Introducing Camps With Friends' Photo Sharing Software for a Secure and Personalized Experience
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Introducing Camps With Friends' Photo Sharing Software for a Secure and Personalized Experience

At Camps With Friends, we're always striving to enrich the overall experience of both parents and the partnering businesses that offer exciting and memorable camp programs. Today, we're thrilled to announce the latest addition to our range of services – a new Photo Sharing software exclusive for our Gold and Platinum plan members!

Simplified Photo Sharing and Enhanced Security

Our dedicated portal allows summer camp businesses to seamlessly upload photos of children participating in their programs. By creating specific albums for each camp or enrichment program, businesses can share these albums with parents using a unique URL and a 4-digit code, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access, view, and download the images.

Starting from January 31st, 2024, businesses that are subscribed to our $29.99 Gold and $99.99 Platinum plans will have this new Photo Sharing software automatically integrated as a part of their package.

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The Future: Facial Recognition and Revenue Opportunities

Phase 2 of our Photo Sharing software, set to launch in March 2024, introduces facial recognition capabilities. This innovative feature will allow parents to tag their child's image on their parent profile on Camps With Friends, ensuring that relevant photos of their children will be easily accessible without the hassle of browsing through hundreds of images.

Not only does this save time for parents, but it also opens up an additional revenue stream for businesses that choose to offer the option of selling these cherished moments as downloadable images.

Upgrading and Sign-up Opportunities

Existing Silver plan subscribers can easily upgrade to the Gold or Platinum plans to get access to this amazing Photo Sharing feature. If you're a new business considering partnering with Camps With Friends, there's no better time than now to dive in and enjoy the full suite of features on our platform.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to provide an enhanced and secure camp experience to parents and children! Sign up today and bring your summer camp programs to the next level.

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