Find Top Florida Summer Camps Using Camps With Friends
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Find Top Florida Summer Camps Using Camps With Friends

If your family has ever struggled to find the right Florida summer camps for kids, you’re in good company. We know there are a lot of unmaintained and incomplete listings out there, which makes it tough to get an accurate picture of precisely what’s available in your area for each upcoming season. 

That’s why we built Camps With Friends as the one-stop solution to keep things simple. With our streamlined website and explore screen you can find current camp opportunities and identify the best summer camps in Florida for your family. 

Filter your results by area, age group, interests, overnight vs. day camps, and many more traits for the perfect match! Check out this small sample of the unique Florida summer camps you’ll find on our app.

What are 6 top summer camps in Florida?

  1. The Performing Arts Center / Temple Terrace Ballet
  2. Coral Reef Activity Center
  3. Girls With Confidence
  4. Tampa Bay Area Writing Project
  5. Russian Ballet Orlando
  6. Camp Anderson

Six of the Best Summer Camps in Florida (on Camps With Friends!)

1. Discover Magic on Pointe: Temple Terrace Ballet's Inspiring Summer Camp for Young Dancers in Florida

Diving into the enchanting world of dance has never been more exciting for your little performer! At Temple Terrace Ballet, nestled in the heart of Florida, we open up a universe where every pirouette and plié fuels imagination and growth. This summer, give your child the unique opportunity to explore the grace and discipline of ballet through our specially curated half-day mini camps. These sessions aren’t just about dance; they're a gateway to self-expression, confidence, and lifelong friendships.

The performing arts center

Our camps are designed with your child’s creativity and passion at the forefront. With a focus on classical ballet and incorporating fun elements from various dance forms, we cater to young enthusiasts from 2 years through adulthood. Our dedicated instructors are here to ensure a supportive, enriching atmosphere that makes every moment on the dance floor both educational and thrilling.

Choosing Temple Terrace Ballet means opting for not just a camp, but an experience that nurtures talent, instills joy, and fosters a sense of community. Connect your budding ballerinas with their dreams this summer — where little steps lead to big leaps in confidence and skill.

2. Experience the Excitement at Coral Reef Gymnastics & Activity Center

As summer approaches, it's time for some stimulating and unforgettable adventures at the Coral Reef Gymnastics & Activity Center. Located in the sunny state of Florida, Coral Reef provides a blend of indoor events, creative workshops, and gymnastics programs designed for kids of all ages. Their offerings are both comprehensive and flexible, ensuring that every child has an opportunity to engage, learn, and develop, regardless of their interest or skill level.

coral reef activity center-1

Wondering why Coral Reef deserves a spot in your summer plans? Each activity at Coral Reef is built around the core idea of making learning a fun, enjoyable, and rewarding experience for your child. With a commitment to fostering creativity, helping kids develop new skills, and supporting their overall wellbeing, the center has created a nurturing environment that extends beyond just summer fun. It's not merely about passing time during the holidays; it's about ensuring your children grow and create priceless memories. So, this summer, give your kids the chance to experience this unique blend of learning, development, and fun at the Coral Reef Gymnastics & Activity Center.

3. Girls With Confidence

Your daughters will love the girls-only Florida summer camps for teens and kids offered by Girls With Confidence. K-12 campers in the Tampa Bay area focus on developing self-esteem through half-day and full-day camps. In addition to what the girls would normally do in Girls With Confidence workshops, the summer camps add plenty of games, activities, and crafts to keep the camp vibe fun and creative. 

4. Tampa Bay Area Writing Project 

If your kids or teens love writing, this camp is all about self-expression and having a blast doing it. They’ve got two-week Florida summer camps named with fun elemental acronyms:

  • I.C.E. (Imaginative Creative Explorers) is for Hillsborough County students in grades 3-12 to explore their abilities in a fun environment and get feedback.
  • F.I.R.E. (Fiercely Imaginative and Remarkably Expressive) is a similar camp to I.C.E., but for Pasco County.
  • W.A.T.E.R. (Writers And Teachers Engaged in Revision) helps middle and high school kids hone their writing skills.
  • W.I.N.D. (Writers in Need of Direction) is for supporting aspiring 11th grade through college-aged authors.
  • E.A.R.T.H. (Elevating Anthologies to Reach Today’s High-standards) is a publication camp for newspaper, lit mag, and yearbook programs!

5. Russian Ballet Orlando

Children who love dancing and the stage can enroll in the Performing Arts Dance camp with Russian Ballet Orlando for a summer full of theatrical fun and excitement. Daily dance classes are complemented by acting, costume and prop creation, portfolio-building, and a 20-minute Friday showcase for family and friends to see all the creativity in action! 

6. Camp Anderson 

This centrally located North Florida summer camp offers campers a Christian Retreat right on the scenic Suwannee River. A stay at Camp Anderson combines rustic living and fun activities with safe, climate-controlled accommodations.  The food is exceptional, and the staff is highly skilled religious professionals with the hearts of missionaries and a passion for serving the spiritual needs of Floridians.

In the vibrant and sunny state of Florida, the summer day camp industry flourishes with diverse and enriching options for every young explorer, artist, athlete, and scholar. These camps are not just about filling the long summer days but are havens where lifelong friendships are formed, new skills are honed, and unforgettable memories are made. From the adrenaline-pumping activities at the Coral Reef Gymnastics & Activity Center to other remarkable camps across the state, Florida offers a unique backdrop for summertime adventure and learning.

At Camps With Friends, we understand the journey to find the perfect summer camp or youth enrichment program for your child can be overwhelming. That's why we've made it our mission to simplify this process, creating a user-friendly platform that connects families with a multitude of programs designed to enrich, entertain, and educate children. Whether you're looking for a camp that emphasizes academics, sports, arts, or outdoor adventures, we're here to help you navigate through the options and find the perfect fit for your child's interests and your family's needs. With Camps With Friends, discovering the ideal summer experience for your child is just a few clicks away. Embrace the opportunities, connect with communities, and allow your child to thrive this summer and beyond.