The Best Times to Post on Social Media for Summer Camps & Small Businesses
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The Best Times to Post on Social Media for Summer Camps & Small Businesses

You know what they say ‒ timing is everything, especially with your social content. Optimal posting times via social media is one of the most important things to consider when developing your social media marketing strategy. Knowing when your audience is online increases the likelihood of more comments, likes, shares, and click-throughs. See our infographic for the best times to post on social media.


According to Pew Research, 71 percent of Facebook users visit the site daily‒more than any other social network. Since most users are likely browsing from work via their desktops, optimal posting times during the week is 1 pm and 4 pm.

BEST DAYS: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday; weekends 12 - 1 pm.


Since camps fall under the education/non-profit umbrella, posting times vary. It doesn’t hurt to test and see what days/times work for your brand.

Education: According to Hootsuite, you should avoid posting outside of business hours on Monday, Saturday, and Sunday. Tuesday, 10 am or 4 pm. is ideal for this industry.

Non-profit: Opt for early, mid-afternoon/early evening, like 4 pm or 5 pm on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

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Thinking of posting your new camp flyer during the weekend or after work? Think again. According to Oberlo, posting during said times proved to be the worst. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday between 10 - 11 am is the best time to post your content.


Everyone’s favorite virtual pin-board! Contrary to the other social media platforms, optimal posting times for Pinterest are weekends and after work during 8 pm - 11 pm.

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Hootsuite describes Twitter as a “Digital newspaper,” where end-users scroll through content on their downtime or on a quick work break. Cute. Since camps are deemed business-to-consumer (B2C), posting before, at noon, and after 5 pm during the week is‒best. For the record, avoid posting during the weekend.

These days and times are not concrete. Do some testing, and discover what works best for your brand!

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