Enriching Kidz: Best Life Skills Programs for Kids!
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Enriching Kidz: Best Life Skills Programs for Kids!

Kids are often excited about learning how to be more independent. Enriching Kidz is a company located in Ohio that offers some of the best life skills programs for kids online live and onsiteTheir programs are centered around using activities that encourage creativity, innovation, problem-solving and critical thinking skills, through hands-on learning experiences! 

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History of Enriching Kidz

Enriching Kidz was founded 30 years ago, with the goal to encourage independence in tweens and teens, through life skills classes. As s a parent, you already have a lot on your plate. Enriching Kidz is designed to be that extra pair of hands you're always asking for! 

The driving force behind their program is to help your kids gain the life skills they need to be productive, confident, and educated in their everyday lives. How do they do it? Let's get into it!


What Life Skills Programs for Kids do they Offer?

Enriching Kidz in Ohio offers a variety of programs to help your child grow and thrive. There are currently 10 programs offered to kids, all of which are designed to teach life skills that your child will benefit from as they grow into adulthood!

  • Artistic Expression 4 Creative Kidz  (onsite only in Cincinnati)

This program is centered around using art as a means of self-expression. Through cognitive and creative exercises, kids will get the opportunity to map out their feelings in a unique way. They'll come home each and every day excited to tell your how they did, what they did, and what they are feeling!

  • Better Baby Sitters (online live and onsite in Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus)

This program offers babysitting lessons for kids who want their first experience with taking care of others to be positive, fun, and educational! The goal is to provide kids age 10-14 with the foundational skills they need to take care of a baby. They'll learn CPR, how to change a diaper, first aid, and more!

  • Discovery Pride Kidz (online live)

Taught by Wesley Strobel, an active member of the LGBTQ+ community, this program is designed for kids who are in the process of figuring out who they are. Through active discussions, creative activities, and bonding exercises, kids get to explore what makes them unique. They'll have the opportunity to embrace their authentic selves and make strides towards who they are and who they want to become!

  • Discovery Pride Parents (online live)

This program helps parents find ways to connect with their children on a deeper level. The program coincides with Discover Pride Kidz and is designed to aid parents on this journey of raising a child who feels they are a member of the LGBTQ+ community. Often times, this is new for parents, and that's okay! You're not alone!

  • Empowering Girls with Confidence (online live and in Cincinnati)

This program aims to empower girls to become confident, self-sufficient women by providing them with the tools they need to succeed. The program works with girls between the ages of 9 and 12. They teach young girls how to navigate difficult feelings like crushes, jealousy, confidence, envy, and more.

  • Kidz Home Alone (online live and onsite Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus)

Leaving your children home alone for the first time is often frightening for parents, but it doesn't have to. This life skills program for kids helps prepare kids for that exact moment! They'll learn about fire safety, the rules around 911, having a hideout location, and how to feel confident being home by themselves.

  • Pottery Wheel 101 (onsite only)

This program teaches children how to use a pottery wheel and make various kinds of unique clay creations. Kids can learn how to decorate their pots and other art projects using paint and carving tools. They'll be creating some with their hands, all by themselves, which is an incredibly confidence-boosting moment!

  • Stitch and Sew Kidz (onsite only)

This program helps kids learn how to sew by teaching them how to do basic stitches like straight stitch and zigzag stitch, as well as buttonholes. Kids will also learn how to piece together seams so they can make their own creations!

  • Super Kidz Study Skillz (online live and onsite in Cincinnati)

This program is all about helping your child manage their time more efficiently. The purpose is to aid them in creating productive study habits that will follow them throughout their schooling career. Sometimes, kids have a difficult time focusing and this program can help them!

Kids can sign up for one of these programs at any time during the school year or summer break!


How Enriching Kidz Teaches Their Students

Enriching Kidz offers several teaching methods for their life skills programs for kids. The method you choose depends on your preference as well as what’s offered for the program you are interested in!

  • Live Online Classes:

They offer live online classes that are held at scheduled times for specific programs. These are ideal for any child who wants to get started understanding business but is maybe a little too nervous to take on an in-person class quite yet!

  • On-site Classes:

They offer onsite classes that allow you to experience their environment firsthand. This is a great opportunity to learn, make friends, and interact with your teacher. Classes like the sewing and pottery making programs are only held in person, but for other classes, you get to pick!

On site classes are currently held in Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus, OH!

  • Organize Your Own Class: (Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus only)

One of their most unique options is to organize your own full-size class at a local rec center, church, or even your home! All you need is 8 kids who are interested, and the program will come to you!



Enriching Kidz fully believes that tweens and teens are capable of so much more than we often give them credit for. Sometimes, they just need a little extra guidance and direction. Their life skills programs for kids are ideal for any parent who wants to help their kids gain some added independence or learn how to express who they truly are with comfort and confidence!

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