Summer Camps Near Me in Minneapolis, MN
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Summer Camps Near Me in Minneapolis, MN

Summer camps are essential for kids because they allow them to have some time away from their everyday lives and focus on something new. They can meet new people, try new activities, and learn new skills. Summer camps in Minneapolis, MN also help children learn responsibility, self-control, and leadership skills by giving them responsibility over their own time and space.
Summer camps are an excellent way for kids to learn new skills, build confidence, and make friends. There are many summer camps around Minneapolis that offer a variety of programs and activities. Here are some of Minneapolis's most popular summer camps:
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Troupe America

This summer, your kid can have the best of both worlds: the freedom of summer camp, and the fun of a community of tweens.
Troupe America is a summer camp in Minneapolis, MN that provides kids with a way to spend the summer learning new skills and meeting new people. They can learn how to play musical instruments, sing, and dance, take acting classes, and more.
This summer camp offers a variety of activities that will keep your child busy during their stay at Troupe America. They can join in on sports games like volleyball and soccer outside or in the gym; participate in arts and crafts projects; or get together with other kids for games or swim in the pool.
The activities this camp offers are perfect for kids who are looking for an active way to spend their days without getting bored easily! They'll be able to participate in fun activities that keep them busy all day long during their stay at Troupe America. VIEW PROFILE

Lyric Arts Summer Day Camps

Lyric Arts Summer Day Camps are designed to be a fun experience for kids that will help them make friends, learn new things and have a blast! They offer a wide variety of activities and events throughout the summer so that your child can choose what they want to participate in.
The age range for these camps is from 7 years old to 12 years old. There are also two different day camps: one for boys and one for girls. Each camp has its own unique activities that you can sign up for!
Activities at these camps include singing, acting, dancing, acting out skits, and more! This can help your child develop their acting skills as well as social skills because they will meet new people every day! It's also important to note that all staff members at Lyric Arts Summer Day Camps have certified in CPR and First Aid certification, so you know your kiddo is safe! VIEW PROFILE

IGM Gymnastics

Summer camp is a great place for kids to learn new skills and make friends. It can also be a place where kids can learn new things about themselves, like how their bodies work, or what they can do if they put their minds to it.
IGM Gymnastics offers a summer camp in Minneapolis, MN that provides kids with gymnastics, dance, and music classes. This summer camp offers fun, exciting activities that will keep your kid busy from morning to night! IGM Gymnastics is designed to help your child grow in confidence, improve their motor skills and coordination, and learn about the world around them.
The age limit for IGM is 6-12 years old.
The activities offered by this summer camp are:
-Gymnastic classes
-Acrobalance classes
-Percussion classes
-Trampoline classes
In addition to fun workshops and exciting activities, they also offer a variety of aftercare options so your child can continue developing their skills even after they've finished with this summer camp! It’s a phenomenal way for your kids to get moving, stay active, enhance their self esteem, and make lifelong friendships! VIEW PROFILE

What a Mess! Art Camp

What a Mess! Art Camp is a summer camp in Minneapolis, MN that offers art classes for kids ages 6-12. The mission of What a Mess! Art Camp is to provide free art classes for children who are financially disadvantaged, or who have experienced trauma in their lives.
The activities will include painting, drawing, and sculpting. There will also be time set aside to explore other creative fields like music, dance, and theater. The campers will have the opportunity to create a performance piece during the week that they'll perform at the end of camp.
This summer camp is perfect for kids who love to paint and use creativity as a way to express themselves. The camp offers two days of art lessons and hands-on activities that teach children about the process of creating art. The classes are taught by professional artists who are passionate about teaching young people how to create their own masterpieces. The age limit for this camp is 6 - 12. VIEW PROFILE

Camp Odayin

Camp Odayin summer camp in Minneapolis, MN is a great place for kids to learn and have fun. The camp runs for two weeks and offers activities like arts & crafts, swimming, tennis, and so much more. These camps are run by volunteers who have years of experience in teaching kids how to play sports like soccer and basketball.

The programs offered by this camp include Yoga and Zumba dance classes as well as cooking classes and the classes mentioned above. They also offer activities like archery and hiking which are great fun for kids of all ages!

This summer, your child will learn how to swim and play games with other children who are just like him or her a skill that can be used for years to come! The camp focuses on inclusion, friendship, and wholesome bonding. They believe that kids need to be challenged in order to grow, but provide these opportunities in a manner that’s so exciting, your kids won’t even know they’re being challenged! VIEW PROFILE


So, there you have it, our list of the very best summer camps near Minneapolis, MN. Whether you are at a point where you are ready to send your child to camp or still researching, we hope that our guide helps you find the right fit.

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