Top 5 Pennsylvania Sleepaway Camps For Kids Of All Ages!
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Top 5 Pennsylvania Sleepaway Camps For Kids Of All Ages!

Pennsylvania is often referred to as PA. It is known for its scenery — its mountainous western, northwestern and central portions — and its historical importance in American history, with sites such as Independence Hall where the Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution were drafted. Sleepaway summer camps are an essential part of growing up. If you’re lucky, your childhood was spent at one of these camps. Such an experience is not only memorable but also incredibly fun. However, it can be challenging to find just the right one for your child to attend every summer.

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Pennsylvania may not be the first state that comes to mind when you're looking for a great summer camp for your child, but the Keystone State has some pretty good options when it comes to sleepaway camps. While there are many camps in Pennsylvania, here are five great ones in the state where the fun never stops!

Our life is full of rich experiences. These experiences are often with family, friends and colleagues. Events with people are at times more important than the event itself. The Ferrwood Music Camp was created in part to provide these memorable experiences with others during what is normally a very busy time of year for parents with children entering or returning to school. Our camp was created to enhance the lives of these families by providing events that are geared towards fun, activities that are educational, memorable, and flexible in nature. View this business now!

Simply put, Camp Sequoia is a sleep away summer camp for boys ages 7-17 who need help developing their social skills. Campers with ADHD, ADD, social anxiety, and social thinking are just some of the kids that attend our camp. The main thing that separates us from other camps is that our counselors are trained to specifically work with campers who have social challenges. View this business now!

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Spruce Lake is a place of great beauty, born from forested mountains, forested valleys, and a vast expanse of the famous Pocono Mountains lakes. Spruce Lake is located in northeast PA near the historic towns of Jim Thorpe and Lehighton. The camp sits on 888-acres with all the beauty of woodlands, trails, scenic waterfalls, and over 100 acres of freshwater lake. Every activity you can dream up to do at a summer camp has been created by Spruce Lake Camp. There are canoeing adventures for every age group, beachfront swimming with inflatable floats and rafts, archery and rifle ranges, tennis courts, basketball courts, woodworking shop, art cabin with ceramic wheels and kilns. View this business now!

Wow! Camp IHC is a sleepaway summer camp for kids experience that offers dynamic instruction in sports, arts, aquatics, & outdoor adventure. Centered in the beautiful Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania, Camp IHC is a 5-star overnight summer camp resort that fosters self esteem and self-awareness while providing a genuinely fun experience. The inspiring grounds and views create a magical setting for some unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. From rock climbing to learning how to throw a baseball, from kickball tournaments to water ski racing, from playing in the theatre to dancing with our award winning troupe, there are hundreds of themes and activities to choose from! View this business now!

In 2015, Luminari Inc. launched a new leadership and culinary summer program for teenagers aged 14 to 18. The camp focused on the importance of teamwork while strengthening skills in interpersonal communication and leadership — both key skills in future success — while also encouraging creativity and building an appreciation for healthy eating. The camp’s curriculum focused on identifying and navigating situations, forming and leading teams, and establishing respect and trust. View this business now!

Worth mention:

We want to mention an awesome company we found called Art in the Pod. Whilst they aren't a sleepaway summer camp as such, they do provide after school art classes as well as special needs art classes and art camps - which is just as good!! They also have weekend art classes, plus plenty more. View this business now!

Imagine having an awesome summer. You’d do new things every day, meet awesome people, develop new skills, and have fun! Camp Wayne is a summer program for boys ages 5-15. It includes different activities each day which are not only fun but help the boys develop their skills. The best part is it’s run by experts in their field so it’s developed with the boys in mind. View this business now!

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