Summer Camps Near Me In Carrollton, Texas!
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Summer Camps Near Me In Carrollton, Texas!

"Summer day camps in Carrollton, Texas offer the perfect opportunity for kids to enjoy some time independently, explore new activities, and forge new friendships. There is a wide variety of 'summer camps near me in Carrollton, Texas,' but the following three are leading the pack!

These camps not only cater wonderfully to teenagers but also to your younger kids, making them a fantastic choice for families in the area:

Millions of children attend summer camps around the United States each year. If your child has never heard of camp before, you may be unsure where to begin the process of determining whether or not your child is ready. There is no one-size-fits-all age for starting camp. Whether or not your child is ready for camp will be determined by the sort of camp you are considering. The following are some of the best summer camps in Carrollton TX!

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Krav Maga DFW

They are a small, family-oriented martial arts studio that has grown and changed over decades and generations. Their objective is to deliver the best self-defense and combat sports instruction in a friendly, supportive environment. The staff has grown up together as a family, and they've always been there for each other.

They are currently North Texas's oldest and largest Krav Maga training center, with a battle squad that grows larger and stronger by the day. The members trained numerous generations of the same family, and they'll continue to do so because it provides them joy.

Each of the educators is a highly certified coach and practitioner with years of experience. Their mission is to give the most excellent possible instruction to each student and assist everyone who walks through our doors to realize their full potential.

Martial arts fighter over wooden boards leading out to the horizon

Programs that are available in this center are:

  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has its origins in classical Judo principles and has subsequently evolved into its sport. BJJ is a Brazilian martial art that teaches how to dominate or cripple another person using takedowns, pins, joint locks, and chokes. The Gracie family in Brazil developed it.

  • Boxing And Muay Thai

Are you the person who enjoys putting themselves in sports challenges and competing? Do you wish to improve your striking and grappling skills for self-defense? All of these are compelling reasons to learn more about their combat program. They offer lessons for children and their program is great for kids with high levels of energy or who need to learn how to better place their anger.  

  • Youth Krav Maga

For students ages 7 to 13, Next Generation Krav Maga offers self-defense, fitness, life skills, and anti-bullying programs, with separate classes for the 7-10 and 11-13 age groups. These programs are ideal for middle school ages kids to want to make friends and learn new skills. The program focuses heavily on taking pride in what you do and learning how to respect themselves and each other.

  • Youth Muay Thai

Muay Thai, or Thai Boxing, is Thailand's national sport, and it has a long tradition of producing strong-willed competitors. At Krav Maga DFW, they maintain that tradition by offering a pleasant, safe environment for children to train and learn in the sport of Muay Thai.

  • Private Lessons

Want to work on something specific with one-on-one coaching?

Allow experienced instructors to customize a workout specifically for you! Get in touch with them, and they'll do their best to assist you!

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Tumble Progression

Tumble Pro's highly qualified teachers combine unrivaled knowledge with a willingness to teach players tumbling methods. Their patience and positive reinforcement create an environment conducive to goal setting.

The classes have been intended to follow a specific progression structure. Athletes that follow the approach will learn skills more quickly and will be able to advance at a faster rate.

There are private lessons offered. Lessons usually are half an hour long and can be scheduled at the front desk. Privates can be for a single person or a group of up to three athletes.

Do you require a gym to practice in? Their practice facility is fully air-conditioned and ready to use. A full-size competition spring floor and a full-size dead floor are available. The entire inventory of equipment may be accessible for team use. For rental times and costs, don't hesitate to get in touch with the front desk.


Meet The Owners

Mr. Florez is a tumbling instructor and professional coach with over 15 years of expertise. Mrs. Florez has about 20 years of gymnastics and cheering experience. During her high school years, Mrs. Florez competed in cheerleading and coached for Champion Cheer Allstars.

Class Packages


  • Gold Package

Athletes who commit to a year of classes receive the gold package. Athletes will receive a 20% discount on their second class or for siblings, and make-up lessons will be allowed depending on availability.

  • Silver Package

Athletes who commit to 6 months of classes receive the silver package. Athletes will receive a 10% discount on their second class or for siblings, and make-up lessons will be allowed depending on availability.

  • Drop-In / Weekly PAG

Athletes that desire more flexibility in their schedules should choose the drop-in/weekly option. Because it's simply a one-week commitment, your position in the class isn't guaranteed from week to week. There will be no discounts for second or subsequent lessons, and no make-up classes will be allowed.



Excel Volleyball Club

EXCEL is committed to helping athletes develop as a whole by providing excellent training, fitness, education, and college recruiting opportunities. They provide nutrition, volleyball instruction, sports psychology, and college recruiting information to the players and parents. In a community-based setting, EXCEL encourages the development of sportsmanship, teamwork, and friendship.

Their purpose is to assist athletes in developing leadership qualities and learning how to achieve challenging goals via hard effort, dedication, and teamwork. Anyone aged 8 to 18 is welcome to join them. Summer sports camps are the most wanted camps for parents and their kids.


  • Their Values

EXCEL’s mission is to develop the entire athlete, from attitude to technical skillset, while fostering fundamental values such as honesty, discipline, honor, respect, and teamwork. Also, provide a learning atmosphere where the members can develop life qualities like confidence, perseverance, and cooperation. Finally, they want to encourage the development of skills that will help the members excel both on and off the court.

  • Their Vision

EXCEL aspires to be the premier volleyball training facility in the North Texas region. They emphasize technical training with repetitions in multiple skills/positions, resulting in a high volleyball IQ among the players. EXCEL creates a competitive, positive, and healthy training environment where athletes can strive to meet EXCEL's high standards by working hard and following the rules.

  • The Teams

Female and male athletes can join EXCEL's national, regional, and local teams. EXCEL encourages volleyball and allows players to achieve their personal and team objectives. EXCEL recognizes the value of providing a safe, suitable environment for players to learn about competition, sportsmanship, leadership, and respect for teammates and coaches.


  •  Conclusion

These are some of the best sports camps in Carrollton, Texas. Each camp offers something unique, whether that be the training programs, their trainers, their values, your kids are guaranteed to leave having learned something new every day. They will make new friends and engage in an activity that fills them with pride, self-confidence, and maybe even a touch of humility!

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