The Ultimate FAQ on Music Lessons at Airshine
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The Ultimate FAQ on Music Lessons at Airshine

Welcome to our extensive FAQ page where we answer your burning questions about music lessons at Airshine. We hope this resource will help you step into your musical journey confidently and informed. Let's get started!

How do I know if my child is ready to start music lessons?

The biggest indicator is your child's interest and ability to follow directions. If your child is always gravitating toward the piano and expressing a desire to play, that's a strong hint. Basic knowledge of numbers 1 through 5 and letters A through G is essential. Reading isn't a requirement, but parents will need to assist with reading and following directions at home to ensure assignments are completed.

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What's the best age to start music lessons?

The ideal starting age range is 5 to 7. We recommend our Preschool Music Class for children under 5, where learning happens in a lively, play-oriented setting. Key skills such as listening, coordination, and rhythm, which are critical to playing an instrument, are built in this class.

How often should students take lessons or classes?

At Airshine, we have a paced learning approach with lessons or classes scheduled once a week. Students aged 7 and above are enrolled in a 45-minute lesson, while 5- and 6-year-olds can opt to start with a 30-minute lesson.

Is practicing between lessons necessary?

Yes, practice is key to progress. We recommend practicing at least 3 days per week, ideally 5 days. Our teachers work with students to set practice goals, centered on completion rather than time logging. It's about embracing and enjoying the music journey rather than racing against the clock.

Can I practice a lot on 1 or 2 days?

Music doesn't lend itself to crammed sessions. Spreading out practice time over the week helps both your brain to process the content and your body to learn the movements.

What happens if I get sick or go on vacation and miss a lesson?

We utilize a convenient scheduling portal, My Music Staff, where you can cancel your lesson at least 24 hours in advance. You'll be given a Makeup Credit, which allows you to schedule a makeup lesson, based on your teacher's availability.

Do I need a keyboard or piano at home to enroll in piano classes?

Yes. Regular practice at home is crucial for reinforcing the week's music lessons and preparing for new lessons, ensuring a dynamic and exciting learning experience.

What should I look for in a keyboard?

For a keyboard, you should ensure it has at least 61 keys, weighted features for realistic play, and touch sensitivity to accommodate various dynamics.

Where can I buy a keyboard?

You can explore options and purchase keyboards from local retailers, online platforms like Amazon, and secondhand markets like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.

What kind of piano would you recommend?

Purchasing a piano is like buying a car - it's all about condition and maintenance. A used piano in good condition or one that can be improved with a technician's help is ideal.

Which piano method does Airshine use?

At Airshine, we use a mix of methods including Alfred's Premier Piano Series, Piano Adventures, Piano Safari, and Dozen-a-Day for technical exercises. For voice lessons, we teach using the Full Voice workbooks.

Can I use charter school funds at Airshine?

Yes, Airshine is an approved vendor with several charter schools. If you want us to apply to your charter school, please drop us an email.

Navigating the world of music lessons can be complex, but at Airshine, we hope to make your journey as smooth as possible with this ultimate FAQ guide. Ready to tune into your music journey? Contact us today.