Summer Camps Near Me in Knoxville, TN
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Summer Camps Near Me in Knoxville, TN

When you're looking for summer camps in Knoxville, TN, you've come to the right place. Whether your kid is looking to make some new friends, or just wants a break from the everyday routine, a summer camp can be the perfect way to do both. They’ll get to spend time with their friends and even make some more of them!
There's no shortage of summer camps in Knoxville, and we have everything you need to find the perfect fit for your kids. Whether you're looking for a camp that caters to your child's interests or one that offers a fun, safe environment with all the amenities you could want, we've got you covered. Here are five great summer camps near Knoxville that can match your requirements!
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Dancers Studio Knoxville

Dancers Studio Knoxville summer camp offers a fun, creative environment for kids.
At Dancers Studio, you can expect to learn the basics of dance and music while having fun with your friends! There will be plenty of interactive activities, such as singing and dancing that will help your child improve their skills and have fun in the process.
This Knoxville summer camp includes an array of different types of dance classes, including ballet, tap, hip hop, jazz, and more! The instructors are professional dancers who have experience instructing young children. This camp is a great option for kids looking for an exciting summer camp experience that combines learning with fun!
If you're looking for a way for your child to learn about dance while having fun with other kids their own age, Dancers Studio Knoxville Summer Camp is just what you need! VIEW PROFILE


Davis Studio

Are you looking for a fun and unique summer camp near Knoxville, TN?
If so, Davis Studio is the place for you. The summer camp has six different activities, from arts and crafts to sports, and they're all taught by professional instructors. They also offer a wide range of affordable prices, so parents can focus more on what their kids are doing than how much it costs.
They have a fun and creative environment where children can learn about the world around them and develop their own interests. They also focus on building self-confidence and life skills, which are crucial for young people as they enter adulthood.
They have activities like:
-Circus Arts
-Creative Writing
-Music and Movement classes
In addition to these exciting activities, there is also a good amount of free time for kids to do other fun things such as swimming, playing sports, or just hanging out with friends. VIEW PROFILE


Knoxville Academy Martial Arts

Summer is here, and that means it's time to get your kids out of the house and doing something a bit more…physical.
Knoxville Academy Martial Arts offers a variety of summer camps for kids in Knoxville, TN. The school has programs from ages five through 18, so you can find something that fits your child's interests and abilities.
The school offers classes in martial arts, karate, Taekwondo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, capoeira, judo and more. All classes are taught by certified instructors who have been trained to teach children of all ages and levels.
The focus at Knoxville Academy Martial Arts is on teaching kids self-defense skills so they can be safe at home and on the playground. The goal is to instill confidence in kids who are afraid of getting hurt in an accident or attack while playing outside or using public transportation. VIEW PROFILE


Knox Dance Worx

Looking for a great place to take your kids this summer? Look no further than Knox Dance Worx! You'll find so many fun things to do there that it'll be hard to keep them from smiling all week.
Knox Dance Worx is a summer camp in Knoxville, TN that offers age-appropriate activities for children and adolescents. They'll get the chance to explore dance as performance art and learn about the history of dance throughout time.
This camp also has plenty of sports activities like soccer and basketball as well as arts and crafts. The campers can even get involved in community service projects that help make the world a better place!



Creative Art with Miss Shelley

Creative Art with Miss Shelley is a summer camp in Knoxville, TN for kids. The camp is run by Miss Shelley and her staff of talented artists, who will be able to help your child discover what they are truly capable of. This camp is designed for kids ages 6-11 who are interested in learning how to draw and paint.

The camp is designed to teach kids about art and creativity using a variety of activities. These include painting, drawing, sculpting, clay modeling, and more!

Your child will learn how to use their imagination while they are at Creative Art with Miss Shelley kids summer camp in Knoxville, TN. Their teachers will be able to provide feedback on their work throughout the day so that they can improve their skills and confidence as artists. VIEW PROFILE



We hope that our research on summer camps in Knoxville, TN has been helpful and informative. We understand how important it is to find a good summer camp for your child and know how stressful it can be!

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