101 After School Activities for Kids
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101 After School Activities for Kids

After school activities are a phenomenal way to keep kids active when school is out for the day. They’re also excellent at keeping their mind’s active and learning. There are hundreds of after school programs and activities that your child could get involved in. Let’s talk about 101 after school activities for kids that are both at the home and at a center near you!

These are our top 101 favorite picks!

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Enroll them in after school sports:

  1. Football
  2. Indoor swim team
  3. Baseball
  4. Basketball
  5. Tennis
  6. Rock Climbing
  7. Lacrosse
  8. Softball


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Get involved with arts and crafts:

  1. Make friendship bracelets
  2. Knit a scarf
  3. Take up art lessons
  4. Learn to draw
  5. Make a ukulele out of a tissue box and rubber bands
  6. Make a bird house
  7. Create a whole city out of popsicle sticks
  8. Make a time capsule
  9. Learn how to sew by hand or with a machine
  10. Play with sidewalk chalk
  11. Make your own kite
  12. Paint a mural in your room (with parental permission!)
  13. Decorate a picture frame and print out a photo for it
  14. Learn how to stamp real leaves
  15. Make a scrapbook
  16. Melt crayons to look like they’re dripping
  17. Make your own colorful sand bottle
  18. Create a lava lamp using a water bottle and vegetable oil
  19. Make snow globes out of small mason jars
  20. Make your own slime

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Play a game:

  1. Play any old board game you’ve never played before
  2. Learn card games
  3. Play hide and seek
  4. Create an obstacle course for you and your friends to navigate
  5. Play pretend in the backyard (you can be pirates or even robots!)
  6. Put on a puppet show
  7. Use those ukuleles we talked about earlier to put on a concert!
  8. Play dress up with your parents clothes
  9. Pretend to be princesses and princes
  10. Play charades
  11. Play Pictionary
  12. Play around with improv acting
  13. Get outside and play tag
  14. Play chess
  15. Play checkers
  16. Enhance your vocabulary with a game of scrabble
  17. Play house with a friend
  18. Pretend to be professional chefs and cook up an after school snack
  19. Play video games
  20. Get involved in a trivia game

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Use your hands to build something

  1. Build a fort out of blankets
  2. Make a bird feeder using pinecones and peanut butter
  3. Play with legos and make giant towers
  4. Create roads on the living room floor using tape and drive toy cars all around
  5. Make a tree house
  6. Create a fairy house
  7. While you’re at it, make a fairy garden!
  8. Build a spaceship out of old boxes
  9. Take something apart and put it back together
  10. Try your hand at building a computer! You could even take coding classes!

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Get active

  1. Take up MMA fighting
  2. Get involved in jiu-jitsu
  3. Learn karate
  4. Discover break dancing
  5. Get into yoga or tai chi
  6. Visit the zoo
  7. Check out an aquarium
  8. Go for a hike or walk in the woods
  9. Take up photography while on that hike!
  10. Set up an outdoor scavenger hunt
  11. Check out a museum
  12. Learn how to golf (or mini golf!)
  13. Hit some balls at the batting cages
  14. Try indoor rock climbing
  15. Choreograph your own dance routine to your favorite song
  16. Create a cheer routine
  17. Learn to ride a bike
  18. Go on a long ride if you already know how!
  19. If you live near one, walk the boardwalk or shorelines
  20. Check out geocaching
  21. Go roller skating
  22. Learn how to ice skate
  23. Try your hand at skateboarding
  24. Take up BMX biking
  25. Ask to take dirt biking lessons
  26. Learn about nature by googling plants you see
  27. Take some kid friendly fitness classes like Zumba
  28. Take tumbling lessons
  29. Get into rollerblading
  30. Invite friends over and go on a hunt for your favorite flowers
  31. Gymnastics
  32. Dance classes

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Get involved in your community

  1. Volunteer at an animal shelter and play with some puppies or kittens
  2. Put on a bake sale and raise money for a local homeless shelter
  3. Host a lemonade stand
  4. Help set up meal trays at a homeless shelter
  5. Collect trash off the street and take them to the trash
  6. Collect empty cans and cash them in (donate the money to a shelter in your area!)
  7. If you’re old enough, tutor younger kids in the area in a subject you excel at
  8. Read to younger kids at the local library
  9. Walk dogs in your neighborhood with the help of a parent
  10. Ask to help with yard work for your neighbors
  11. Host a fundraiser for supplies for your school!

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Final Thoughts on 101 After School Activities for Kids

There you have it! 101 after school activities for kids! There are so many more things that kids can get involved in. However, with this list, they’re sure to find at least one (hopefully more!) things that they’d love to do! Let us know what they picked!

Before You Leave Our List of 101 After School Activities for Kids

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