These 5 Denver Summer Camps Are Worth Checking Out
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These 5 Denver Summer Camps Are Worth Checking Out

The fresh air of the Rocky Mountains has always been a fantastic venue for summer camps, but the mountains are just the beginning. These five Denver summer camps can show you everything that Colorado has to offer for your kids, from sailing, to business, to classical music!

1. Spotlight on Renaissance Adventures

If you're considering an adventure-packed summer camp in Colorado for your child in 2024, Renaissance Adventures is one name you don't want to miss. They stand out with their innovative programs, outdoor experiential education, and a focus on fostering essential soft skills, creativity, and teamwork.

From encouraging teamwork and promoting a culture of respect to enhancing creativity through imaginative activities, their offerings go far beyond mere fun. They strategically fuse adventure with key developmental constructs to create enriching experiences designed to foster personal growth and build future-ready skills.

For more detailed insight into why Renaissance Adventures deserves your attention this summer, we invite you to dive into our thorough investigation. Our recent blogpost outlines 25 compelling reasons that make this camp a top priority in Colorado's summer camp offerings.

Apart from being a delightful adventure-filled getaway, Renaissance Adventures emerges as a strategic choice for your child's holistic development. As you plan their summer experience, remember that each camp day is a stepping stone towards your child's future, shaping their skills, friendships, and memories.

2. The Greenway Foundation | SPREE

Tens of thousands of children have enjoyed games, crafts, adventures and ‘top secret’ environmental missions through the Greenway Foundation’s SPREE program (South Platte River Environmental Education). Not only does SPREE include an exciting 10-week themed summer camp program across two Denver locations, but their holiday camps during the school year give kids something to do with Denver summer camps when public schools are closed, but parents are still at work.

Your kids will enjoy the days of outdoor fun and time spent cooling off and catching crawdads in the river with SPREE. The program offers day camps, school excursions, weekend events, and more for kids from kindergarten (minimum age six) to 5th grade.

3. Junior Achievement Business Week

High school students can attend this intensive one-week boot camp to learn all about business, entrepreneurship, product development, and more in a Shark-Tank style competition. Your teens will spend a week living in the dorms at Johnson & Wales University in Denver while exploring leadership concepts, marketing, business ethics, and communication skills with 120 dynamic Denver-area business leaders. It’s also the perfect test drive of college campus life! Students returning to JA Business Week for another run can even learn what it takes to start their own businesses right now under the guidance of three young entrepreneurs.

4. Rosalani Harp, Voice & Piano Academy

Send your kids to hone their musical talents with Rosalani Harp, Voice & Piano Academy for specialized training in disciplines such as posture and technique, breath work, chord theory, improvisation for healing and jazz, ASTACAP and Royal Conservatory training, and more. Harpists in Denver will have the valuable opportunity to attend in-person sessions, and all other students are able to access sessions conveniently and safely via Zoom until virus conditions have improved.

Parents who are interested in testing for a right-fit program are in luck! You’re also able to contact the academy for a completely free trial lesson by calling (720) 251-2808 or emailing RosalaniMusic@

5. Cheley Colorado Summer Camp

We did mention the Rocky Mountains at the beginning, right? Cheley Colorado Summer Camp is right in the heart of the peaks at Estes Park, just over an hour outside the city of Denver. Kids aged 9-17 can attend the camp while enjoying outdoor adventure activities like hiking, horseback riding, backpacking, technical climbing, whitewater rafting, sports, crafts, and more! There’s nothing more exhilarating than the sense of resiliency and self-reliance your campers will build by traveling the backcountry with everything they need to sustain themselves nestled in a backpack. You can trust in the nurturing and supportive environment established by Cheley’s experienced and excellent staff.

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