Summer Camps Near Me in Akron, OH
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Summer Camps Near Me in Akron, OH

Wondering what to do this summer? Don't worry; we have a perfect summer plan for you.
As the summer season rolls out, it’s the perfect time for kids to enjoy the warmth of the season and indulge in some creative activities. When the final bell rings and classes are off, kids have loads of free hours to foster personal growth with fun learning opportunities.
Lucky for us, the learning process never stops, even when school ends. As school ends, summer camps can provide great learning and fun experience for your kids. Kids don't only enjoy fun activities but also learn other vital character-building skills and self-confidence and make new friends that can stay for a lifetime. Several ideal summer camps throughout Akron can give your kid a lifetime learning experience and a perfect opportunity to interact and develop new bonds.  
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Shaw JCC of Akron

If you want to make beautiful memories this summer, join the summer camp at Shaw JCC of Akron. Whether you are looking for a specialty camp or a traditional camp, Shaw JCC is the right choice for you.
Each summer, Shaw JCC camps bring a freshly prepared curriculum. Each week has a new theme and activities for kids and the teen population. They have a special Friday fun day for kids in which they make debuts with cookouts, inflatables and much more. Your kids will also love the swimming pool hours at Shaw. Don't worry; Camp JCC is extra cautious and has tons of American Red Cross-certified lifeguards. Your kids will love exploring new hobbies and picking new interests.
JCC camps offer a ten-week program that is available on a flexible and week-by-week basis. The program begins in June and lasts until August. Since there are a lot of physical activities at the camp, make sure your campers wear appropriate shoes and clothing every day. Send your kids to have a blast at Shaw JCC this summer! VIEW PROFILE


Akron Art Works

Akron Art Works summer camps in Akron, OH provide entertaining activities and entertainment to kids ages 7 to 14. If your kids love creating art, Akron Art Works can help your child unleash their maximum potential. This camp features a different theme every day. Each theme focuses on exposing artist campers to other art mediums. It helps artists to build on their diverse art experiences.

Expert instructors and friendly staff members facilitate all the campers. Most artwork instructions and activities begin in the morning, but campers can enjoy creating art all day long!

It also offers flexible half-day and full-day options. You can choose any one at your convenience. Suppose your children love creating art and don't have much time to indulge in creative activities during the regular school days. In that case, summer vacations are a perfect opportunity to enroll them at Akron Art Works. The warm and creative environment of Akron Art Works will unlock artistic talents in your kid. VIEW PROFILE



Buckeye Cricket

Buckeye Cricket summer camps in Akron, OH introduce an extensive range of vital cricket skills throughout the camp duration. Buckeye is one of the best summer camps if your kid is a sports enthusiast and is fond of playing cricket. The camp focuses on enhancing essential cricket skills, including bowling, batting, and fielding. The camp curriculum also places particular stress on fitness and hand-eye coordination.

The camp instructors motivate young cricketers to understand these skills better. Young players find it easier to implement them in realistic circumstances. Buckeye goes beyond building the skills relevant for the cricket ground. They walk the extra mile and ensure that your kids have good character and sportsmanship. They encourage teamwork and coordination among peers in a competitive environment.

All these skills help your young crickets to learn all the essential tactics and techniques to excel in cricket and life.

Besides this, Buckeye Cricket camps are suitable for novice players to experts. They separate groups according to the age and capability of the players. In this way, all the players thrive in a positive learning atmosphere.

These camps run for multiple weekends to facilitate the busy schedules of parents. If you want your kid to nurture sportsmanship and discover his sports talent, Buckeye is the perfect cricket learning avenue for him or her. VIEW PROFILE


Akron Area YMCA Camps

Looking for a summer camp in Akron, OH that has decades of experience in rendering care and enrichment for children of all ages? Well, look no further! Akron Area YMCA Camps fit the bill for you.

Many parents worry about sending their children to a new place, especially if it's far from their home. Put all your concerns aside; Akron Area YMMCA offers eight different locations for summer camp programs. You can select any location and schedule for your kids.

These camps have a lot in store for you and your kids. The Akron Area YMCA offers both day camps and overnight camps. You can try swimming and even get horse riding lessons. Generally, all the camps offer different activities and explore diverse themes. These different themed days are jam-packed with fun and learning. Campers enjoy having a daily dose of new experiences. VIEW PROFILE



At a glance, these are some of our top picks for summer camps near me in Akron, OH! These summer camps offer a wide range of interactive and academic activities for your kids. Kids will love exploring drawing, painting, playing, and developing new skills during their vacations.

Not just this, but they will also meet new peers and make many friends along the way. So, if you want your child to create cherish able memories and have a great learning experience this summer, hurry up and enroll them in a suitable summer camp. Give your little adventurers a little summer surprise full of fun!

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