moderate discussions about your camp's programs, activities, or upcoming events. Share photos and videos to showcase the fun and excitement. Encourage parents to ask questions, share their experiences, and connect with other families.
    • For Parents: Create groups based on interests, specific camp sessions, or even by age group. This allows families to bond over shared experiences, exchange tips, and make lasting friendships.
  2. Camp Moments Albums & Automatic Groups: Every time you upload a Camp Moments album, a new Community Group is automatically created for that session. This instantly connects parents of participating children, giving them a private space to share photos, stories, and relive the magic of camp together.

  3. Streamlined Communication: Forget the endless email chains and juggling multiple social media platforms. Community Groups centralize communication, making it easy for you to share updates, answer questions, and build relationships with parents – all in one convenient location.


The Marketing Benefits You Can't Afford to Miss

  • Enhanced Engagement: Community Groups foster deeper connections with families, turning them into loyal advocates for your camp. Engaged parents are more likely to return year after year and recommend your program to others.
  • Efficient Communication: Save time and resources by communicating directly within the platform. No more sifting through inboxes or chasing down comments on social media.
  • Focused Feedback: Gain valuable insights directly from your target audience. Understand their needs, preferences, and suggestions to improve your camp and tailor your marketing efforts.
  • Increased Visibility: Active participation in Community Groups showcases your camp's expertise and commitment to the families you serve. This builds trust and credibility, attracting more parents to your program.
  • Auto-Connect Feature: Parents who join Camp Moments albums are automatically added to the relevant Community Group, ensuring they never miss important updates or conversations.
"Community groups represent a leap forward in building authentic, engaged online communities within our industry. They're not just a feature; they're a bridge connecting families and businesses on a deeper level, ensuring that every interaction is meaningful and every moment shared is a step towards a more connected, vibrant community."
Shawn Nagase
Co-Founder of Camps With Friends

Are You Ready to Build Your Camp Community?

Community Groups are more than just a feature; they're a revolution in camp marketing and parent engagement. Don't miss out on this opportunity to connect with families on a deeper level, create unforgettable experiences, and watch your camp thrive.


Get started with Community Groups today and unlock the full potential of your camp's marketing strategy!

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