9 Ways Camp WeHakee Makes Summer Dreams Come True: A Look at Girls Summer Camps
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9 Ways Camp WeHakee Makes Summer Dreams Come True: A Look at Girls Summer Camps

When considering girls' summer camps, it's crucial to find a place that provides unforgettably fulfilling camp experiences, making their summer dreams come true. One such place is Camp WeHakee in Winter, Wisconsin. Loved by many, this camp offers a broad range of activities that promise unparalleled excitement, growth, and joy. Let's explore nine ways Camp WeHakee creates an unforgettable summer camp experience for its cherished campers.camp wehakee summer camp for girls

1. Performing Arts Program

At WeHakee, one of the standout experiences is their performing arts program. This diverse realm includes dance, drama, and music. Every camper, regardless of prior experience or skill, is welcomed and encouraged to explore their unique creative expressions.

2. Outdoor Adventure

Nature is the ultimate playground at Camp WeHakee. From classic hiking expeditions that test endurance and nurture grit to enthralling wildlife observation sessions stimulating curiosity, the spirit of adventure in every girl is bound to awaken.

3. Team Sports

There's something incredibly connective about the world of team sports. Whether it's accomplishing a last-minute goal in a spirited soccer game, running an impressive relay race, or working together to nail a tricky gymnastics routine, every girl gets to savor the thrilling and transformative world of team sports.

4. Water Activities

Water activities at Camp WeHakee offer a refreshing escape from the summer heat. Swim lessons tailored to all skill levels help grow confidence, resilience, and mastery over a fundamental life skill.

5. Horseback Riding

For many girls, bonding with horses is a unique and treasured highlight of their WeHakee summer camp experience. Campers have the opportunity to get up close and personal with these majestic creatures through their horseback riding program.

6. Arts and Creativity

Art, as a medium of expression and creativity, brings an irreplaceable zest and color to the summer camp experience at WeHakee.

7. WeHakee Campfire Traditions

Under the starlit Midwest sky, a special WeHakee ritual takes place – the campfire gathering. As the warm glow casts dancing shadows around the circle of enchantingly animated faces, stories are shared, songs are sung, marshmallows are roasted, and memories are made.

8. Leadership Opportunities

The true strength of a summer camp experience is realized not just through the skills learned but also the character honed. WeHakee Camp, amongst its many offerings, provides meaningful leadership opportunities for its campers.

9. Personal Growth and Development

Beyond fun and fervor, Camp WeHakee offers a stimulating platform for comprehensive personal growth and development. Through the diversity of activities, girls are consistently nudged out of their comfort zones, helping to shape well-rounded individuals who are ready to joyfully and confidently navigate the journey of life.


From performing arts to water games, leadership opportunities to pure heart-thumping adventure, the experiences at Camp WeHakee ensure that every girl has a memorable summer, filled with moments of joy, learning, and discovery. Beyond WeHakee, there are plenty of other summer camps across the US, such as Jameson Ranch Camp in California. Find and plan the perfect summer camp with Camps With Friends that will make your child's summer dreams come true.

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