In an era where fresh modes of entertainment are constantly sought after, theater arts have emerged as a favored option for people of all ages, including children. However, most individuals imagine theater arts to be simply performing on a stage, whereas it paints a broader picture. It incorporates several diligent performances that span acting, singing, dancing, and beyond. The theater art genre your child ventures into largely depends on their distinctive interest areas. To help guide their journey in theater arts, we’ll delve into diverse types of theater arts and shed light on their unique characteristics to assist you and your child in selecting the best fit!

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Now, let’s explore some prominent types of theater arts for kids your child might be interested in:

  1. Drama: A popular type of theater art, drama integrates storytelling, acting, and sometimes poetry to craft captivating performances and narratives.

  2. Ballet: A respected form of stage dance, ballet combines dance, music, and visual effects to create enthralling performances.

  3. Opera: Opera intertwines musical plays with symphonic accompaniment, usually featuring singers as the main performers.

  4. Musicals: These performances consist of spoken dialogue, songs, acting, and dancing to convey a story that is both engaging and entertaining.

  5. Puppetry & Marionette Theater: An ancient art form that involves manipulation of inanimate objects to tell stories or express ideas.

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What is Theatre Art?

The term "theater arts" refers to a wide range of disciplines, specialties, and levels of expertise, where drama, movies, concerts and lots more are showcased. Theater arts have been performed as one of the oldest forms of entertainment since ancient times.

Today, there are so many types of theater arts that it is difficult to track them all. They are constantly changing as new concepts are introduced, thanks to their many branches that cover a wide range of topics. However, the most common and current terms for the various types of theater arts are music, drama, and dance.

Theater arts also includes portraying familiar characters/personalities as opposed to fiction or serious drama. This includes everything from plays and musicals to ballet and juggling. Some theatre artists are interested in the concrete experiences of the performing arts, whereas others are interested in the theoretical and philosophical issues surrounding those same activities.

What are the Different Types of Theater Arts for Kids?

Theater arts have always been popular among children, each with its style and techniques. Apart from the general part of theater arts, which includes music, acting, and singing, there are other forms such as puppetry, ballet, circus, opera, and other dance performances. However, this article will concentrate on three up and coming categories: drama, ballet, and opera.

  1. Drama

Drama is the most common types of theater arts for kids, but it encompasses a variety of aspects. It is a type of theater art that teaches children the art of storytelling, acting, and, on occasion, poetry. Drama is also a way in which children can learn to express themselves creatively through performance. In drama activities, actors use their acting abilities to portray emotionally charged characters and situations. This means that drama involves storytelling, acting, and movement.

Drama for kids combines entertainment and education, transforming reading into active learning for children. It is also an effective method of motivating reluctant readers. As your child learns to express themselves using more extensive and more sophisticated words, drama for kids progresses from simple actions, games, and social stories to more complex language structures.

  1. Ballet

Ballet is a popular form of theatrical dance for adults and children alike. It is a beautiful, creative, and influential art form that combines dance, music, and film into a theatrical performance. These characteristics make it enjoyable for anyone, including children, who want to dance and are interested in creative theater.

There are numerous types of dances, but ballet is simply a dance that involves moving in melodic, acrobatic, and often dramatic, ways to music. It is unquestionably an excellent way for children to develop confidence and self-esteem while improving coordination, muscle strength, and flexibility. Classical ballet, folkloric dance, modern dance, and contemporary dance are also excellent options.

  1. Opera

An opera is a type of musical play. In contrast to dramas and plays, opera performers on stage are usually singers rather than actors (or a combination of the two), and the story is told through the songs sung by the performers and the orchestra's music.

Children's operas are similar to other types of classical opera productions in that they feature a cast of singers and musicians (as well as dancers, if any) dressed in period costumes. They also use a lot of musical instruments (both stringed and wind instruments), choreography, special effects like lighting, and even special effects that feature the work entirely within opera scenes.

Children's opera can be used to teach them about a variety of topics, including history, geography, and culture. It can also aid in developing skills such as listening and speaking.


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Theater Arts in School

Theater arts in schools is a broad area of performing arts that includes theatre, professional dance, and the art of presenting plays. It is a type of art commonly used to teach students how to perform in schools and universities. These types of theater arts allow children to hone their skills by taking on diverse roles and watching others do the same.

It's a fun and educational activity that helps develop their creativity and imagination. Although these activities are primarily carried out in schools, they can also be carried out at home. You need to know what piques their interest and which aspect of theater arts you intend to introduce to your child. This is an excellent option for young kids who are interested in theatre but do not yet know exactly what they want to do. School plays are often less strict, more social, and allow for more freedom and fun!



What Are the Advantages of Choosing Theater Arts for Your Child?

Most parents choose theater arts for their children for a variety of reasons. For example, enrolling your kids in one of the different types of theater arts encourages creativity and confidence building, high academic achievement, communication skill development, and fun.

Camp Broadway offers immersive and interactive theater programs for youth, fostering their artistic growth and love for Broadway through experiential learning and camps.

It's also a skill that will stick with them for the rest of their lives, whether they continue to pursue it long term or not. It can also help them improve the quality of their schoolwork and form lifelong friendships. Perhaps your child will find themselves working behind the scenes in technical theatre in the future! Maybe they'd prefer to take canter stage in a musical. Whatever path they take, there's no doubt that theatre will help them grow as people!

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Final Notes

Many types of theater arts are available for both children and adults. Each of them has distinct qualities and characteristics that set them apart. Some are sung, some are acted out, some are written, and some are a combination of all three. In conclusion, any form of theater arts benefits children's lives in various ways.

It promotes self-discipline, social skills, and creativity while increasing confidence and self-esteem and encouraging a child to explore new possibilities. It also exposes them to various social situations, which can broaden their perspective on life and promote independence.

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