At Band Aid School of Music, we strongly believe that music is more than just individual expression. The magic unfurls when we create music together! We are fervently focused on prepping our students to excel in music bands, having their talent shine brightly on stage. Music is not just a skill to be learned. It also plays an instrumental role in molding a child's overall growth and development.

Why Choose Band Aid School of Music?

Our unique philosophy and teaching methodology are rooted in the experience and passion of our founder, James Mays. Since 1990, Mays has been engrossed in teaching music to children of varied age groups. His educational philosophy marries musical, spiritual, and social techniques of an artist. This harmonious amalgamation paves the way for Band Aid, an edifice where students of all ages empower themselves and others to relish a lifelong amour for music.

Our team of passionate instructors, handpicked for their musical prowess and dedication, work seamlessly with our students, motivating them to reach new heights. Besides, we offer a versatile range of instruments for children to master, including guitar, piano, voice, brass, woodwinds, bass, drums, and bands.

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Unique Resonance of Band Aid School of Music

Striking the right chord with students and parents alike, we offer an assortment of music programs like private lessons - both in-person and virtual, group classes, and special training for bands. In a unique venture, we even educate parents about ways to nurture their child's musical journey. Needless to say, we go beyond the typical instrument-based training.

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Our curriculum equips our students with comprehensive knowledge in music theory, ear training, performing, and playing in a band, providing a well-rounded learning experience. Moreover, we believe that the stage transforms a musician! Therefore, we lay substantial emphasis on giving regular performance opportunities to our students. They routinely participate in gigs, recitals, workshops, and more, enabling them to feel the pulse of the audience's applause!

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The Enrichment Effect - Music Classes and Personal Growth

At Band Aid School of Music, we are tuned into our mission to “empower people to enjoy a lifetime love of music”. We believe that music inherent in us and the creatures of the earth; it acts as a basis of communication, bonding, and expression. Similarly, education, with its milieu of social interactions, can significantly enhance the effectiveness of our learning.

Research has shed light on how collaborative learning in small groups helps retain information better and enhances the overall satisfaction in learning. Our classroom environment reflects this learning dynamic, as it contains students of similar ages and skill levels, creating social interaction. Students learn from their teachers as well as peers, often inspiring and helping each other, all of which makes for a conducive learning environment.

Our performance-based approach not only hones musical skills but also cultivates confidence. Kids conquer stage fright, and the confidence seeps into their everyday life, pushing them to reach their potential.

Getting Started with Band Aid School of Music

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Visit our website for extensive information. If you're ready to immerse in the world of music, click 'sign up now', and fill out an enrollment form. Our dedicated administrative team will assist with your schedule and find the best lesson time for you. While we don't offer a free trial, we understand learning needs to feel right. If you’re not completely satisfied with your instructor, feel free to switch at any time. To address any questions,  call (512)730-0592 or email - We’re here to help!

Band Aid School of Music is the perfect destination for those seeking music lessons near them. As a thriving community that nurtures the lifelong love for music, our academy provides an excellent opportunity for individuals looking for meaningful after school activities. With our engaging and educational environment, children can seamlessly develop their musical skills and let their passion for melodies and rhythms grow to new heights.


Band Aid School of Music is more than just a music academy. We are a thriving community of budding musicians, fervent instructors, and supportive parents. Step into our world of melodies and rhythms, as we strive to empower everyone with a lifelong love for music. Sign up your child today and let them hit the right notes in their musical journey.

Here's to dreams coming true and lifelong love for music being kindled at Band Aid School of Music!