The Ultimate Parent’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Marin County Summer Camp
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The Ultimate Parent’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Marin County Summer Camp

Welcome, dear parents, to your compass in the vibrant world of Marin County’s summer camps. At Camps With Friends, we understand that choosing the perfect summer camp for your child isn't just about filling their summers with activities—it’s about shaping experiences that nurture their growth, ignite their passions, and embroider lifelong memories. With an array of choices at your fingertips, let us guide you through the steps to pinpoint that ideal camp, ensuring a summer that sparkles with adventure, learning, and friendship.

Step 1: Recognize Your Child’s Interests

Start with what lights up your child’s eyes—be it the arts, sports, science, or the great outdoors. An interest-driven camp is a playground for your child’s passions, offering a deeply enriching experience where they can dive into what they love or discover new interests.

Step 2: Consider the Camp’s Setting

Marin County is blessed with a landscape ripe for exploration and inspiration. Consider the setting that will best suit your child—whether it's the serene beaches of Sausalito or the adventurous trails of San Rafael, each locale offers a unique backdrop for summer explorations.

Step 3: Look for Accredited and Reputable Programs

Safety and quality are paramount. Seek out camps that stand proud with accreditation and glowing testimonials. These camps not only meet rigorous standards but are also vouched for by other parents and guardians, ensuring peace of mind for you and a safe environment for your child.

Step 4: Assess the Camp’s Philosophy and Values

A camp’s philosophy can greatly influence your child’s experience. Look for camps whose missions resonate with your family values and promise to foster a positive, inclusive, and empowering environment.

Step 5: Inquire About Staff Training and Camper-to-Staff Ratios

Dedicated, well-trained staff are the heart of any camp. A favorable camper-to-staff ratio ensures personalized attention, fostering a nurturing space where your child can thrive.

Step 6: Choose the Type of Camp

From day camps that offer the comfort of home each night to residential camps that offer a deeper dive into independence, consider what type of camp experience will benefit your child the most.

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Dive Into Marin County’s Camp Offerings

Now that you’re armed with your compass and map, let’s explore the treasure trove of camps in Marin County, each a beacon of potential unforgettable summers for your child. 

Dive into a world where summer dreams come to life, right here in Marin County and beyond, with a lineup of camps that promise more than just an activity—they deliver experiences that enrich, inspire, and forge friendships. At Camps With Friends, we're thrilled to introduce you to a constellation of programs where every child finds a place to shine. Let's explore:

San Rafael

  • Marin Shakespeare Company: Dive into the magical world of theater and shake hands with Shakespeare's masterpieces in an engaging setting.

  • Absolute Volleyball: Spike, serve, and volley your way to excellence with top-notch coaching in a supportive environment.

  • North Bay Basketball Academy: Elevate your game with elite basketball training focused on skill development and teamwork.

  • Marin Elite Gymnastics Academy: Flip, tumble, and leap towards confidence and agility at one of the premier gymnastics centers.

  • Pyramid Gymnastics: A place where gymnastics and fun meet, offering programs for all levels in a caring community.

  • Youth In Arts: Unleash creativity through art in a nurturing environment that celebrates expression in every form.

  • Snow Valley Basketball School: Aimed at improving your skills on the court with experienced coaching and positive reinforcement.

  • Absolute Volleyball Club: Commitment to excellence shines here, offering programs for serious athletes to develop and compete.

  • Dave Kregel Tennis: Serve your best game yet with tailored tennis programs designed to challenge and improve all aspects of play.

  • US Sports Camps: Offering a variety of sports camps where passion and skill-building go hand-in-hand for a memorable summer.

  • Catholic Charities: Fostering community, understanding, and growth through hands-on activities and inclusive programming.

  • Pyramid Gymnastics: Where every child’s potential is the pyramid's peak, focusing on skill, fun, and personal growth.

  • Barry Berg Lisa: Experience personalized coaching in sports, where dedication meets fun in an encouraging atmosphere.

  • Mountain Camp Marin: Adventure awaits in every activity, from outdoor exploration to crafts, creating memories that last.

  • Camp Newman: Cultivating community, friendship, and personal growth through values-based programming in a dynamic camp setting.

Mill Valley

  • Scott Valley Swimming & Tennis Club: Dive into summer with swimming and tennis programs that cater to every skill level in a family-friendly club.

  • Arcc: Embark on adventures that teach resilience, teamwork, and discovery in the great outdoors.

  • Adventures Rolling Cross-Country Inc: Explore the beauty of nature while building lasting friendships and learning about the environment.

  • Big Dog Surf Camp: Catch waves and embrace the surf lifestyle with experienced instructors in a fun-filled setting.


  • Lfsf French Bilingual Summer Camp: A unique blend of language learning and summer fun, immersing campers in French culture and activities.

  • Coastal Camp at NatureBridge: Connect with nature through hands-on science, exploration, and adventure in the stunning settings of Sausalito.

San Anselmo

  • Mathnasium - San Anselmo: Math made fun! Enhance problem-solving skills with engaging activities and expert guidance.

  • Play-Well: LEGO and engineering come together for a creative, problem-solving adventure kids adore.

  • Little Tree Art Studio: Where art meets imagination, offering a canvas for creativity through diverse and engaging projects.

  • Academy Of Gymnastics: Leap towards building strength, agility, and confidence with comprehensive gymnastics programs for all levels.


  • Fairfax County Government: Engaging the community with programs that inspire, educate, and enrich lives across all ages.

  • Mathnasium Fairfax: Where numbers unlock potential. Tailored math tutoring designed to boost confidence and academic success.

  • Baywood Equestrian Center: Saddle up for an equestrian adventure, fostering respect, discipline, and love for horses.

  • Tennis In Marin: Elevate your tennis game with passionate coaches, state-of-the-art facilities, and a supportive community.

Corte Madera

  • Masterworks Children's Art Studio: Cultivating young artists through explorative and expressive art programs in a supportive studio environment.

  • Gymnastics & Parkour Camps at The Cave: Navigate obstacles with precision and artistry, pushing boundaries in a fun, dynamic setting.


  • Five Brooks Ranch: Experience the joy of horseback riding and outdoor adventures, where trails lead to growth and discovery.


  • Marin Horse Council: Advocate for equestrian values and enjoy community-building activities centered around love for horses.

  • Mathnasium - Novato: Making math enjoyable and accessible for all, with personalized learning that paves the way to success.


  • Kumon Inverness: A step-by-step path to academic achievement with self-learning programs that build critical thinking and independence.


  • Dickson Ranch: A family ranch offering unforgettable horseback riding experiences, promoting responsibility and confidence.


  • Stone Canyon Outdoor EdVentures: Adventure bound! Engage in thrilling outdoor activities that inspire teamwork and personal growth.

At Camps With Friends, we believe in the power of finding the right camp that speaks to every child’s interests and passions. There's a world of discovery awaiting in Marin County and beyond, where every camp listed is a gateway to learning, laughter, and the joy of summer. Ready to make this summer unforgettable? Let’s explore together.

From the artsy vibes at Little Tree Art Studio in San Anselmo to the adventurous spirit of Mountain Camp Marin in San Rafael, each camp is a unique chapter in the summer tale waiting to be written by your child. Whether it's mastering a new skill at Absolute Volleyball or embracing the great outdoors with Coastal Camp at NatureBridge, Marin County's summer camps promise a canvas where your child’s summer stories can unfold.

The Journey Ahead

Choosing the right camp is a journey—one that leads to a summer filled with growth, joy, and adventures. At Camps With Friends, our mission is to make this journey seamless and joyful, connecting your child to experiences that illuminate their path to learning and fun. With our innovative platform, the enriching summer you dream of for your child is just a few clicks away.

Embrace the adventure, foster the connections, and let us help you find that perfect summer camp in Marin County. Because every child deserves a summer dotted with memories that sparkle like the stars. Here’s to a summer of discovery, laughter, and friendships—a summer your child will reminisce about with a smile that stretches from one end of Marin County to the other.

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Childhood Development in Marin County
In the thriving heart of Marin County, cherishing childhood development is key. We at Camps With Friends see the county as a vibrant mosaic of diverse experiences designed to foster individual growth and sparkle a lifelong quest for learning. Our enriching programs invite children to unearth potential and accelerate growth in a supportive community, where every milestone is celebrated. We weave memories as children dive into their passions—be it science, athletics, the arts, or outdoor exploration. Each step on this journey reflects a vibrant facet of their individuality, fostering cognitive, social, and emotional growth. Our innovative platform simplifies the path to these opportunities, connecting children with a whole world of discovery right at their fingertips. Marin County celebrates the spirit of childhood and at Camps With Friends, we help every child harness it, nurturing their development and facilitating moments that become chapters in their story of growth.