Boost Parental Engagement with Photo Sharing, Camps with Friends 'Camp Moments'
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Boost Parental Engagement with Photo Sharing, Camps with Friends 'Camp Moments'

As an administrator of a youth program, you work hard to create memorable experiences for the children attending your program. To add more value and build a stronger connection with parents, sharing these precious moments is imperative. Camps with Friends introduces 'Camp Moments', an innovative, secure way of photo sharing, allowing you to share kids' experiences with their parents, directly captivating their hearts!

Why Photo Sharing?

In this digital age, high-speed, real-time communication is key. Parents appreciate regular updates from camps and youth programs, providing them with a visual insight into their child's experiences and developmental journey. Sharing photos enhances the bond with parents, raising your camp's profile while promoting trust and transparency. By not sharing images from your camp, you might be missing a valuable opportunity!

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Benefits to Your Business

Implementing 'Camp Moments' is not just courtesy, but an intuitive business decision.

  1. Parental Engagement: Frequent photo sharing keeps parents engaged and invested in your program.

  2. Relationship Building: Sharing images helps build relationships with parents, fostering long-term loyalty.

  3. Word-of-Mouth Marketing: Happy, engaged parents are more likely to share these wonderful experiences within their networks, effectively advertising your camp organically.

  4. Increased Enrollments: With the strong reputation and word-of-mouth recommendations, your enrollment numbers are bound to see a substantial increase.

Boost your business today by partnering with Camps with Friends and share an unlimited number of photos with 'Camp Moments' feature, only available for Gold and Platinum program administrators. Learn more about this feature on our Knowledge Base.

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Ready to Upgrade Your Camp's Parental Engagement Game?

Start wowing your parents with our intelligent system that not only supports heavy formats like jpeg, png, and Heic, but also compresses them without compromising on quality. Your camp moments are just a click away! Sign your youth program up for our service today!

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