Summer Camps Near Me in Tucson, AZ
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Summer Camps Near Me in Tucson, AZ

Tucson is a well-known city in Arizona that’s gained quite a reputation for its consistent nod to the wild west. However, this cowboy town also has some phenomenal summer camps for kids to attend! Check out our top five recommended summer camps in Tucson, AZ!
Make sure you also take a look at the explore page for some more incredible summer camps in Tucson!

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Tucson Girls Chorus

Tucson Girls Chorus is the ideal spot for your singing kiddos! The center is home to multiple choirs for kids of all ages, skill levels, and musical interests. There’s a chorus for acapella singers, traditional choir songs, pop songs, and so much more. However, their Shine Performance Camp is their most popular summer activity!
The summer camps runs for two, one-week, sessions from 9am-4pm. Contrary to the name of the company, their Shine Camp is actually open to boys and girls ages 6-12. Kids will learn all about proper singing technique, sing fun songs, and end with a beautiful show! It’s a great way to introduce young kids to the art of singing and help them make friends with similar interests to them. This summer camp in Tucson is also a great way to introduce kids to the choir center and see if they’d be interested in pursuing music in their various other choirs! VIEW PROFILE


Reffkin Tennis Center

Ideal for kids who want to learn more about the art of Tennis, Reffkin Tennis Center offers a summer camp in Tucson, AZ that runs in two-week intervals all summer long. The camp is for kids aged 6-18 years old and runs from 9am-12pm, M-F. The purpose of the camp is to not only teach proper Tennis techniques, but also enhance self-esteem, confidence, team building, and good sportsmanship. It’s a chance for your child to learn a new sport, but also make new friends and learn the proper way to engage in a competitive activity.
They’ll practice against a wall, then move to one on one matches and then doubles matches throughout the two-week program. Each day will include a snack break and individual coaching from players with years of experience. Kids will always work within their proper age groups and receive individualized coaching based on their needs! VIEW PROFILE


Tucson Boys Chorus

For all of the male shower singers, this is where you belong! If your child just can’t stop singing or wants to learn more about the art of proper technique, he’ll love the Tucson Boys Chorus. This center focuses heavily on proper technique, smaller choir groups, and building team support through the power of music.
There are six choir options for your kiddo to pick from and each choir fits their respective age groups. If your kid is looking for a traditional choir experience, they’ll benefit from the Cadet Choir. However, if they’re brand new to singing, they might be better suited for the Training Chorus! Whichever they choose, they’re bound to have a blast! VIEW PROFILE 

Summer Soul Squad Ninja Camps

Summer Soul Squad Ninja Camps is a phenomenal summer camp in Tucson, AZ! The camp focuses on physical activity, strength training, self-discipline, and teamwork. It’s a camp meant for the active kids (or kids who need to get active in a fun way). Every single day of camp is filled with unique games, arts/crafts, activities, that are centered around their core values. They’ll get to do martial arts, dance, gymnastics, parkour, and so much more at this day camp.
What’s particularly unique about this camp is that there are many different ways to sign up for it. The camp runs in weekly intervals. You can sign your kid up for the full day/full week camp, half day/full week camp, full day/one day, or half day/one day. The full day runs from 8:30-3:30 while the half day is from 8:30-12:00. Whether you choose half day/full day is dependent on your child’s age and their ability to be without you for extended amounts of time. Younger kiddos tend to do better with a half day while older kids thrive in the full day sessions.
Lunch does need to come from home, but everything else they could need is provided at the camp!

Camp J at Tucson JCC

Camp J is a summer camp in Tucson, AZ run by the Jewish Community Center in Tucson, AZ. It’s geared towards kids who want a fun summer experience with kids their own age! There are three kinds of summer camps: Shalom (peace), Giborim (heroes), and Tiyul (trip). Each camp has a specific purpose and age range. Shalom is a day camp that is for all ages, but ages will be grouped together appropriately and led by esteemed instructors. Each day at camp will include swim lessons, group activities, arts and crafts, and more!
Giborim is for kids in grades 3-5 who are wanting a summer camp where they can make new friends and really nurture their creativity. Most activities during this camp are group activities where they’ll make new friends and engage in unique games that they’ve likely never heard of! On Fridays, they get to go on field trips!
The last camp, Tiyul, is for older kids in grades 6-9. This camp is a bit more traditional and is overnight. Kids get to go on daily field trips, engage in team building activities, and spend some nights at Camp J or another designated facility! It’s a well-rounded camp that teaches of the outdoors, first aid, arts and crafts, singing, etc.! They’ll also get to engage in specialized activities like music, gymnastics, and STEM!  CHECK OUT THESE OTHER STEM CAMPS



Tucson is filled with fun and unique summer camps for kids of all ages and interests! We hope our list of the top five summer camps in Tucson, AZ was helpful, but make sure you also take a look at our explore page linked above for some additional camps!

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