Apex Dance: Phenomenal Dance Schools in Dallas, Texas
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Apex Dance: Phenomenal Dance Schools in Dallas, Texas

Are you looking for a top dance school in Dallas, Texas? If your dancing soul is nudging you to step up your dancing prowess, that’s your cue to get professional guidance and step up your dancing game. Don’t forget to also check out the explore page for some additional dance schools when you’re done reading about Apex!

There has been an interesting rise in adopting dancing as a fitness regime and recreational activity throughout the USA.  Dallas is home to a number of performing arts and dancing studios. However, if you want to excel in the art of acquiring skillful movements and gestures this Fall, Apex Dance in Dallas is the perfect place for you!

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History of Apex Dance in Dallas, Texas 

Apex Performing Arts and Dance Studio shares an interesting history and pedigree in dance, from lessons to competitions. Let’s take a closer look at the history of Apex Dance. 

A visually stimulating and thought-provoking experience from the artist to the audience; that’s what Apex Dance strives to achieve. Apex Dance was created with a mission to build a positive dancing atmosphere with loving and energetic teachers. The leading lady of the studio Donna has a history of successful choreography journey. Her talent and skill is what sets this studio apart. She takes pride in her studio and trains her dancers with passion and love.

Besides her acclaim as a professional performer and trainer, she shares an adorable bond with people, especially children. She established Apex Performing Arts and Dance Studio as a place that is committed to help children develop their dancing skills and unleash their maximum potential in a supportive environment. 

Donna and her equally supportive, energetic, and loving staff ensures that every child at the Apex Studio feels heard and seen. Along with Donna, her experienced team ensures that each aspiring dancer receives quality training and personal attention. While training the lovely dancers, the caring staff ensures that their work impacts the lives of the young dancers positively. 

Owing to their huge positive efforts, they have awards in several competitions and are a leading competitor in the community. All in all, their dancing team has come away with 7 platinum awards and 9 gold awards at Dupree Dance Competition in 2022 alone. 

Why Choose Apex Dance for Your Child?

Whether you are considering a professional guide or dancing for recreational purpose, here are a few reasons why you should choose Apex Dance for your child:

  1. Experienced trainers: Apex Dance boasts an experienced staff. These close-knit experienced trainers have years of experience of training and teaching young learners. They not only focus on teaching the right techniques and style to the aspiring dancers, but also keep it fun and enjoyable.
  2. A positive atmosphere: These trainers also inculcate a positive atmosphere for your kids.
  3. Accommodate all age-groups: Apex Dance also ensures that it accommodates all the age-groups from ages 3-18. Kids interact and collaborate with their peers and build social skills. 

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What Programs do They Offer?

Apex Dance Studio covers an eclectic variety of dance programs for your kids. Whether your kid is a professional or a tenderfoot, there is a program for your kid to fit in. The Studio offers Jazz, Hip hop, Contemporary, Lyrical, Combo classes (Tap/Ballet), Modern, Musical theatre and much more. 

The Dance Studio follows a traditional fall session schedule and also provides summer camps as well. Their summer camps run from June through July and are offered in 3 forms: confidence camps (for enhancing self-esteem and skill), Broadway camps (for training for a professional career in dance), and recreational (for fun, leisure, and skill!). Both the fall and summer sessions focus on recreational dancing activities and learning through auditions, different techniques, and practice. 

What Services Do They Offer?

Besides offering dance classes that range from jazz to hip hop, the Studio also renders various other services, including:

  • Artist Development: 

Owing to the leading choreographer and her background in the showbiz sphere, Donna can provide quality celebrity training to young individuals. The Studio is a home for artist development for all those youngsters trying to break into the entertainment arena. You can customize your artist's development training by discussing your personal needs with the Studio. 

  • Birthday Parties:

Who doesn't love an energetic and fun party to celebrate their children's special day? Apex Dance Studio hosts a party for your child on their birthday and even offers games and contests to keep the party alive. At the end of the party, your child and his/her friend can showcase their dancing prowess to the guests. 


The Studio has different themes to celebrate the day. Some popular birthday themes include Ballerina/Princess, Hip Hop, High School Musical, and much more. You can even suggest your ideas. 

  • Private lessons:

You can also request private lessons from the Studio. These lessons can be customized as per your preference, professional aspirations, and requirements. 


Why Send Your Kiddo to a Dance School? 

Wondering why you should send your kiddo to a dance school, here are top benefits of a dance school:

  • Physical fitness: Dancing is a perfect way to stay fit and in shape. It is a popular form of physical endeavor that has various health benefits. 
  • Discipline: Learning dance not only teaches you different moves and techniques. It also teaches you discipline and endurance to see the final products through tests and trials.
  • Collaboration: Your kids learn to collaborate with other children. It requires both individual support and teamwork. It also builds confidence and communication skills among children. 

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How to Decide What Kind of Dance Your Child Should Take

Determining what kind of dance your child should take up is really up to them. It’s also a matter of trial, error, and passion. Dance is nothing without passion form the dancer. If your child tries hip hop and they’re just not feeling it, they don’t have fun, they won’t progress at the level they’re capable of.

The best way to determine what kind of dance your child should take it to:

  1. Talk to them and let them decide what’s best for them.
  2. Show them what each style of dance looks like with videos, so they know exactly what they’d be doing if they chose a specific style.
  3. Talk to the instructors and let the instructors talk to your child. Nobody knows better than them!
  4. Ask if you can observe a dance class so your child can see what it would be like and if it piques their interest.
  5. Let them try new kinds of dance. If they don’t like it, that’s okay! They tried, they learned, and they can try again!

So, Are You Ready to Reach Out to Them?

Check out Apex Dance and enroll your kids asap! Let your kids use this time to explore new styles of dance and have the best time making new friends, learning new techniques, and expressing themselves! The dance instructors can’t wait to meet you and your child!

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