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Summer Jobs

Ignite Your Passion with Summer Camp Jobs!

Welcome to your starting point in an unforgettable journey! Whether you are stepping into the shoes of a lifeguard, enriching young minds as a counselor, or taking the helm as a camp director, every summer camp job offers a unique chance to make a difference. Dive into our comprehensive listings and discover where your passion meets purpose this summer.

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Unlock the Joy of Summer: Your Ultimate Guide to Camp Selection & Preparation

Embarking on the summer camp journey should be as breezy and joyful as a day by the lake. Our handpicked resources and insightful guides are tailored for busy parents and dedicated camp directors alike. With Camps With Friends, finding the perfect camp, preparing for the first day, and everything in-between is simplified. Let's navigate this adventure together, ensuring every child discovers the magic of summer camp and every program shines. Welcome to a community where connections flourish and memories are waiting to be made.

Find Your Perfect Match: Summer Camp Jobs Near You

Navigating the sea of summer camp jobs has never been easier. Our interactive map and zip code search tool connect you with the roles meant just for you. From the sunny shores of North Carolina to the majestic landscapes of the YMCA camps, your next adventure is a click away. Interested in expanding your search? Our filters allow you to explore nationwide opportunities including those exclusive American summer camp jobs that have a way of transforming summers into unforgettable chapters of joy and growth.


Roles Abound: Explore a Variety of Summer Camp Positions

Counselors and Instructors: The heart of summer camp. Enrich lives, teach new skills, and become the mentor you always wished you had.
Camp Nurses: Ensure the well-being and health of campers and staff alike, because safe fun is the best kind of fun.
Directors and Leadership: Take on the rewarding challenge of shaping the summer experience, leading a team, and overseeing the magic of camp operations.
Specialized Staff: Cooks, lifeguards, and maintenance personnel – every role is crucial in creating the immersive camp adventure.

Go ahead, tap into your talents or cultivate new ones by exploring these fulfilling roles.

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