MakeInspires STEAM Programs: Unleashing Your Child's Potential And Creativity
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MakeInspires STEAM Programs: Unleashing Your Child's Potential And Creativity

Welcome to MakeInspires, a pioneer in STEAM education that offers innovative and engaging hands-on programs for students in grades K-12. Believe it or not, our journey started from very humble beginnings, right in the heart of NYC. We wanted to do more than just educate; we yearned to inspire a new generation of innovators, creators, and leaders. We assembled a team of passionate experts in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math to create a program that didn't just feel like school but more like a never-ending exploration of fun and discovery.

Since our inception, students have developed their skills, catapulting their abilities beyond their classroom door frames into real-world applications. As we continue to embrace innovative technologies and evolving educational trends, we're committed to making STEAM learning accessible, engaging, transformative, and fun!

Benefits of MakeInspires Programs

  • Transformative hands-on experiences build real-life skills

  • A social, safe, and kind environment encourages exploration

  • State-of-the-art facilities for coding, 3D printing, robotics, and more

  • Thrilling Maker-spaces and in-school initiatives make learning feel like play

  • Programs designed to prepare students for their future careers

  • Flexible scheduling options, including after-school classes

In-depth Focus on STEAM Areas

Uncover the exciting learning opportunities in each STEAM field at MakeInspires:

  • Science: Empower your child to learn through hands-on scientific activities

  • Technology: Creativity and understanding flourish with innovative tech tools

  • Engineering: Real-world experience and knowledge stem from exploratory learning

  • Arts: Applied arts and creative thinking enhance problem-solving skills

  • Math: Coding, CAD, and other practical applications make math enjoyable


Testimonials and Success Stories

Discover student and parent insights into the unique experiences and benefits offered by MakeInspires. With rave reviews like "It's like going to Disneyland," you're sure to be inspired!

Locations and Programs Overview

Conveniently find a MakeInspires location:

  • NYC Upper East Side

  • Mamaroneck

  • Chappaqua

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At MakeInspires, we're continuously creating fresh content designed to bring our community of parents, educators, and students even closer together. Keep an eye out for our upcoming posts about the integral role of service learning in our programs, how hands-on STEAM activities can reduce screen time while enhancing critical thinking, and how our programs are molding future leaders.

Ready to take the first step? Sign up for the MakeInspires Experience as inspiration starts here! However, the journey doesn't end at MakeInspires.

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