Summer Camps Near Me in Washington, DC
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Summer Camps Near Me in  Washington, DC

Washington, DC, home of all things political and professional. With so many families working and living in this bustling area, we had to make a post dedicated to summer camps in Washington, DC. Reason being many of the families who live in the area work long, politics-infused, hours. However, they still want to give their kiddos a summer that they’ll love!

1: Unleash Creativity: Summer Camp at American Academy of Fine Arts

Discover an enriching summer camp experience that goes beyond the traditional at the American Academy of Fine Arts (AAFA) in Bellevue, Washington. Here at Camps With Friends, we're all about making the journey to find the perfect summer camp as smooth as a fresh canvas. That's why we're shining the spotlight on AAFA—a place where your child's imagination can soar to new heights.

AAFA stands out with its welcoming atmosphere and innovative approach to fine arts education. It's not just about brushes and canvas; it's about nurturing creativity, building confidence, and developing critical thinking skills. Their summer camp offers a spectrum of visual arts programs that cater to all skill levels—from budding artists to the more experienced young creatives. Imagine your child immersed in the world of painting, drawing, and sculpting, guided by passionate instructors who believe in inspiring young minds.

With a curriculum designed to engage and challenge, AAFA provides an unparalleled opportunity for your kids to explore the vast realms of art in a fun, supportive environment. This isn't just another summer camp; it's a chance for your children to create lasting memories, forge new friendships, and cultivate a lifelong passion for the arts.

Choosing AAFA for your child's summer adventure means investing in their future as a confident creator. Let's make this summer unforgettable by connecting your child with the enriching experience of the American Academy of Fine Arts.



One of the most traditional but exciting summer camps in Washington, DC is Bar-T. This camp runs all summer long in various intervals. Their goal is to ensure that they have a camp that suits every family’s needs, budget, and preferred time frame. With 40 camp options (yes…40!) running between June and August, you’re practically guaranteed to find the ideal camp for your kiddo(s)!
Each camp offers something special for every camper. There’s a camp for young one’s looking to play flag football, a camp for the outdoor enthusiasts, camps for adventurers and artists, and so much more. Each camp is a day camp, but with extended care options available for parents who need an early drop off or a late pick up.
With rock climbing facilities, zip lines, structured hikes through rivers, and even camps dedicated to specific sports or arts, there’s a camp for everyone. The best part about Bar-T is that you can sign you child up for multiple camps throughout the summer to keep them active and engaged! VIEW CAMPS WITH ZIP LINES

Moonlit Wings Performing Arts Summer Camp

Another camp meant for the stars of the family, Moonlit Wings Performing Arts Summer Camp is located just outside of Washington, DC. This is a 5-star, top notch camp that’s meant for the serious actors and actresses. Having been voted “Best Arts Program”, “Best for Families”, and Best Children’s Theatre and Drama Instruction” by Washington Family Magazine, this camp is clearly worth the hype.
With programs for kids interested in theatre, film, television, and new media, there’s something for every child performer. They’ll learn how to prepare for an audition, arrive at and complete their audition, work with fellow cast members, and even take part in a production or two! The dramas are taught by industry-leading professionals from all over the US who are eager to teach and inspire! VIEW PROFILE

Arcadia Center For Sustainable Food and Agriculture

The Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food and Agriculture is a unique day summer camp in the Washington, DC area. Lucky for parents, it’s returning for the 2022 summer season! For kids and parents looking for something fun to do outdoors for a week or two, this is the camp for you. Kids will get the opportunity to learn all about agriculture, from plants to farm life to general sustainability practices. They’ll get their hands dirty every day, get some sun, and make some incredible new friendships.
There are five camp options here:
  • Eco Explorers
  • Creative Sprouts
  • Farm Foodies
  • Farm Foodies Week 2
  • Young Farmers
Each camp has a specific theme, from eco-friendly practices to learning the basics of farming. They’ll get the chance to munch on some fresh farm foods, tend to gardens, and learn all about the way a farm functions from the ground up! VIEW PROFILE

Camp Under the Stars

An overnight summer camp in the Washington, DC surrounding area, Camp Under the Stars is well, as it sounds! It’s an overnight camp for campers to get a feel for camping and the outdoors. The camp hosts a 2-night program, a 1-week program, and a CIT Leaders in Training program for older students.
Each program emphasizes the importance of outdoor safety while encouraging a sense of adventure through activities like hiking, kayaking, yoga, and making campfire meals. Kids between the ages of 5 and 17 can embark on some playful, imaginative, outdoor fun. The 2-day camp is for the first-time campers between the ages of 5 and 8. The one-week camp is for ages 6-13 and the leadership program is for high schoolers 14-17! VIEW OVERNIGHT CAMPS


Whether you’re looking for a traditional overnight camp or a day camp centered around performing arts, there’s a camp for everyone in DC! Make sure you check out our explore page to view some more camps in the area!