In the heart of New York State lies a magical summer sanctuary for budding music enthusiasts - The French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts Camp. Affectionately known as the French Woods Music Camp, this residential summer program offers an unparalleled experience designed to inspire, nurture, and refine young musical talents.

An Unmatched Musical Exposure

Unlike traditional camps or music programs, French Woods Music Camp sets itself apart with its philosophy rooted in individualism and non-competitiveness. Here, campers get to tread their own paths and explore their musical journey at their own pace, without the pressure of auditions or the rigidity of a one-size-fits-all program.

From beginner to advanced, every child's skill level is embraced and nurtured under the careful guidance of a professional faculty. French Woods Festival offers placements in prelude bands, concert band, jazz band and orchestra, and includes private lessons in it’s tuition, aimed at unlocking every camper's potential.

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Crafting the Crescendos Together

French Woods' collaborative approach allows campers to play in harmony in the full symphony orchestra, the concert band, or one of the various other music groups. It's an ensemble experience like no other - immersing campers into the fascinating world of co-creating music, often leading to performing at a concert within just three weeks!

Plus, the growth students experience extends far beyond their musical accomplishments. They learn the importance of teamwork, gain confidence, and better understand their artistic voices.

The Symphony Beyond the Music

While music remains the heart and soul of this summer camp, French Woods ensures the rhythm of fun resonates beyond music. Campers enjoy a wholesome summer with a palette of other exciting activities. From water sports to horseback riding, skateboarding to theater - there's never a dull moment in amplifying the summer experience!

Explore the Chinese Music Ensemble of New York's modern approach to music education.

Tunes of Success

Numerous campers have echoed the positive tune of their experiences at French Woods. It's not only created memorable summers but also shaped their futures in music and beyond.

To quote a former camper, "French Woods challenged me musically like no other place. The camp boosted my confidence and honed my decision-making skills. It's been rewarding in every sense!"

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Join the Melodious Journey

Beautifully nestled within the enchanting landscapes of New York State, French Woods Performing Arts Sleepaway Music Camp invites your budding musician for a summer filled with melodies, learning, and friendships. Immerse into this enchanting musical journey by signing up today! The camp’s program is designed to provide an environment of discovery, exploration, and fun. It is a place where young musicians can meet new friends while experiencing the magic of music. At French Woods, you will discover your passion for music while learning to become a better performer and musician. Whether you have previous musical experience or not, there is something for everyone at this premier performing arts camp!

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