Experience the Thrill of the Big Top at French Woods Circus Sleep away Camp in NY State
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Experience the Thrill of the Big Top at French Woods Circus Sleep away Camp in NY State

As summer seeps into the folds of NY State, parents and children alike eagerly sift through the endless possibilities for a unique summer experience. Well, look no further than French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts Camp. While the camp resonates with a range of creative options, it is their sensational Circus Sleepaway Camp that truly steals the show!

Inside the Magical Circus Tent

There's one word to describe French Woods' Circus Camp: Extraordinary. It's not just a summer camp — it's a theater of dreams, brimming with top-notch circus equipment, skilled instructors, and high-flying fun.

The camp encompasses a gamut of riveting circus acts ranging from the flying trapeze and aerial silks, Lyra, cyr wheel, cloud swing, stilt-walking,  web, straps, juggling, balance acts, unicycling, fire dancing and fire twirling. It's the ideal setting for campers to dabble in the world of circus arts and crafts their unique performances.

Trained by Pros, Inspired by Stars

What elevates French Woods' Circus Camp experience is the stellar staff - they are the artists and instructors with professional circus experience. This passionate team conducts individual and group instructions to guide, inspire, and ensure the safety of every camper.

More Than Just Tricks: Life Skills under the Big Top

While the French Woods Circus Camp focuses on creating a stage for daring feats and heart-racing stunts, it underpins valuable life lessons. From discipline to tenacity, teamwork to self-reliance, the camp builds a solid foundation for kids’ personal development.

It's a fantastic fit not only for aspiring circus artists but also for gymnasts, dancers, and sports enthusiasts. French Woods celebrates the synergy between circus training and athletic conditioning, making the summer camp a great place for any child looking to improve their physical coordination and build strength.

A Spectacular Showcase of Talent

What's a circus without the audience's gasps of astonishment and the performers basking in applause? French Woods Circus Camp wraps up each session with three magnificent circus shows - the main circus show, the late-night 'Firefly' spectacular, and the Junior Circus show designed specifically for younger campers. These performances deliver the spotlight for campers to show off their enhanced abilities and newfound skills.

Choose your Circus Adventure

French Woods believes in each child's unique pace and comfort levels. That's why campers have the flexible option to participate fully in the showcase or, if they prefer, to enjoy the exhilarating environment without the pressure of performing.

With Applause from Our Campers

Campers' joy resounds loudly through their testimonials, reinforcing the awe-inspiring Circus Camp experiences. As one camper's parent eloquently wrote, "The Circus Program cracked our son’s shell and released a confident and determined young man. Thank you, French Woods!"

Welcome to the Greatest Show in NY State

If you're searching for a unique summer experience in NY State, the French Woods Festival's Sleepaway Circus Camp is undoubtedly a spectacular choice. There's no better place for kids to discover their circus dreams this summer. Sign up today!

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In wrapping up our tour of French Woods, let's take a step back and consider the broader impacts of such a valuable experience. French Woods isn't merely a camp; it's a transformative juncture in the journey of each and every participant. As illuminated in the research hosted on our website, involvement in these performing arts can remarkably shape childhood development.

Camps such as French Woods offer a spectrum of artistic disciplines to explore and master, all set within an environment ripe for nurturing talent. If this piques your interest, you may enjoy tracing the influence of a performing arts camp on the creative potential of its campers, as further detailed in our adjoining blog post.

Lastly, we hope this backstage tour of French Woods has left you humming a joyful summer melody. If you browse through the expanses of our New York Summer Camps, French Woods may just be the first call for your child's big break. Embrace the magic of performing arts and give them the chance to discover their potential!