5 All-Girl Camps in the West
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5 All-Girl Camps in the West

The summer heat is no match for the fun, all-girl summer camps in the west. From farms to films, forests to dance floors, campers are introduced to new activities and the opportunity to build various skills. Communities formed at all-girls camps establish friendships and role models all while enjoying a summer of fun!  These five camps in the west create lasting memories and a hee-haw’ing good time for girls!


Castle Rock Ranch Camp


Ages 9-15

Northern Idaho

Established 2010

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castle rock ranch

Forget Little House on the Prairie and give your daughter the real farm experience. Castle Rock Ranch Camp provides girls with a unique look at life on a sustainable farm. Campers join together to learn how a community can survive off the land, and have fun doing it! In the process, the girls learn to unplug from technology and step into the educational and inspiring world of simple farming.

The girls learn how to literally put food on the table with the farm to plate experience at Castle Rock Ranch Camp.  Food farmed on the ranch is harvested by the campers from the camp’s gardens and orchards, then prepared for the girl’s daily meals. The girls learn about sustainable agriculture all while eating healthy food.

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Livestock and horses are also located at Castle Rock Ranch Camp. Each camper has ranch chores every morning which range from collecting eggs, harvesting food for the day, and milking the goats. The interactions the girls have with the livestock are unforgettable educational experiences, and will instill a love and respect for all living creatures. Horseback riding and rafting are also activities the girls enjoy daily at the camp.

The mission of Castle Rock Ranch Camp is to cultivate an interest in ranch life, the outdoors, sustainable food, gardening, and agriculture in a fun and exciting way. In the process a community is formed and friendships flourish.

Camp Reel Stories


Ages 12-18

Oakland, California 

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camp reel stories

Summer camps are a time to explore and establish unique and new skills, and that is exactly what Camp Reel Stories is doing for girls interested in media careers. If the girl in your family has a passion for telling stories or capturing mèmoires, Camp Reel Stories is just the place for her to develop that passion and learn how to make a difference in the film industry. Reel Stories’ goal is to empower their participants to be leaders in their careers.

They do this by empowering the attendees and building relationships which mentor the next generation of strong females in the field of media productions. Through the experience obtained at Camp Reel Stories, girls and other gender non-conforming campers grow in their knowledge and talents, as well as make connections to help them be successful in their hobbies or possible careers.   

The girls end the camp with their own short film as well. These short films are created through collaboration with a small group whose project is to make a mini-movie together. This opportunity also walks the girls through pre-production, production, and post-production procedures, which ends in a debut of their film to a public audience at end the camp.  Talk about a star summer program!

Girls are still famously underrepresented, both behind the scenes and on screen. However, Reel Stories intends to teach their campers that with the right tools and training, they hold the key to a revolution in the media industry and their dreams are within reach!


Camp Maripai

Ages 6 - 17

Prescott, Arizona

Established 1942

American Camp Association Accredited

camp maripai

Camp Maripai is an 80- acre summer camp located in the gorgeous Prescott National Forest of Arizona. This camp is run by The Girl Scouts, but the campers do not need to be a Girl Scout to join in on the fun. The Girl Scout mission is to build “courage, confidence, and character” in girls and inspire them to make the world a better place. The campers participate in activities such as horseback riding, archery, arts, crafts, campfire cooking, and more. The girls build leadership skills, explore new talents, and enjoy educational experiences. Along the way, relationships are formed between campers and their role model counselors. 

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Alpengirl Girls Summer Adventure Camp


Montana, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Oregon

Ages 11-16

Established 1997

American Camp Association Accredited


This exciting summer camp will have you wishing you could go back in time and experience it as a child yourself! The Alpengirl Girl’s Summer Adventure Camp in Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington State and Wyoming is a camp for pre-teen and teenage girls to experience all the outdoors has to offer. Backpacking, surfing, rock climbing, horseback riding, kayaking, and rafting are combined with the educational and slower paced practices of yoga, camping, and cooking healthy camp meals. As a whole, the camp is a mix of incredible activities for the perfect summer adventure


ADTC ULTIMATE Rocky Mountains

Boulder, CO- sister camps in California, North Carolina, Texas, Vermont, Maryland, and Wisconsin

Ages 8-17

Established in 2002

American Camp Association Accredited


Located in beautiful Denver, Colorado is a camp which teaches and inspires the art of dance. Girls immerse themselves in the world of dancing for the ADTC “Ultimate Rocky Mountains” camp. The ADTC staff are professional choreographers who are skilled in teaching many different styles of dance. When the girls are not practicing their skills, they enjoy activities such as swimming in the Buffalo shaped pool on campus, playing games with the fellow campers, and partaking in many more camp activities hosted by the staff.


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