Summer Camps Near Me in Detroit, MI
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Summer Camps Near Me in Detroit, MI

.If you're looking for summer camps near Detroit, MI, look no further! We have compiled a list of some of the best summer camps near Detroit. Our list includes both day and overnight camps, so whether you're looking for something short or long-term, we've got you covered.

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The Detroit Writing Room

The Detroit Writing Room is a program for kids aged 6-18 who are interested in writing and publishing. They offer summer camps, as well as after-school programs.

The Detroit Writing Room offers several different types of camps. Their "Birthday Camp" lets kids celebrate their birthday with a special camp experience. They also have "Family Day Camps" that are held during the summer months in various locations around Metro Detroit.

There are two age limits for these camps: 6 and 12 years old. The older kids can participate in all of the activities, while younger children will only be able to take part in activities that are appropriate for their age group.

The staff at this program is made up of both adults and children, who work together to ensure that each child gets the positive experience they deserve while having fun doing it! VIEW PROFILE


Music Hall

Looking for a place to take your kids to summer camp in Detroit, MI? Music Hall in Detroit MI is a perfect choice! Music Hall in Detroit MI is an amazing place to take your child to summer camp. This camp has an emphasis on arts education, offering classes in music, dance, and acting. The staff at Music Hall is highly trained and knowledgeable about the arts.

The campers will have the opportunity to explore their interests through regular class time and special events. During the week-long sessions, they will learn about the history of music through field trips and demonstrations. They will sing songs from all over the world; they will create art projects based on musical themes. They will learn how to play instruments or read sheet music; they will act out scenes from plays or musicals; they will learn how to perform on stage with live musicians (using electronic equipment); they may even perform their own! There's no shortage of incredible activities!

The staff at Music Hall is committed to providing the best possible experience for each camper. They believe that every child should have a chance to explore his or her interests in an environment where he or she feels safe and secure. VIEW PROFILE

Camp Cherith

Camp Cherith is a Christian camp for girls and boys ages 8-12. It's located in Detroit, MI, and offers week-long summer camps as well as seven-day residential programs. Campers will enjoy activities such as swimming, crafts, sports, games, and much more!

The campers can swim at the pool that is attached to their dormitory. They also have an outdoor area where they can play basketball or kickball. Several activities take place each day of this summer camp in Detroit, MI including swimming lessons, volleyball lessons, games, and crafts. There are also opportunities for personal growth through bible study groups and interacting with other kids from the same church community.

The camp is run by volunteers who are dedicated to creating a safe environment for all children while they are attending camp. They ensure that each camper has a personal counselor throughout their stay at the camp so that they can receive support when needed most. Campers stay on campus during the week-long sessions while parents stay at home on the weekends. VIEW PROFILE

Minnesota Flyers Gymnastics

If you're looking for a place where your child can play with other children their age, look no further than Minnesota Flyers Gymnastics. Minnesota Flyers Gymnastics is the ideal place for your kids to spend the summer. The staff at this facility is trained and certified in simply teaching children how to do gymnastic movements so they can develop into confident individuals who are ready for whatever life throws their way.


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Minnesota Flyers Gymnastics has plenty of different activities your child will enjoy while they're there; they can participate in team sports like volleyball and soccer, or they can just hang out with their friends and make new ones.

Minnesota Flyers Gymnastics is a great place for kids to learn gymnastics in Detroit MI. This gym offers everything from birthday parties to camps and classes for kids of all ages. Some classes are open to the public, so if you're looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon with the family or want to learn a new skill, Minnesota Flyers Gymnastics should be on your list of places to check out!



In conclusion, Summer Camps in Detroit, MI are a great option for any child who wants to learn new skills and have fun at the same time. 

We know that finding a good camp can be overwhelming, but we promise it's not as scary as you think. We've done all the hard work for you, all you have to do is decide what kind of summer camp experience you want, and how much time your child will spend there.

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