Unlock a Tech-Fueled Summer Adventure with Classroom Antics: Cincinnati's Premier STEM Experience
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Unlock a Tech-Fueled Summer Adventure with Classroom Antics: Cincinnati's Premier STEM Experience

Summer in Cincinnati evokes memories of sunny days, family outings to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, and the joyful laughter of children as they relish their time off school. Yet, imagine a summer where your children are not just playing but also expanding their horizons in the world of STEM. At Classroom Antics, we create just that—a summer full of growth, learning, and innovation.

Introducing the Classroom Antics STEM Experience, Cincinnati's go-to destination for innovative and user-friendly learning camps for kids. Here, technology is explored, games inspire valuable learning, and summer fun goes hand in hand with education.


Seeking a Roblox or Minecraft Camp that nurtures programming skills while engaging your child in their favorite game? How about a Lego Camp that combines hands-on building with coding and programming LEGO robots? Or maybe the perfect fit is our animation camp, Video Game Design, or VEX Robotics Camp Camp that offer immersive experiences in their respective fields. At Classroom Antics, our Cincinnati programs encompass a variety of enriching experiences tailored to your child's interests.

As a connection-oriented camp, we foster an enjoyable learning space, where children take on the role of innovators. But don't just take our word for it, hear what parents from Cincinnati have to say:

"Classroom Antics' STEM camp was a game-changer for my kiddo. Not your typical summer camp—it’s fun, interesting and packed with stuff that gets kids thinking. She was always into tech stuff, but this camp made her crazy about coding and robotics. The best part? She's using what she learned at camp in her school work, turning homework from a chore into something exciting. Classroom Antics is top-notch in my book - it's got that magic mix of fun and learning." Emily Jacobs, West Chester, just outside of Cincinnati.

There's no better time than a sun-soaked Cincinnati summer to start your child's journey into the world of STEM. Classroom Antics offers a dynamic, technology-inspired space for children to make the most of their summer break, carrying these enriching experiences into their academic years and beyond.

This summer, look beyond the norm. Open up a world of excitement, learning, and hands-on STEM fun with Classroom Antics. Jump-start your child's potential with our Greater Columbus and Greater Cleveland locations, and let the adventure begin!

Camp Offerings

The Classroom Antics Cincinnati Summer Program includes the following exciting and immersive camps:

  • Bricks Blox: Campers will engineer their LEGO builds then stay on that topic in a Roblox challenge. Take a favorite game and turn it into learning!

  • Minecraft Coding: With an educational twist, this camp dives into block coding as kids develop interactive challenges, build contraptions, and even learn about math, science and the environment. Shh... don't tell them! They're having too much fun to know they're learning!

  • Lego Bots: Combining robotics and coding, children creatively use LEGO® elements to build, and program their own robots in this hands-on camp.

  • Gaming Builders & Game Design: Here campers design and build their own video games, honing creative thinking, basic programming skills, and game mechanics knowledge.

These comprehensive, skill-building programs pave the way for a future where technology thrives. Gift your child the Classroom Antics experience—an unforgettable summer of fun, growth, and priceless connections.

The Classroom Antics Experience

Join us on an enriching journey through the world of Classroom Antics, where summer isn't just about fun—it's about diving into a vibrant learning space, forming friendships, and developing valuable STEM-related skills. Our inviting and user-friendly Cincinnati camps present an extraordinary opportunity for your child to invest in their academic and personal growth.

With uniquely designed options—be it Roblox, Minecraft, LEGO, VEX, Video Game design, or animation — Classroom Antics aims to illuminate young minds in an accessible, enjoyable environment. So go ahead, embrace this opportunity, and unlock a world of digital creators, game developers, and video producers in the making.

As Cincinnati's preferred summer destination, Classroom Antics welcomes your child into a community of lifelong learners and looks forward to celebrating their successes.

This summer, let's pioneer a new way of learning with Classroom Antics. Discover a world filled with inspiration, innovation, and interaction, and gift your child an unforgettable experience that lights a spark today, leading to groundbreaking innovations tomorrow.

Ready to embark on an amazing summer journey? Join the Classroom Antics STEM Experience in Cincinnati—your child's lifelong friendships and unforgettable memories await!

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