Strategies for Struggling Summer Camps
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Strategies for Struggling Summer Camps

Summer camps facing stiff competition from newer camps and businesses can revitalize their offerings and remain competitive through several strategies:

1. Re-Evaluate and Revamp Programming

Regularly assess your camp programs to ensure they remain appealing to today's youth. Pay attention to emerging trends and interests among your target demographic. Adjust your activity lineup accordingly, incorporating activities like:

  • Coding bootcamps
  • Environmental sustainability projects
  • Drone technology workshops
  • Wellness fitness programs such as yoga for kids

2. Strengthen Marketing Efforts

Enhance your camp's visibility by strengthening your marketing, focusing on digital avenues:

  • Leverage social media to showcase camp experiences and activities.
  • Create engaging online content, like blogs and videos related to camp life.
  • Use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to improve your camp's online visibility.


3. Cultivate Partnerships

Forge partnerships with local businesses or organizations that can enhance your camp's offerings. This could mean collaborating with a local science museum to create a STEM-based camp session or partnering with sports clubs for expert-led athletic workshops.

4. Enhance Staff Training

Invest in staff training to ensure that every member of your team can provide a memorable, high-quality experience to campers. This includes customer service training, safety protocols, conflict resolution, and specialized skills relevant to your camp's activities.

5. Foster a Dynamic Camp Culture

Create a camp culture that makes campers want to return year after year. This could be through traditions like campfire songs, unique badges/achievements to earn, or end-of-camp celebrations. These traditions make for fun experiences that differentiate your camp from new entrants.

6. Offer Flexible Pricing Options

Consider offering flexible pricing options or financial aid to ensure your camp is accessible to a wider demographic. This could include family discounts, early bird pricing, or tiered pricing based on the length of stay.

7. Collect and Implement Feedback

Gather feedback from campers and parents about their experiences and implement changes based on their suggestions. This shows that you value their input and are continually striving to improve.

By implementing these strategies, struggling summer camps can rejuvenate their business, remain competitive against newer entrants, and attract more campers in the coming years.

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