5 All-Boys Summer Camps in the Northeast
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5 All-Boys Summer Camps in the Northeast

Integrity, honesty, compassion, and respect are all familiar concepts to the boys attending Camp Takajo. This camp in Maine uses a system of twelve Arch Ideals to teach positive character traits through their engaging summer camp program.

The mission and goal behind the foundation of Camp Takajo is to instill and build strong moral and ethical standards in their campers, which kickstarts a lifetime of character development. At Camp Takajo, boys enjoy a full summer with all the experiences of a traditional summer camp while learning concepts that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Ages: 7-12


Established in 1947

Partner of Camp with Friends

ACA Accredited

Camp Takajo



Birch Rock Camp

Founded in traditional summer camp customs, Birch Rock Camp holds true to their values and systems that have been created by over 90 years of experience. The motto of Birch Rock Camp speaks to the mission of the camp; “help the other fellow.”  The small size of the program allows for the campers to build relationships that bud into encouraging and lasting friendships.

Activities at the camp are chock full of traditional summer games and experiences. Swimming, field sports, primitive skills and nature activities are all apart of a normal day at Birch Rock. Throughout the summer camp experience there is a balance of many different types of activities, including downtime and access to the Birch Rocks excellent and unique library.

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Underlying everything is the high expectation for the boys to learn and practice ethical standards, build their character, and reach their goals.


Ages 7-16

Established 1926

Partner of Camp with Friends

ACA Accredited

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Camp O-AT-KA

An eight-studio art center is just one of the many aspects of Camp O-AT-KA that makes this camp special. Water and land sports, wilderness trips, challenging activities, and goal setting are all done in a supportive and nurturing environment at Camp O-AT-KA.

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The staff are committed to teaching and encouraging the campers to care for themselves and their equipment, as well as how to become a reliable and supportive person. 


Ages 8-16

Partner of Camp with Friends

ACA Accredited

 camp o at ka_ camps with friends instagram (1)-1


Camp Greylock For Boys

With over 100 years of experience, Camp Greylock is a well-established and experienced camp for boys. Located in western Massachusetts, this camp welcomes over 400 boys each year. On the 300 acres that make up Greylock property, there are junior and senior campuses which cater to the different ages, interests, and life stages of their campers.

The camp also includes a lake for water sports, as well as several impressive sports facilities. On top of all the activities and events happening at Greylock, the staff teaches and instills citizenship, sportsmanship, friendship, and fair play as paramount values; keys for the long-term characters and success of the campers.

New York


Established 1916

ACA Accredited

 Rookie-Days-1024x931 (1)-1


Camp Sangamon for Boys

Camp Sangamon is a summer camp for boys which allows the campers to choose for themselves. They receive the freedom to pick their favorite activities, decide where they want to go, and they make their schedule.

This style of management in the camp gives the boys a chance to take initiative, build independence, and establish decision making skills. Some of the activities the campers can choose from are mountain biking, woodshop, archery, riding, blacksmithing, soccer, tennis, archery, photography, rocketry, art, swimming, and more.

Pittsford, Vermont 

Ages 9-16


ACA Accredited



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