Top 50 At Home After School Activities for Kids
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Top 50 At Home After School Activities for Kids

As a parent, you know that finding things for your kids to do after school can be a challenge. If they're not in sports or other activities, it can be hard to come up with ideas that are both fun and educational. That's why we've put together this list of 50 at home after school activities for kids! These activities are sure to keep your children entertained and learning new skills while you get some work done or take a break.


The Ultimate List of 50 At Home After School Activities Your Kids Will Love!

  1. Make tissue box instruments: This is an activity that practically every millennial will remember doing at some point in their childhood. All you need is a tissue box, rubber bands, and some scissors!
  2. Learn how to make balloon animals: There are plenty of inexpensive kits you can buy for this or you can use the internet!
  3. Create a stop-motion movie: Such a fun activity for kids to express themselves!
  4. Write a story: These will of course be short stories since they're elementary aged kiddos, but it's fun to see what they come with using their imaginations!
  5. Write a play and put it on: Also fantastic for little ones with an abundance of energy and a small group of friends!
  6. Build a gingerbread house: It does not have to be the holiday season for you to build a gingerbread house. However, if you can't find any kits, use a different kind of cookie! Let your kiddo play with food for a change.
  7. Paint rocks to look like ladybugs: This is a fun activity for kids. They can paint the rocks however they want but lady bugs are adorable!
  8. Do a puzzle: Find an age appropriate puzzle and let your kids work on it when they get home.
  9. Play tag (or freeze tag): You'll need to do this with your kiddo or you'll need to allow some friends over but it's a great way to pass the time.
  10. Jump rope: Learning to jump rope is best done outside but can be done inside in a large room with a bunch of space.
  11. Make homemade pizzas: Adult required for this but it's a great time! Kids can decorate their own mini pizzas!
  12. Have a water balloon fight: If it's summer, a water balloon fight outside is always fun.
  13. Make homemade ice cream in a zip lock bag: This can be done with or without an adult pending the child's level of independence. Best part is it's completely customizable!
  14. Plant a garden: Supervision is required but this would teach your kid a valuable skill.
  15. Make a fairy garden: There are plenty of kits around that you could purchase to make this simpler!

*Pro Tip* Use the explore page to find some incredible activities for your kids in your area!

  1. Build a fort out of blankets and pillows: A fantastic way to pass the time and let your kids be silly.
  2. Take music lessons online or teach yourself: Use YouTube videos or find music lessons near you using our explore link!
  3. Build a bird feeder out of pine cones: Such a simple activity that kids love. They get to be messy and watch the birds fly in!
  4. Make a bird house to hang next to the feeder: Make a whole apartment complex if you want!
  5. Play catch: Great for hand eye coordination and gross motor skills
  6. Play hopscotch: Also fantastic for those gross motor skills and cognitive development.
  7. Play a board game: Find a board game they like and them play with friends.
  8. Make a homemade board game: Let them be creative and come with a whole new game!
  9. Learn origami: The art of paper folding, fantastic for fine motor skills.
  10. Write a letter to a grandparent or elderly neighbor: A cute and sweet activity kids and grandparents love!
  11. Start a business: For elementary kids we of course mean such as lemonade stand!
  12. Bake cookies or cupcakes and deliver them to neighbors: Teaches cooking skills, lets them get messy, and teaches kindness!
  13. Make lunch for someone in your family: Who doesn't love an afternoon snack?
  14. Rake leaves in your yard and jump into them: Ideal for the fall months and letting kids get their energy out!
  15. Make a homemade obstacle course: Allows for creativity and imagination.
  16. Teach a pet new tricks: Just make sure they're not giving your pet too many treats!
  17. Have a dedicated quiet hour: Sometimes kids just need some wind-down time! Check out these 5 screen free activities they can do during this time!
  18. Read with your friends: Some quiet group time!
  19. Take a much needed nap: This is always an option.
  20. Paint a picture: Be creative with it!
  21. Learn to sketch with a pencil: Super fun for kids who love art.
  22. Play with Mad Libs: Great for learning new words.
  23. Write a letter to your future self: This is an adorable activity for little kids!
  24. Make slime: This is seriously the best – just be sure to help out little ones with the measuring
  25. Do some at home science experiments: Supervision definitely required but so exciting for kids!
  26. Create an at home scavenger hunt: Gets your kids energy out and they get to find fun treats!
  27. Be an archaeologist for a day and dig for bones in the back yard: Lets them get messy and use their imagination.
  28. Practice riding a bike or a scooter: Just make sure they stay in the driveway
  29. Ask parents if they have some of their old childhood toys: Very exciting and unique for kids
  30. Pretend to run a business: Have your parents shop at your store and learn the way of the world!
  31. Watch YouTube videos that teach a new skill: Karate or boxing are great options that help you develop strength and coordination
  32. Play with a baby doll: You can give it a bath, feed it, etc.
  33. Do an at home spa day: Do it all, face masks, nails, the works!
  34. Have a pillow fight: So silly and fun just make sure they're safe!
  35. Pop popcorn and have a movie night: Quiet time but with homemade popcorn? Yes!
  36. Celebrate the merge of fitness, discipline, history, and fun of martial arts into after-school activities with Baxter Karate Dojo

top 50 at home after school activities

Final Thoughts on these 50 At Home After School Activities for Kids

The options are really endless and you can be as creative as you want! Some of these at home after school activities for kids are better done with your child while others are great for independence. Go over the list with your little one and see which activities suit their interests the most!


Before You Go!

Make sure you check out these additional resources to find the perfect activities for your child! Don't forget to check out that explore page linked above to find some fun things to do after school in your area as well!