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Summer Camps Near Me In Plano, Texas!

Posted by Jason Mellet on Feb 10, 2022 10:10:02 AM
Jason Mellet

We all know that kids become bored quickly. Therefore, it's essential to keep them occupied. We've put together a fantastic guide with some fantastic options located in Plano, Texas.

Every kid will enjoy these camps! Whether you want a half-day, a full-day, or something in between, these camps can help. Camps are all about exploration: discovering new abilities, experiencing new activities, and creating lasting memories. These camps believe in the potential of play-based learning.

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Campers' days will be jam-packed with weekly theme-based enrichment activities, nature/outdoor learning, time for creative and performing arts, improvisation games, fitness/conditioning, community service projects, global diversity efforts, off-site field trips, swimming/water games, leadership opportunities, and much more!

A Summer Camp Directory!

In many ways, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has changed life, but these camps' dedication to keeping the kids in their programs safe, engaged, and having fun hasn't changed. They've put in place strict rules to assist everyone in living in a healthy atmosphere.

You might wonder: 'Where to find summer camps near me'? Here are some of the best options for summer camps for your children:

Club SciKidz Dallas

For unforgettable summers, Club SciKidz is the best location! Bob and Sue Hagan, who founded the camp in 1997, have established one of America's best summer science and technology camps. Bob and Sue have a total teaching experience of more than 30 years, and both have a master’s degree in the Education field.

The first summer camp was named "Special Effects," It taught participants about the science behind special effects in Hollywood. Different age groups and science themes were introduced as time went on. There are presently 50+ themes (and counting) to choose from, each with engaging hands-on crafts and experiments for children aged 4 to 15.

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More than 100,000 children have participated in one or more of Club SciKidz's science day camps or school programs since 1997. In Georgia, Maryland, Kentucky, Virginia, and Texas, Club SciKidz has franchisees. Each franchise is owned and operated individually. In 2009, the Dallas franchise opened its doors.

Their Goal

Club SciKidz was formed on the belief that parents want to provide their children with educational enrichment opportunities that are fun, challenging, and life changing.

They feel that the diversity of the offerings appeals to all children! Hands-on activities in veterinary medicine, robotics, forensics, food science, video game creation, paleontology, engineering, chemistry and biology, astronomy, oceanography, emergency medicine, and special effects are all part of the company's commitment to demonstrating how science works in the real world.

Their one-of-a-kind scientific programs are tailored to the needs of children ages 4 to 15. Thanks to well-researched science teachings, students are engaged in observation, measurement, property identification, and experimentation incorporating life, earth, and physical science principles. Science educators conduct extensive studies on the units with the assistance of instructors and youngsters. Students appreciate and learn from the teachings as a result of the process.

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Upcoming New Camps

  • 3D Printing
  • iPhone & iPad Game Design
  • QuadCopter Aerial Robotics
  • Adventures in Cartooning
  • Roblox Coding
  • Marvel Stop Motion Animation
  • Eco Explorers
  • Dash & Dot Robotics
  • Rocket Scientist 

North Texas Performing Arts

North Texas Performing Arts (NTPA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing youth's character via high-quality performing arts education and family entertainment. NTPA's mission is to ignite a passion for the performing arts and to ensure that every young person has the opportunity to take the stage and have their voices heard.

North Texas Performing Arts (NTPA) is based in Plano, Texas, and was started in 1991 as the Plano Children's Theatre. Sara Akers, the organization's founder, is a valued member of the team who now supervises NTPA's community outreach and diversity initiatives.

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NTPA offers classes, camps, and productions in Collin, Dallas, and Tarrant Counties for young people ages 5-18 and adult programming through its NTPA Repertory Theatre.

NTPA is made up of five youth theatre troupes in Dallas, Fairview, Frisco, Plano, and Southlake; NTPA Starcatchers, a therapeutic arts troupe for people with disabilities; NTPA Academy, a cutting-edge academic learning environment for grades 6-12 with a strong emphasis on the fine arts; and NTPA Repertory Theatre, an adult theatre company. Each of these theater companies has its Board of Directors that offers guidance and support. NTPA "Develops the Characters" of over 11,000 young people each year in over 150 significant productions and 1,000 performances around North Texas.

North Texas Performing Arts is dedicated to fostering diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice in its programs. The NTPA Governing Board of Directors, Management Boards, and Staff encourage all NTPA families and patrons to speak out against racism in the country and to continue to demonstrate the "10 Characters" taught at NTPA, which include Integrity, Leadership, Respect, and, most importantly, Love One Another.

In the fight to end racial and social injustice, they stand with Black artists, educators, students, and families, as well as other people of color.

Edelweiss School of Music

What Do They Do?

One on One Lessons

Students of all ages benefit from one-on-one individual music classes because they receive 100% of the teacher's attention. Six years old is the ideal age to begin music lessons.

Their highly qualified and experienced teachers will teach you everything from note reading to good posture, oral skills, music theory, expressive intonation, a strong rhythm foundation, and many other aspects of music performance throughout the private sessions.

Adult Music Lessons

You are never too old to learn an instrument and enroll in music instruction. Many adults have fantasized about learning an instrument since they were children, and others have decided to test their minds at an advanced age.

In any case, the experienced instructors at the Edelweiss School of Music are ready to teach you how to hold an instrument properly, improve your small motor skills, teach you how to read music, play along with the accompaniment, and explore music lessons.

In-Home Lessons

Home music lessons are popular because they allow students to learn while remaining at home. Because the teacher comes to your house, parents can save time and money on driving. This option is ideal for busy working parents, single parents, or families with several younger children.

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Why Edelweiss School of Music

Teachers at the school earn Master's or Ph.D. degrees in music or have substantial expertise in music lessons. During the Winter Holidays and Mother's Day, the Edelweiss School of Music presents two significant recitals. Their pupils compete in regional, state, national, and worldwide festivals and competitions. Edelweiss School of Music is the only school in the area to produce professional recordings and music videos for students interested in enhancing their musical abilities.


Plano, Texas has some unique day camps, but these three are top contenders in where you should send you kiddo for the upcoming round of enrollment! Club SciKidz is ideal for kids with a passion for learning and discovering the world around them, while the Edelweiss School of Music may be better suited for future Grammy award winners! Check them both out and get your child involved in the process of choosing where they want to spend their time!


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