5 All Girl Summer Camps in the Northeast
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5 All Girl Summer Camps in the Northeast

Where a community is formed, friendships flourish, and at these five all-girl summer camps in the northeast, wonderful things are blossoming.  Through a safe and welcoming environment these camps foster lasting friendships and a summer full of fun experiences with new comrades.

Cedarbrook Camp


Location: Pennsylvania

Accreditations: American Camp Association

Ages: completed 1st grade through 11th

Sister camps in Denver and New York

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Cedarbrook camp PA 1

All the fun of a summer camp is combined with character lessons and spiritual growth. This Christian camp is dedicated to providing an encouraging community for the campers to be able to have fun, try new things, and discuss questions about their faith. Some of the exciting activities taking place at Cedarbrook Camp are arts and crafts, candy making, games, nature explorations and more.

The girls also find joy in learning new skills such as archery, horseback riding, rifle use, woodworking, rocketry, and sign language. Bible lessons are a normal part of the day at Cedarbrook Camp and faith is a part of every day conversation.

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Camp Walden

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Denmark, Maine


Accreditations: American Camp Association

Ages: 8-15

 camp walden girls swimming

With over 100 years of experience, Camp Walden is established on a passion for helping girls grow. The goal of the camp staff is to create a space where girls develop their leadership skills and build the confidence to excel in the world. Along the way the girls have a blast through the ever-growing facilities and activities at Camp Walden.

The camp staff teach the girls of the importance of friendship and community. Campers share in the traditions, songs, events, and responsibilities at the camp, which make the camp bonds that much stronger. At Camp Walden friendships are formed, memories are made, and lifelong lessons are learned every year.

Camp Kippewa for Girls

Location: Monmouth, ME


Accreditations: American Camp Association

Ages: 7-15

camp kippewa

Camp Kippewa provides every girl with a safe and fun place to learn new skills as well as make bonds with other peers that share similar interests. Their summer arts program gives the girls the opportunity to express themselves and take up a new hobby.

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There are 20 different disciplines that include arts, crafts, theater, dance, an equestrian program, water-sports, and land sports to choose from. Kippewa camp makes it a priority to give the girls a choice in which activities they would like to pursue and small group sizes to do so. 


ADK Wild Horse Camp


Location: Lake Clear, NY


Accreditations: American Camp Association

Ages: 10-17

adk wild horse camp

The ADK Wold Horse Camp is heaven on earth for girls infatuated with horses. This is because most of the activities and events at this camp are all centered around, or with horses. Nestled in the Adirondacks, the campers experience amazing views alongside beautiful horses at the camp.

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From riding classes, to horsemanship, and veterinary classes to trail rides, the girls work side by side to learn and care for horses. In the process character is developed and friendships share lasting memories.


Camp Netimus

Location: Milford, Pennsylvania


Accreditations: American Camp Association

Ages: 9-16

Brother Camp: Camp Shohola

camp netimus


At Camp Netimus, it is not only the beautiful 400-acre location in Pennsylvania that is flourishing. The campers also thrive in numerous ways. Among the traditional camp activities such as boating, canoeing, swimming, hiking, games, and songs, the girls also learn environmental, educational, and social lessons.

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As the girls feel successful in their activities and knowledge at the camp, they build confidence to be themselves and build relationships. Each summer the camp staff see friendships being formed and kept through the passing years. 

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