Summer Camps Near Me in Charlotte NC
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Summer Camps Near Me in Charlotte NC

Summer is here, and so are the opportunities to sign your kids up for some amazing camps! Summer camps have always been a great way for kids to socialize, learn new things, and get some exercise. With so many different types of camps out there, how do you know which one is right for your child?
Read on for a list of the best summer camps in Charlotte, NC! You can also check out our explore page for more summer camp options in other cities.

Here are 5 fun facts about summer camps in Charlotte, North Carolina!

  1. Charlotte, North Carolina is home to a diverse range of summer camps, from traditional day camps to specialty camps with unique themes such as musical theater, robotics, and horseback riding.
  2. For parents looking for camps that cater to their children's interests, there is a range of options available in Charlotte, including STEM camps, sports camps, and arts-focused camps.
  3. Summer camps in Charlotte also offer opportunities for children to develop important life skills like teamwork, leadership, and critical thinking through challenges and activities.
  4. Charlotte boasts many nature-based summer camps that provide the perfect setting for outdoor adventures, including rock climbing, hiking, and rafting.
  5. Some summer camps in Charlotte offer discounts and scholarships for families who need financial assistance, making summer camps accessible for all children regardless of their background or financial situation.


Sew Fun

If you're looking for a summer camp that will teach your child the lost art of sewing and design in a fun and creative way, look no further than Sew Fun!
Located in Charlotte, NC, Sew Fun is a summer camp that offers a wide variety of classes for kids of all ages. From beginner classes that teach the basics of sewing and design to more advanced classes that allow kids to explore their creativity, Sew Fun has something for everyone. So, what makes Sew Fun so special? Well, for starters, all of the instructors are highly skilled and experienced professionals who are passionate about teaching kids how to sew and design.
In addition, Sew Fun is a very small camp with a tight-knit community feel. This means that your child will not only receive top-notch instruction, but they will also have the opportunity to make some great friends. So if you're looking for an awesome summer camp that will teach your child how to sew and design like a pro, be sure to check out Sew Fun! VIEW PROFILE

Providence Day School

The limited options of most day camps can be frustrating for parents trying to find the right fit for their children, but Providence Day School in Charlotte, North Carolina, has a number of different types of camps that will cater to any interest your child might have.
For example, they offer sports camps such as basketball and soccer, as well as more unique options like rock climbing, cooking, and STEM. And with over 70 different types of camps to choose from, you're sure to find something that your child will love.
In addition to its wide variety of camp offerings, Providence Day School is also one of the only schools in the area that offers full-day camp options. This means you won't have to worry about finding someone to watch your child during the day while at camp.
So if you're looking for a summer camp that has something for everyone, be sure to check out Providence Day School! VIEW PROFILE

Mathnasium North Carolina

Mathnasium North Carolina is a summer camp that is dedicated to teaching math skills to kids aged 4 to 12. At Mathnasium, your child will be taught by specially trained math instructors who will help them not only learn math concepts but also to develop a love for math.
The results of attending Mathnasium are transformative. Kids who attend Mathnasium often see an increase in confidence, attitude, and academic progress. In fact, many kids who attend Mathnasium boast a 100% success rate in passing their math classes.
Whether your child is weak in math or simply wants to get ahead, Mathnasium North Carolina is the perfect summer camp for them. Mathnasium isn't just a summer camp; it's a year-long math learning center that will give your child the skills they need to succeed in math.
With over 1,000 centers worldwide, Mathnasium is the world's largest math-only learning center. And with centers in Charlotte, Raleigh, and Greensboro, there's sure to be a Mathnasium near you! VIEW PROFILE

Charlotte Eagles Summer Camps

The Charlotte Eagles Soccer Club offers summer camps for children of all ages and ability levels. Professional coaches will help your child learn soccer, compete in small-sided games, and make new friends. The Eagles camps are open to kids aged 5-14, so no matter whether your child is a beginner or an experienced player, they will be able to find a camp that fits their needs.
Summer is all about learning new skills and having fun, and soccer is the perfect way to do both. With Charlotte Eagles summer camps, your child will learn valuable soccer skills while also having a blast. The Eagles camps emphasize personal growth as well as athletic development. Coaches strive to get to know each of their students and encourage them accordingly. With a focus on positive reinforcement, the Eagles camp provides a supportive environment where kids can learn, make friends, and have a lot of fun! VIEW PROFILE
YMCA of Greater Charlotte
YMCA is the epitome of summer camp. Its unique blend of activities, including sports, arts and crafts, swimming, and more, makes it the perfect place for kids to learn new things and have a great time. The YMCA's professionally-led programs and competition-level coaching give kids the opportunity to learn new skills and grow as athletes. And with over 15 branches throughout Charlotte, there's sure to be a YMCA camp near you.
The YMCA of Greater Charlotte also offers a number of different types of camps, so whether your child is interested in sports, the arts, or simply wants to have fun, there's a camp for them. YMCA has established itself as a leader in providing high-quality summer camp experiences for kids. And with over 25 different types of camps to choose from, you're sure to find one that's perfect for your child. So if you're looking for a summer camp that has something for everyone, be sure to check out the YMCA of Greater Charlotte! VIEW PROFILE
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Charlotte, North Carolina has an exciting array of summer camps for children of all ages and interests. With so many excellent options to choose from, parents are sure to find the perfect program to meet their child's needs and preferences. From sports camps and art camps to outdoor explorations and academic enrichment, the possibilities are endless. If you're interested in learning more about summer camps in North Carolina, be sure to check out our main North Carolina webpage. There, you'll find valuable information about camps throughout the state. Whether you're a local or simply visiting for the summer, North Carolina offers an unforgettable camp experience. Book a spot for your child today and create lifelong memories!