Summer camp appears to many of us to be an antidote to the problems of contemporary life, a chance for kids to put their iPhones and computers away and immerse themselves in a simpler world. Summer camps for boys were first established in the 1870s and 1880s as a way for youngsters to get away from the more urbanized contemporary world.

Roughing it would develop character and save humanity from "dying of indoor-ness," as one early camp creator said. There are different camps where you can send your children, like YMCA summer camp, summer sports camps, outdoor summer camps, horse riding summer for those that love horses, and many more Summer Camps Near Me In Dallas, Texas!

Millions of children attend summer camps around the United States each year. If your child has never heard of camp before, you may be unsure where to begin the process of determining whether or not your child is ready. There is no one-size-fits-all age for starting camp. Whether or not your child is ready for camp will be determined by the sort of camp you are considering. The following are some of the best summer camps in Dallas!

Fun, Creativity and Learning at Pipe & Palette!

Pipe & Palette stands tall as a unique center for art, guiding both budding and experienced artists in the Plano area of Dallas, TX. From an array of painting classes to workshops, this art hub brings color to everyone's life. This summer, give your kids a fun-filled artistic adventure, stimulating their imagination and supporting their cognitive development. Enroll them in our engaging summer art camp, where they can explore various art techniques and create their own masterpieces.


Looking for weeknight activities? Our Kids Night Out - every Wednesday - offers kids the opportunity to craft and paint while parents enjoy some free time. With expert-led classes and a nurturing environment, Pipe & Palette provides an unforgettable artistic experience packed with creativity and learning.

This incredible group works hard to establish the following Core Values in kids so that they can apply them throughout their lives:



Texas Music Institute

Mandy Guilfoyle created Texas Music Institute in the fall of 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic. The school arose from a need for a place where top-tier music professors could teach and be compensated fairly and for students to obtain world-class music instruction at a fraction of the cost of other music schools.

Mandy and her husband Chris noticed a need for a one-stop hub where young musicians in Texas and beyond could find performance, audition, scholarship, festival, and masterclass opportunities without having to go it alone. TMI is pleased to offer all of these benefits and more to the students and staff members.

What do they do?

Premium Private Lessons

TMI provides professional virtual music lessons from some of Texas' top musical minds, including Dallas Symphony, Dallas Opera, Fort Worth Opera, and others. Through rigorous online private music lessons, regular concerts and recitals, juries, masterclasses, and more, these Institute members will assist you in reaching new career heights.


Faculty members are compensated relatively because of their unique structure, while families pay less than other music schools. Members can set their fees and charge a percentage on top of that to fund the school and all other student activities.


They feel that a well-rounded musician is better because they can better comprehend their playing, their music, and why they are playing. They provide virtual classes similar to the courses that students would take in college or at a conservatory! Their classes train kids before they even finish high school so that when they graduate, they are more confident and ahead of the game.

This group encourages all students to enroll in as many courses as they can! Starting your music lessons before college will allow you to potentially enroll in more advanced programs in college or even test out of some classes, allowing you to devote more time to practicing and performing once you get to college or a conservatory.


When students enroll in a music school or conservatory, they will be required to participate in frequent performance "tests." These are brief playing tests with pieces chosen by your private teacher and judged by faculty members other than your teacher.

TMI juries will not assess your eligibility for admission to their institution; instead, they will give you constructive feedback on your performance to help you develop. Juries may appear intimidating at first, but just like acting, the more you do it, the less intimidating it becomes.

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Code Ninjas Preston Hollow

Kids learn to code at Code Ninjas Dallas (Preston Hollow) by creating their own video games. With accessible drop-in hours on weeknights and weekends, their flexible coding programs for kids make it easy for parents.

Children learn to code while creating their video games at these centers. They learn problem-solving, critical thinking, and STEM skills in a fun, safe, and motivating atmosphere.


These entertaining and visual programs will help you build a foundation of coding and crucial problem-solving skills - no reading necessary!

This day camp provides an intensive atmosphere for children to learn new skills, acquire confidence, and socialize with their peers. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn anything from coding to game design to STEM and robotics. Register your kids to Code Ninjas, where they'll have fun playing games, putting puzzles together, building robots, and more!


There are dozens of kinds of camps throughout Dallas today. Some are geared towards traditional outdoor camps, while others like the one’s on our list provide other learning opportunities! For the kids who just would prefer less nature in their camping experience, Code Ninjas, Texas Music Institute, and Pipe & Palette as just a few of the best camps in Dallas, Texas!

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