The 5 Best Field Trip Ideas
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The 5 Best Field Trip Ideas

Field trips are a great way to get kids out of the classroom or house and exploring the world around them. The problem is that there are so many options of things to do and places to go that picking the most beneficial ones can feel daunting. You want to find an activity that’s both exciting and educational, and no, those are not antonyms! This list of the 5 best field trip ideas for kids of all ages is guaranteed to give you both of those traits and more.

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  1. Field Trips to Aquariums

Aquariums are a great place to visit for any day of the week. They’re always indoors, so rain or shine, they’re the perfect educational adventure. They are not only educational, but also fun for the whole family or class! There is a variety of activities that can be done in an aquarium. One of the most fun options are touch tanks. These are for kids who want to learn about the marine ecosystem and are old enough to be gentle with the creatures that they get to interact with. Some touch tanks allow you to interact with small creatures like starfish, while others house stingrays or even gentle sharks!

Aquariums also have various kinds of tours, and self-guided exhibits. If you’re taking a class to an aquarium, guided tours are often a great way to educate while still allowing the kids to have some freedom. Kids love to learn and see the marine life swimming around in their enclosed habitats. Self guided tours are better for small classes or families with older kids who are able to walk around independently, but are equally as fun and educational!

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  1. Field Trips to Interactive Science Museums

Interactive science museums are a great place for kids to learn about science, technology and engineering. As the name suggests, they allow kids to explore their curiosity and experiment with different hands on activities in a safe and structured environment. Popular for kids of all ages, these museums are one of the best field trip ideas because there’s always something for everyone. Younger kids often have their own sections, with age appropriate activities and experiments. Older kids tend to get the activities that allow them to use their whole bodies and read about what’s happening around them. They’re fun, freeing, and encourage learning in a fun and unique manner that you just can’t find in a classroom.

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  1. Field Trips to Indoor Rock Climbing Facilities

Rock climbing is a great activity for kids and adults alike. It's a fun way to get exercise, get out of the house. However, indoor rock climbing is often the better choice for field trips than outdoor because well…it’s inside! It’s a bit more structured, which is ideal for younger kids.

Indoor rock climbing is also a safe alternative for those who can't go outside due to weather or other reasons. It's also usually cheaper than outdoor rock climbing because there's no need for you to purchase equipment like ropes or harnesses! Most indoor rock climbing facilities are happy to host a class for a day, showing them the ropes of rock climbing. They’ll learn how to be comfortable with the sport, challenge themselves, and build confidence as they accomplish new tasks! Kids will also have the opportunity to learn about teamwork, communication, and how to feel comfortable in their own skin as they maneuver challenging obstacles.


  1. Field Trips to a Local Baseball Game

A baseball game is one of the best field trip ideas for kids at an age where they can follow directions like walking in a straight line, staying with a buddy at all times, and listening to the leaders expectations. Baseball games are more of a “fun first, education second” type of field trip, but sometime that’s exactly what kids need! This options is great as a reward for classes or as a way to practice their ability to follow directions and learn about an exciting sport!

Most of the time, school’s can rent out sections of the stadium for their class so that there’s no chaos in finding a seat and staying together. This is highly beneficial for younger kids who often need visual markers they can use to identify where they are to be. You may even be able to get discounts on food and drinks and see your kids on the big screen!

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  1. Field Trips to Visit a Local Zoo or Animal Sanctuary

Both zoos and animal sanctuaries make phenomenal field trip ideas and for similar reasons. They both provide a structured place for your kids to learn about various kinds of animals and see creatures they otherwise would never get the chance to. The primary difference is that animal sanctuaries are often much smaller than zoos, but they do usually provide a more intimate feel and focus on the educational side of these trips. Zoos are larger, but host more animals and you can often schedule a guided tour for the day so that everyone can learn something along the way!

These are great field trip options for small or large classes that want an activity that’s both enticing and educational. Kids will learn all about each animal, from it’s habitat to what it eats to why it’s there in the zoo or sanctuary in the first place. Kids are never too young to learn about their environment and how they can protect it and the amazing creatures that live in it!

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We hope that you found our list of the 5 best field trip ideas interesting and that they will inspire you to plan your next family or class outing. Remember, field trips are supposed to be exhilarating for kids, but also teach them something in the process. Any of these options will give you just that, but If you want to find more great ideas for day trips, check out our blog page or explore page for options near you!