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Summer Camps Near Me in Tampa, FL

Posted by Lauren Hodges on Aug 4, 2022 9:00:00 AM
If your child is looking for a summer camp in Tampa, FL, we've got you covered. Summer is a time for vacations, friends, and fun activities! That’s where camp comes in. Summer camps are a great way to keep kids busy and away from TV and video games. Summer camps offer many activities such as sports, arts and crafts, music lessons, and more. Camps will help them stay healthy and build good habits for life.
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Sew South Tampa

Sew South Tampa kids summer camp is a great choice for your child. This year-round camp is located in Tampa, FL, and offers a variety of activities for your child to enjoy this summer. There's always something new to explore, no matter what age your child is!

The camp is open to children from six years old and up. This summer camp can help your kid in several ways:

  1. Sewing: Your child will learn how to sew and make clothes for themselves or others.
  2. Art: Your child will learn how to draw and paint with watercolors or markers.
  3. Computer Programming: Your child will learn how to program computers using Scratch, Python, Javascript, or Java.
  4. Science: Your child will learn about science through hands-on activities such as building chemistry sets, analyzing rainwater samples, or floating balloons underwater with an underwater camera!
  5. Social Skills: Learning how to sew gives your child the confidence they need when interacting with others in their community.

This camp focuses on helping your kids embrace their creativity in a functional way. They get to learn all kinds of new skills! VIEW PROFILE


South Tampa Center for the Arts

This summer, take your child to South Tampa Center for the Arts for a fun-filled, hands-on experience in the arts. This summer camp in Tampa, FL offers a variety of activities for kids of all ages and interests.

The South Tampa Center for the Arts is a summer camp that offers fun and educational activities. This summer camp is designed to help kids learn through arts, sports, and other activities. Children will learn how to express themselves through writing stories about their ideas or experiences that happen to them.

The age limit for this summer camp is 4-18 years old.

This summer camp includes weekly lessons with experienced teachers who help kids develop their creativity through arts such as painting, drawing, or sculpting. They also offer sports classes like soccer and basketball for kids to participate in during their free time. VIEW PROFILE

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Mathnasium – South Tampa

Mathnasium – South Tampa kids summer camp is a place where you can get rid of all your worries and stress. It is a place where your kid will learn and grow at the same time. Mathnasium is located in South Tampa, FL. This summer camp offers different activities for kids of various ages. They have different programs that are designed to cater to your child’s needs.

The age limit for this summer camp is 6-12 years old, but children younger than 5 can attend if they are accompanied by an adult.

The activities offered by this summer camp in Tampa ,FL include:

- Dance Classes

- Art Classes

- Music Classes

- Science and Nature Exploration

- Computer Classes

- Language Arts Classes

- Social Studies Classes

- Sports Camps and More!

This summer camp provides an enriching educational experience for students who want to learn about math and science but don't want to do so in a traditional classroom setting. VIEW PROFILE


TBAWP Youth Programs

If you're looking for a summer camp in Tampa, FL that will help your kids get away from the everyday stresses of school and make them feel like they're having a blast, then look no further than TBAWP Youth Programs!

They offer a variety of summer camps for kids ages 7-17.

These camps will help your child learn about business basics like running a company and how to work with other people. Your child will also get plenty of fun activities like water sports and sports camps, which will be sure to keep them occupied all day long!

The best part? These camps are designed so that they can be customized based on your child's interests and needs. If your child likes science more than sports, then they might enjoy one of the science camps instead of one focused on sports. The point is that there are options available for anyone who wants one, and we think that's pretty awesome! VIEW PROFILE


Dancing Joy

Are you looking for a fun and safe summer camp in Tampa, FL for your child? Dancing Joy has just what you're looking for! Dancing Joy summer camp is a place where you can let your child discover their passions. Summer camps are available for children between the ages of 4-12 years old.

At Dancing Joy, your kid will be the star of the show. The friendly staff is here to make sure your child has a great time learning new skills and having tons of fun with other kids his age.

The activities offered at this kid's summer camp include:

- Dance classes throughout the week

- Weekly group field trips to local museums and restaurants

- Classes on how to apply makeup and use accessories for different looks

- Fun activities like water balloon fights, relay races, and more!

This camp provides kids with physical activity in a way that feels like they’re just playing with their peers! They’ll make friends, remain active, and come home with new skills! VIEW PROFILE



At the end of the day, summer camps in Tampa, FL are all about having fun, getting outside, and making new friends. If you're looking for a place where your child can do all of that and learn some cool things at the same time, we highly recommend any of these camps!

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