Looking for Florida Sleepaway Camps? Here Are the Top 5
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Looking for Florida Sleepaway Camps? Here Are the Top 5

If your kids are itching to get away this summer, why not send them to one of the best sleepaway camps in Florida?

Florida sleep-away camps are already primed and ready to start prepping for their next summer season. If you’ve been on the hunt for Florida overnight camps, look no further than the five outstanding options on our shortlist, which cater to areas up and down the Sunshine State.

In addition to seeing what other parents have to say about a particular Florida camp, we consulted with Florida-based summer camps experts as well as youth development professionals. We also looked at camp policies and activities—the things that make a sleep-away camp stand out above the rest.

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Our summer camp list looks like this.

  1. Odyssey Expeditions
  2. Camp Dovewood
  3. Long Riders Stables
  4. Camp Lingua
  5. Camp Kesem

1.Odyssey Expeditions

Unleash the Explorer Within: An Odyssey Like No Other

Embark on a journey beyond the ordinary with Odyssey Expeditions, a beacon for those young adventurers longing to explore the magnificent tapestry of the sea. Positioned among the top sleepaway experiences in Florida, Odyssey Expeditions transcends traditional camp boundaries, inviting teens to dive into the heart of marine biology, master sailing, and become immersed in the splendors of the Caribbean ecosystem.

Odyssey Expeditions is not just about learning; it's about living the adventure with every breath. From taking your first breath underwater with a marine biologist to charting courses on the open sea, Odyssey Expeditions crafts each moment to be unforgettable. Small groups ensure a deeply personal and transformative experience, allowing participants to connect authentically with both the marine environment and each other.

Girl snorkling under the ocean with Odyssey expeditions-1

Whether it's navigating a catamaran through crystalline waters, participating in environmental service projects, or acquiring specialty diver certifications, Odyssey Expeditions offers a canvas for young explorers to paint their masterpiece of memories. It's a venture into personal achievement, environmental stewardship, and the thrilling pursuit of curiosity.

As we refine our picks for the "Top 5 Florida Sleepaway Camps," the inclusion of Odyssey Expeditions is a nod to those seeking more than just a camp; it's an invitation to a life-changing odyssey.

pineapple ice cream island exploration-1

Are you ready to set sail on an epic summer adventure with Odyssey Expeditions? Your voyage into discovery, growth, and unparalleled adventure begins here. Join Odyssey Expeditions for a summer to remember, charting courses to not just explore the world, but to discover a universe within.

Lets dive into some commonly asked questions about sleepaway summer camps:

What is the best age for sleepaway camp?

Every child is unique, but many camp experts suggest ages 7-9 as a sweet spot for starting sleepaway camp. Consider these pointers when deciding if it's the right time:

  • Your child's comfort with overnight stays away from home
  • Their interest in camp activities
  • Their ability to follow instructions and interact with peers
  • Open discussion about readiness can also guide your decision

Why are sleepaway camps so expensive?

Sleepaway camps are an investment in your child's growth and happiness. The cost reflects:

  • High-quality programming and skilled staff
  • Safe and well-maintained facilities
  • All-inclusive experiences, from meals to activities
  • Often the price tag goes hand-in-hand with creating unforgettable memories and learning opportunities

What is the best age to send kids to summer camp?

The best age can vary, but typically it ranges from:

  • Day camps: as early as 5-6 years old
  • Sleepaway camps: usually 7-9 years old
Key is ensuring alignment with your child's maturity and comfort levels.

What is the most expensive overnight summer camp?

The title of 'most expensive' can vary as camps evolve. These high-cost camps offer:

  • Exclusive activities (e.g., horseback riding, sailing)
  • Advanced facilities
  • Low camper-to-staff ratios

Remember, higher cost doesn't always mean a better fit for your child's needs.

2. Camp Dovewood

Introducing Camp Dovewood: A Treasured Sleepaway Camp in Florida

Nestled in the heart of sunny O'Brien, Florida, Camp Dovewood is a loving embrace waiting to welcome your darling girls into a summer full of faith, adventure, and deep friendships. This wondrous refuge of joy and learning is one of our warmly recommended Top Sleepaway Camps in Florida—in a place where over 24 enriching activities stir young hearts with excitement and the nurturing wisdom of female Christian role models anchors their growth. Come to Camp Dovewood, where love and guidance merge to create an enriching equestrian experience steeped in Christian values.

Discover White Life Flourishes at Camp Dovewood: An Unforgettable Journey

Step into the embrace of Camp Dovewood, and you walk into more than a camp—it's a spiritual journey that celebrates each girl's unique light. Our camp's special charm lies in the blend of horse-centric programs and a delightful array of other activities, each designed to unlock the full potential of God's beloved children. The camp's communal spirit shines in its interdenominational stance, wrapping girls of all faiths into a sisterhood bonded in Christ. Here, your child doesn't only have fun; she embarks on a profound journey of self-discovery and personal growth, in an environment that radiates safety and empowerment. This shared joy, renewed self-esteem, and richness of faith gathered from their summer at Camp Dovewood are treasured mementos that accompany each girl as she steps boldly into the world, ready to shine her unique light.

Camp Dovewood equestrian sleepaway summer camp a girl riding a horse-1

3. Long Riders Stables

Embrace Adventure at Long Riders Stables: An Unmissable Equestrian Summer Camp Experience!

Immerse your child in a captivating world of equine fun at the Long Riders Stables summer camp, one of our top picks for Florida's best summer camps. Under the skilled guidance of Mrs. Stacy, campers will explore horse and pony care basics, including grooming, tacking, and riding. This hands-on approach provides a unique opportunity for children to foster a deep connection with these marvelous creatures.

Moreover, the seamless blend of instructional time and frolicsome activities sets this camp apart. Your child's day will brim with joy and excitement, from the thrill of riding to the laughter heard near the bounce house or the chilling times at the pool during breaks. Safety is a priority at Long Riders Stables; with attentive CPR-certified and lifeguard-equipped staff overseeing activities, rest easy knowing your child's well-being is expertly taken care of. Ensuring a memorable and enriching summer has never been so simple - with Long Riders Stables, every day is a day filled with adventure, learning, and friendship.

4.  Camp Lingua

Discover Adventure at Camp Lingua: Where Summer Dreams Come Alive!

Sending your child to Camp Lingua in the breathtaking Loxahatchee part of Palm Beach County, Florida, is like opening a gateway to adventure and growth. Immerse your child in an environment where every day is a journey filled with learning and laughter. Nestled on a sprawling 10-acre ranch, our brand-new sleepaway camp offers a one-of-a-kind experience that goes beyond the traditional: from English horseback riding and caring for animals to savoring the delights of farm-to-table meals. It’s not just about the fun; it’s about nurturing independence, fostering social connections, and honing leadership qualities in every camper.

We understand that as parents, you seek summer experiences for your kids that are both enriching and memorable. That’s where Camp Lingua stands out – we blend the thrill of outdoor adventures with the warmth of a tight-knit community. Imagine your child star-gazing after a day of trail riding, or building lifelong friendships around a campfire. More than just a place, Camp Lingua offers a vibrant setting for children to explore, learn, and grow. Take a step towards a summer filled with discovery and joy for your child—choose Camp Lingua, where every moment is a step towards a brighter, more confident future.

camp lingua (Website)-1


5. Camp Kesem

Discovering Support and Joy at Camp Kesem, Florida

Envision a summer camp experience where enduring friendships are born and heartwarming support is found. That's Camp Kesem in Florida: an oasis for children who have been affected by a parent's cancer. Nestled between fun and camaraderie, Camp Kesem offers a unique setting where kids can leave their everyday challenges behind, relishing in laughter-filled days and new friendships.

Through traditional camp activities like arts and crafts, playful sports, and cozy campfires, connections are nurtured here amongst peers who are walking the same path. It's not just a camp—it's a heartwarming community where children grow, emotionally and socially, while having loads of summer fun. Remember, finding such a transformative experience for your child through Camps With Friends is just a click away, demonstrating our mission to simplify your journey and bring valuable connections right at your fingertips.

These 3 camps are fantastic, but if you’re looking for even more overnight summer camps in Florida, check out the Camps With Friends app and get connected with the perfect camp for your kids.

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