Looking for Florida Sleepaway Camps? Here Are the Top 5
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Looking for Florida Sleepaway Camps? Here Are the Top 5

If your kids are itching to get away this summer, why not send them to one of the best sleepaway camps in Florida?

Florida sleep-away camps are already primed and ready to start prepping for their next summer season. If you’ve been on the hunt for Florida overnight camps, look no further than the five outstanding options on our shortlist, which cater to areas up and down the Sunshine State.

In addition to seeing what other parents have to say about a particular Florida camp, we consulted with Florida-based summer camps experts as well as youth development professionals. We also looked at camp policies and activities—the things that make a sleep-away camp stand out above the rest.

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Our summer camp list looks like this.

  1. TLT Movement
  2. Camp Ithiel
  3. Pine Tree Camp
  4. Camp kesem
  5. Camp Guaikinima

The Top 5 Fantastic Florida Sleep-away Camps!

1.Empower Your Child's Future with TLT Movement

Bequeath your children a gift of lifetime by immersing them in the enriching experience at TLT Movement, Florida.

  • Leadership Skills: Specializing in youth leadership, we empower children with essential skills that illuminate their path for a successful future.

  • Real-world Exposure: Our myriad of activities are designed to simulate real-world challenges, fostering problem-solving, strategic thinking and emotional intelligence in your child.

  • Nationwide Acceptance: No matter where you reside in the USA, TLT movement welcomes your child into an inspiring realm of budding leaders.

Situated in the vibrant landscape of Florida, TLT Movement is an innovative destination where your children get the unique opportunity to develop leadership skills, paving their way for a bright future. Our programs are carefully curated to overcome contemporary challenges, nurturing grit, resilience, and the power of positive thinking in the young minds.

Here, we're not about the routine summer activities; instead, our mission is to prepare tomorrow's leaders today, by offering an immersive course that stimulates their intellectual growth and instills a leadership mindset.

Our inclusive environment breaks all geographical barriers. No matter where you're from in the USA, your child finds a welcoming and nurturing space at TLT Movement, joining a network of emerging leaders across the country.

Don't miss out on this stellar opportunity. Visit our TLT Movement profile page now and bestow your child the leadership edge they need in today's dynamic world.

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2. Camp Ithiel

Camp Ithiel offers weekend and week-long camps at their Christian camp and retreat center in Gothel, FL. Their Florida sleep-away camps give youth a chance to spend the summer working on faith, personal development, and outdoor fun. Kids from 6 to 18 will have options to engage with sports and team building games in addition to Bible Studies and worship on twenty acres of campground not far from Orlando.  

The 60+ years of history and tradition at Camp Ithiel have made them into one of central Florida’s most respected and beloved Christian camps. Staff inspires campers with the life of Christ while through exciting activities that reinforce meaningful life lessons.

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3. Pine Tree Camp

The “Kampus Kampers” program at Pine Tree Camp in Boca Raton is a great first-time Florida sleepaway camp for kids aged 6-13. Campers stay for traditional camp activities like campfires, swimming, talent shows on Monday through Friday, and get to go home on weekends. Located only 3 hours from Orlando at Lynn University, Pine Tree Camp is super-accessible while also offering fantastic outdoor fun.

The program for Kampus Kampers is designed to “develop a sense of independence, learn how to make new friends, meet new and exciting challenges and become more responsible.” Your kids will enjoy the air-conditioned dorms and private bathrooms with their 3-5 bunkmates at this Florida overnight camp. However, Pine Tree Camp also offers day and half-day programs for families that would rather bring the children home at night.

4. Camp Kesem

Camp Kesem is kind of a big deal! There are loads of Camp Kesem locations throughout the United States—131 chapters in 44 states (including six Florida locations!). These completely free Florida sleep-away camps are set up to serve children who have been affected by parents with cancer. Each summer session makes a life-changing difference for the 98% of parents who say that Camp Kesem “had a positive impact on their family.”

Campers aged 6-18 will typically stay 5 nights and enjoy cabin time, songs, swimming, all-camp activities, food, and fun!

5. Camp Guaikinima

Of all the Florida overnight camps in central Florida, Camp Guaikinima in Fruitland Park may have the best forests for hiking, survival, and other wilderness camping activities. Campers (aged 6 to 16) will stay in one of the dozen comfortable, air-conditioned cabins on-site for 2 or 3 weeks while enjoying unforgettable summer adventures, facing fears, and unlocking their full potential.  


The fully inclusive program is built on a foundation of safety, respect, friendship, and a love of nature. Your kids will also have the opportunity to learn, improve, or recover their Spanish language skills since all activities and interactions at Guaikinima are conducted in Spanish!

These five camps are fantastic, but if you’re looking for even more overnight summer camps in Florida, check out the Camps With Friends app and get connected with the perfect camp for your kids.

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