Summer Camps Near Me in San Francisco
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Summer Camps Near Me in San Francisco

San Francisco is known for its vast hills, adorable trolleys, and a beautiful downtown scene. What many people don’t know though is that it’s also home to a large number of summer camps for kids. Summer camps are vital for kids simply because they keep your child engaged, active, and their minds working without feeling like they’re at school! Let’s talk about the top five summer camps in San Francisco.
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Bay Area Kids Camp: Unleash the Excitement of Outdoor Adventure

If you're looking to offer your child an unforgettable summer camp experience near San Francisco, look no further than Bay Area Kids Camp. This camp specializes in providing immersive outdoor adventure programs where children can explore nature, make new friends, and create lasting memories.

Bay Area Kids Camp takes kids on exciting nature explorations, complete with hiking trails, tide pool discoveries, and visits to serene ponds, creeks, and more. Located at beautiful venues like Beresford Park, Valley Town Center, and Cuesta Park, children get to learn and grow while enjoying the wonders of the Californian outdoors.

bay area kids enjoying the summer day camp kayaking

Summer camps and school break camps are designed to foster a deep connection with nature, while also building camaraderie and personal development. From tree climbing to discovering secret hideaways and everything in between, Bay Area Kids Camp guarantees an exhilarating and enriching experience for your child.

Don't let your child miss out on the adventure of a lifetime. Explore Bay Area Kids Camp's profile page now and learn more about their incredible programs!


Mathnasium Noe Valley

Mathnasium is a year-round math education center that helps kids improve their math skills. They actually offer summer programs as well that are considered day summer camps in San Francisco. Mathnasium is ideal for elementary to middle school aged kids who want to (or need to) improve their math capabilities or just want to get ahead! Some kids love math and it’s important to nourish that. Mathnasium Noe Valley is the ideal spot to do so.

The tutors at Mathnasium are highly skilled, patient, and love working with kids. They’ll ensure your child gets to grade level mathematics or exceeds it before the next school year begins. The cool part about Mathnasium is that they’re year-round, so when your child falls in love with the camp, they can continue throughout the year! VIEW PROFILE


Third Street Boxing Gym

For kids who need a self-esteem boost, want to be active during the summertime, or need a healthy way to get out their anger, Third Street Boxing Gym is for them! This is boxing gym that offers a variety of classes for kids and adults alike. Kids aged 7-14 can participate in group classes where they’ll learn the basics of boxing, cardio, and general form. They’ll partner up with kids in the class, making the gym a great way for your kiddo to make some new friends. These summer sessions are offered 3x/week. They will need their own gloves, wraps, and jump rope. However, all of these items can be purchased at the gym itself if desired!


There are also one on one classes for kids 15+ so nobody gets left out here! They’re a phenomenal way to keep your child active, social, and push them out of their comfort zone a bit! VIEW PROFILE



Having been around since 2004, Camp EDMO is one of the leaders in summer camps in San Francisco (and several other areas in the US). Camp EDMO offers year-round activities for kids’ pre-k to 18 years old. However, their summer camps are really where the fun starts! Camp EDMO is all about inclusivity, creativity, and helping your child unleash who they truly area. They believe that camp should be a combination of learning and playing, and they succeed!

With activities centering around science, coding, art, and social growth, there’s something for every child here. They’ll smash whipped cream pies in their teachers face while simultaneously being tested on their math and science knowledge. It’s all fun and games but with some touches of learning and expanding the mind thrown in every single day. This camp is perfect for both the shy kids and the social butterflies. Shier kiddos get the opportunity to expand their horizons and let their guard down a bit while social butterflies get to meet kids from all over the Bay Area!

With activities that interest every child, Camp EDMO is the ideal option. There are four levels of summer camps: Junior, Prime, Pro, and Leaders in Training.

Each camp runs from 9-2:30/2:45 expect for the Leaders in Training camp which goes until 3:30. These are day camps that run through mid-August! Registration is currently still open for their summer sessions, so you have to check them out for learn more! VIEW PROFILE


Adaba Capoeira

A fun and unique summer camp in San Francisco that invites kids aged 5-12 to engage in Capoeira and experience a new culture. This is a weekly day camp that runs in June, July, and August. It offers kids from any background the chance to experience something new. The camp runs from 9am-4pm Monday through Friday in weekly intervals. It is not an all-summer camp, but let’s talk about why it’s an incredible opportunity for your kids.

At Adaba Capoeira, your kids will learn the cultural background of Capoeira, a form of Brazilian dance and martial arts. The movement was created by African Americans who were enslaved in Brazil but is now known in Brazil as a form of self-expression and discipline. At camp, kids will learn the background and history of Capoeira as well as engage in activities based in reading, writing, art, dance, singing, music, and even basic stretching. It’s an active camp that focuses on team building, respect for self and others, and keeping the mind sharp at all times! VIEW PROFILE

These five summer camps in San Francisco area incredible options for your kiddo. There’s something for every child, whether they want to dance, solve equations, or learn about a new culture. Don’t forget to check out the explore page linked above to check some other incredible options. While you’re there, make sure you also take a look at these summer camps in Austin, TX if you’re doing any traveling or know anyone who lives in the area!