5 Fun enrichment Activities for Your Kids to Enjoy in New York!
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5 Fun enrichment Activities for Your Kids to Enjoy in New York!

New York is one of the most breathtaking places to visit in the US. The Big Apple, of course, being the center of attention! There’s plenty to do in terms of museums or walking around, but many parents wonder what fun activities exist specifically for kids in New York?

Among the dozens of outdoor activities, fun camps, and unique explorations, we’ve put together a list of our top 5 fun activities for your kids to enjoy in New York! From dance lessons to music lessons to sports camps, you’re sure to find something your kids will enjoy!

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Bass Lessons with Steve Marks

Are any of your kids interested in taking up a new hobby? How about enrolling them in bass lessons with bass player Steve Marks? Located in Brooklyn, NY, Steve Marks offers bass lessons for students 12 and up. Lessons are offered in person and virtually as well as one on one or in small groups!

The perk of this class is that Marks not only teaches the instrument itself, but also basic musicianship, music theory, and composition. Your kids will get to tap into their creative side with this course. You do need to own a bass, especially if you are attending the virtual classes, but otherwise Marks does the rest!

Classes are held once per week and primarily in groups ranging from 2-4 students. The length of time varies by the number of kids:

  • 2 students: 55-minute class
  • 3 students: 80-minute class
  • 4 students: 105-minute class

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Grace Ballet New York

Are your kids itching to move their bodies? Grace Ballet Dance Company in Manhattan, NY is a phenomenal option for you boys and girls who want to embark on the journey of ballet dance! The dance company hosts classes in person and online, but the in-person classes offer a unique, personalized experience. For new dancers in particular, in person classes are often preferred!

Grace Ballet offers ballet dance classes to people of all genders, ages, and skill levels. From 3-year-olds to adults, anybody can partake in the lessons taught at this academy, so why let your kids have all the fun? Join them and take a class while they’re take a class. This will not only give your kids something to do for a couple of hours, but also give you something new to talk about and bond over!

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Sports Academy at Brookwood Camps

For those of you with active kiddos looking for a sleep away camp option in New York, Sports Academy at Brookwood Camps is going to be your new best friend. The camp hosts 9 sporting activities for boys and girls to partake in:

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The camp is for ages 6 to 17 as well as for any skill and interest level. The perk of this camp is that if your child is interested in multiple sports, they have the option to partake in any sports that they want! They can try one out and decide it’s not for them or decide it’s where they want to focus all of their time.

The most exciting part of this camp is that it’s run by NFL Quarterback Jay Fielder, and every sport taught is done so by a professional in the field. The camp offers not only 2-week or longer sleep away stays, but also one-week options for campers who are only interested in a specific sport or are not in town for an extended amount of time.

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Ta-Da Youth Theatre

With online and in person classes, Ta-Da Youth Theatre runs single and season-long classes for its students! The theatre puts an emphasis on community, love, and expression in its curriculum by focusing on group work, collaboration, and confidence boosting classes. The theatre hosts classes and shows for kids up to 18 years old and with a variety of skill levels. There are also youth ensembles for musical theatre kids, but this requires auditions.

Something particularly unique about the Ta-Da Youth Theatre is its alumni. Actors including Josh Peck, Kerry Washington, and Jordan Peele all took classes at this theatre in their time! Jordan Peele is also on the board of directors and may even make an appearance in a class or two!

Classes are run online and in person, but of course, if you’re in town long enough, absolutely register for those in person classes to help your kids make new friends, grow in confidence, and have a one of a kind experience!

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TADA! Youth Theater

Zumbini with Sarah Viviani

A cross between Zumba and Baby First, Zumbini is the child of these two phenomenal classes. Taught by Sarah Viviani, Zumbini uses live music to connect with infants and toddlers in a fun, unique manner. The classes are held in person in New York City in medium sized groups – often no more than 10 children/adults. Classes are typically booked one by one, but upon request you can book multiple!

The purpose of Zumbini is to use instruments as well as sounds that are created through body movement to encourage a child’s fine motor, gross motor, cognitive, social, and emotional development. Classes often consist of allowing your children to bang on drums, shake maracas, strum a small guitar, or use their body to create sounds by clapping and stomping their feet. Dancing is also highly encouraged by both kiddo and parent!

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Whether your children are 2 or 16, there is plenty for them to do in the big apple either alone or with you by their side! New York City offers numerous day camps, week-long camps, and even short classes for your kids. From learning to play baseball to learning the proper way to plié, there are endless possibilities for your trip (or move!) to New York City!


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Brooklyn Robot Foundry

Brooklyn Robot Foundry’s online robot-building classes and camps may be the ultimate STEAM enrichment program for 2-13yr olds!  Each day, students build a brand new robot, giving them a hands-on experience that is educational, creative, and fun! Tiny classes with amazing instructors foster social connections and further exploration.  Plus, all the materials are sent in advance in very cool packages. Fall classes run September - January.


Hudson Valley Swim

Learning to swim is a critical skill for children and adults because it saves lives. Hudson Valley Swim has been offering our acclaimed swim lesson program to all ages and abilities since 2003; serving thousands of students each year in Dutchess and Orange Counties. We run year-around 7-days/week at our flagship location at Gold's Gym in Newburgh as well as a few days/week in our satellite location at the Sleep Inn & Suites in Middletown. In the summer, we also offer a 7-day/week program at Taconic Sport & Racquet in Hopewell Junction. We have recently launched a new initiative to offer our program as a franchise for those that want to run this program in their own cities and states.