LA's Top After-School Music Programs for Kids
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LA's Top After-School Music Programs for Kids

Vocals on Stage teems with a whirlwind of melodious notes, rhythmic cadences, and heartfelt lyrics. We speak passionately to all singers, songwriters, and music enthusiasts, offering nurturing guidance, revealing profound techniques, and igniting emotional connections through music. It's a pioneering enterprise to usher aspirants into the world of vocal training and musical artistry.

Founded by Radina, a dynamic vocal coach, speech-language pathologist, and talented musician, Vocals on Stage is a sanctuary where harmonious chords reverberate, fostering talent and perpetuating the magnetic force of music. Radina's impressive oeuvre extends to her work as the lead singer of the globally renowned electronic music duo, Fatmagic. Her pièce de résistance – Vocals on Stage, serves the purpose of cultivating a wave of new talents in their musical pursuit, committed to assisting individuals in striking their own unique note, striking a perfect symphony of creativity, dedication, and achievement.

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Our Esteemed Mentors

Radina – Reshaping Musical Aspirations

Blazing trails with matchless finesse, Radina takes center stage with her profound knowledge of vocal techniques coupled with an unwavering dedication to students. With over 20 years of coaching under her belt, Radina's expertise reverberates fervently across genres, and audiences as diverse as novices, touring artists, bands, choir members, and musical theater singers.

Her multidimensional talent as a singer, songwriter, vocal coach, and speech-language pathologist empowers aspiring musicians to disembark on an enchanting journey of self-discovery, achievement, and self-expression through music. With her stewardship, Vocals on Stage offers an enriching orchestration of vocal coaching, speech coaching, Voice Over training, and instrumental instruction in guitar, piano, and songwriting.

At the Heart of Our Programme

Complementing Radina's vision are our esteemed coaches:

  • Mikaela, a vocal and piano coach whose vocal techniques reflect fluidity and functional vocal health. With a recently released solo EP to her credit and dedication to redefining the art of singing, Mikaela adds a dynamic perspective to our coaching staff.

  • Kiana, our in-house expert for in-home vocal and piano instruction, intensifies our diverse repertoire. Her emphasis on foundational, healthy singing and specialties in operatic, musical theatre, and pop singing styles add depth to our program offerings.

  • Eddy, focused on guitar, ukulele, bass, and songwriting, infuses his 15 years of playing experience to captivate our students. Sharing the stage with legendary artists and participating in various historic rock venues adds a touch of real-world allure to his lessons.

  • Yuwi, a voice and piano coach, elevates our offerings with her passion for the performing arts. Hailing from Japan and fluent in multiple languages, she brings a robust cultural perspective and a wealth of acting experience to the teaching table.

  • Kathrina, another stellar vocal coach, contributes her multifaceted experiences from competitive singing to being part of acclaimed musicals and recording her original songs. Her unique approach includes researching tribal sounds of her native Philippines, weaving an enticing tapestry of global music inspirations.

  • Doug, our voice over & speech coach, specializes in Accent Reduction with over 20-years experience in voice over work. His expansive knowledge encapsulates the technical and performance aspects required by the contemporary voice-over actors.

Resonating powerfully with collective passion, Vocals on Stage is more than an instructive platform for music training. It is an endless melody of discovery, growth, and a deep-seated love for music. Each note that escapes our academy pledges the transformative power of music. We invite you to join us on this riveting journey. Play with heart, play with skill, and above all, play with us at Vocals on Stage where we believe in the transformative power of music.

Our world extends far beyond the physical bounds of Los Angeles, reaching out to all who seek knowledge. Whether physically present or online, we're here to enhance your musical prowess with our sophisticated, educational, and empowering approach. Join us at Vocals on Stage - where music is not just a skill, but an essential tool for personal enrichment. Discover more about how we contribute to Los Angeles' summer camps and enrich the musical journey of countless individuals. If you're searching for an unforgettable summer camp experience in California, explore these California summer camp options to find the perfect fit for your musical adventures.