Unravel the Magic of Costa Rica: Adventure Trips for Young Adults
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Unravel the Magic of Costa Rica: Adventure Trips for Young Adults

Are you a young adventurer in search of an unforgettable experience in the heart of the tropics? Our Breakwater Expeditions Costa Rica programs unlock the treasure trove of nature, culture, and adventure that this Central American paradise has to offer.

Discover the Thrills of A Costa Rican Adventure

Our meticulously crafted excursions offer an eclectic fusion of adrenaline-charged activities and skills development, promising an unparalleled journey of discovery and growth.

Explore Lush Rainforests

Unleash your inner explorer as you trek through dense rainforests, uncovering the diverse flora and fauna that inhabit Costa Rica's enchanting landscapes.


Surf the Waves

Master the art of riding waves on the world-renowned coastline, taking in the vibrancy of the surf culture and its breathtaking backdrop.

Connect with the Community

Embrace the 'pura vida' spirit by engaging with local communities, learning about sustainable practices, and participating in community-building projects that leave a lasting impact on both you and the people you meet.

Create Life-Changing Memories

Our Costa Rica adventure trips for young adults are designed to inspire personal growth, providing unparalleled opportunities to forge lasting friendships, embrace new experiences, and hone life skills.


Foster Independence

Navigate your way through the challenges and experiences that come with Costa Rican adventures, learning the value of determination, and fostering a strong sense of independence.

Develop Leadership

Hone your leadership skills by guiding your fellow adventurers in various tasks, from assembling camps to coordinating group activities.

Gain Cultural Awareness

Dive into the rich history and traditions of the Costa Rican people, expanding your understanding of the world and gaining valuable cultural insights.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What age group is the Costa Rica adventure trip designed for?
A: Our Costa Rica trips are tailored to young adults aged 15-20, offering experiences that cater to their interests, needs, and personal growth.

Q: Are there any prerequisites for participating in adventure activities?
A: All activities are designed to be accessible regardless of prior experience. Our experienced guides offer coaching and instruction to ensure you have a safe and positive experience.

Q: How are accommodations managed on the expeditions?
A: Accommodations vary based on location and activity, spanning everything from homestays to lodges and tent camps. We always prioritize comfort and safety for participants.


Q: What safety measures are in place during adventure activities?
A: Your safety is our top priority. Experienced guides closely monitor all activities, ensuring compliance with safety guidelines and providing any necessary support.

Your Adventure Awaits

Embarking on a Breakwater Expeditions Costa Rica trip unveils the true essence of adventure. Engage with nature, challenge yourself, and embrace diverse experiences that will shape your personal growth. Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and create memories that will last a lifetime?