Best Tips for Convincing Your Child to Join After School Activities
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Best Tips for Convincing Your Child to Join After School Activities

It's no secret that after school activities are important for children. They can help kids grow socially, build confidence, and have fun with a friend. However, what if your kids aren't interested in joining after school activities? The good news is that it's not uncommon for kids to not want to participate in after school activities, especially if they veer more towards the shy side. This doesn't mean you should give up! We put together some of the best tips for convincing your kids to join after school activities to help!

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Tips for Convincing Your kids to Join After School Activities

  1. Listen to what they have to say

Just like adults, children are often eager to share their opinions and feelings about things. If they don't feel like participating in an activity, listen carefully and try to understand why they don't want to participate. You might even find out that there's something else going on at home that could be causing them distress.

  1. Try to make it fun for them

Make sure the activity is something they enjoy. Make it fun, but also make sure they are learning something at the same time. Get them involved in planning the activity so that they feel like their opinions matter and can help shape how things go down (and maybe even get some extra work done!).

  1. Let them choose

One of the best tips for convincing your kids to join after school activities is letting them choose and respecting their decision. Let them know that it's okay if they don't want to join an activity. If they say no and then you ask again, this could make them feel pressure. This pressure may make them say no even if they’re actually interested.

Help them narrow down their choices if necessary and let them know that if there are other options available at school or elsewhere that meet their needs better than what we have here at home (like sports teams), then go for those instead!

  1. Offer your support

You can help your children by being available to them. Be supportive of their choices and decisions. If your child wants to take part in an after-school activity, be supportive of whatever choice they make! 

Be a positive influence: Encouragingly speak up when things don't go well at school or with extracurricular activities so that your kids know how important those experiences are for their development as individuals and members of society at large. 

  1. Tell Them About all the Pros

Kids need intriguing reasons to do something that they’re not naturally interested in doing. So, one of the most effective tips for convincing your kids to join after school activities is to tell them why it’s so beneficial. Talk up the activities. Tell them that they’ll get to spend time with their friends, they’ll get to be out of the house more, they’ll have fun, etc.!

  1. Help Them Get Ahead

Once you have your kid's attention, help them get ahead. You can easily do this by explaining how after school activities can help them in the future. This is especially important for kids who are still young or who may not know what their interests are yet. For example, if your child loves sports but has no interest in playing at their local park, then getting involved with an after school club might be just what they need to spark that interest. After all, who knows where this passion could lead?

  1. Talk About How After-School Activities Can Strengthen Their Resume

After-school activities can also show that your child is a responsible person and that they have leadership skills. This point is particularly for high schoolers, but still good to keep in mind for younger kids! Colleges love to see that applicants participate in after school activities and will often ask the following questions:

  • How well did he or she handle challenges?
  • Did he or she succeed despite obstacles (or even because of them)?
  • What kind of person was he or she able to become when given new responsibilities?
  • Did he/she learn from mistakes made along the way?
  1. Competition Is Healthy

Competition can be a good motivator and help you improve your skills, and confidence, and even reach new heights. The opportunity to compete with others makes them want to do their best to win the game or competition

  1. It's Never Too Late to Try Something Different

A popular response from kids who aren’t interested in joining an activity is “I already do everything I like”. The best way to combat this point is by telling them it’s never too late to try something new! There are hundreds of after school activities out there. Point that out to them and tell them they may find something they love even more than their current interests!

  1. Point Out That Most Kids Their Age Are Involved in After-School Activities

Probably one of the most successful tips for convincing your kids to join after school activities is reminding your kids that all their friends are doing activities. Kids like to do what their peers are doing. They enjoy the opportunity to do it with them and bond over their experiences. Sometimes, telling them that little Johnny next door is also doing sport xyz is enough!


Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these tips for convincing your kids to join after school activities was beneficial! Kids tend to be stubborn and like to make decisions by themselves. So try your best to be a voice and explain the benefits, but ultimately leave the decision up to them. They are more likely to say yes if they don’t feel pressured to do so!

Don’t forget to check out our explore page to find some incredible after school activities near you for when your child does get excited!

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