Summer Camps in Virginia Beach, VA
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Summer Camps in Virginia Beach, VA

Have you ever wondered why kids need summer camps? Summer camps are important because they provide kids with the opportunity to learn new skills and have fun. Learning new skills is especially important for kids, who are still growing and developing. In addition, summer camps teach children how to work together efficiently and build a sense of community with their peers.
The fun activities that summer camps offer have been shown to increase motivation, self-esteem, and self-control in children. They also help develop social skills, as well as learn new things like sports or science experiments.
If you're looking for summer camps in Virginia Beach, then you've come to the right place! We'll show you some of our top picks for day camps and overnight camps so that you can find the perfect option for your kid.
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Mathnasium Virginia Beach

Summer is here, and your kids are ready to go! Whether you're looking for a fun activity or just want to give them a break from school, Mathnasium Virginia Beach offers a great way for your child to enjoy the summer without having to worry about their homework.
Mathnasium Virginia Beach offers summer camps that are designed specifically for children ages 8-13. The goal is to help your child improve their skills in math and science by providing them with hands-on activities and fun activities that inspire creativity.
The activities at Mathnasium Virginia Beach include:
- Solving additional problems with coins and paper money
- Solving multiplication problems with dice and playing cards
- Solving division problems by using dice or cards to divide fractions into equal parts
This summer camp provides a safe environment where children can explore topics that they find interesting or challenging without being judged by their peers or adults. VIEW PROFILE


Music in Motion Dance Studio

Music in Motion Dance Studio is a summer camp for kids ages 6-12. They offer five different activities, including dance, gymnastics, and more.
This summer camp in Virginia Beach offers a way for your child to have fun while learning new skills in an environment that they are comfortable with. The staff is experienced and can help your child learn how to move better, enjoy themselves and make friends.
Music in Motion Dance Studio summer camps is designed to teach children everything they need to know about dance. The music classes at Music in Motion Dance Studio are led by professional teachers who have years of experience teaching dance to children. The classes are taught by professionals who have taught dance for years, so they know exactly how to help your child learn how to dance!
These camps will give your child the opportunity to learn from professional teachers who have a passion for teaching children about dance and music. VIEW PROFILE


Virginia Outside

Summer is here, and that means it's time to get your kids out of the house! When you're looking for a way to keep your kiddos busy this summer, look no further than Virginia Outside Summer Camp. Virginia Outside is a summer camp in Virginia Beach that offers a variety of activities for kids ages 5-12.
Summer camp is an exciting and tiring mix of fun, adventure, and socialization. Kids are excited to learn new skills and grow as individuals. However, if your kid is going to a summer camp in Virginia Beach, they also get the added benefit of the beautiful Virginia weather during the summertime!
The main goal of this summer camp is to help your child build confidence, self-esteem, and social skills. The staff encourages children to become independent learners by encouraging them to take risks while they are on the playground. They also encourage children to explore their creativity through art projects, music lessons, creative writing sessions, and more. VIEW PROFILE


Camp Hanover

Camp Hanover, a summer camp in Virginia Beach, is a summer day camp for kids ages 6-12. They offer a variety of activities, including swimming, arts and crafts, soccer, and more. Campers will also enjoy an afternoon at the beach!
This summer camp is run by trained professionals who have been with the program for 10+ years. The staff of Camp Hanover works hard to ensure that each child has the time of their life at this camp.
The camp's mission is "to provide a safe and fun, family-like atmosphere where children can play and learn while they enjoy their summer vacation."
Campers are grouped into age groups based on their ability level and interests. There are also special programs for younger children who may need extra help during class instruction.
All of the activities at Camp Hanover are supervised by teachers who have experience working with children in similar settings. Children will take part in team-building activities such as cooking together, playing games together, swimming together, and making crafts together. They will also participate in individualized activities such as self-motivating through art projects or learning about science through experiments with sensory materials like playdough or water balloons. VIEW PROFILE



We hope that you found this guide helpful, and we can't wait to hear what kind of adventures your kids have at these summer camps in Virginia Beach! We're happy to help you find a summer camp that's a good fit for your child.
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