Melodies of Learning: Unleashing Kids' Potential with Singing Studios
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Melodies of Learning: Unleashing Kids' Potential with Singing Studios

In a lively conversation, Jason from Camps with Friends sat down with a unique youth program making waves in Fort Worth, Texas – Singing Studios. As they explored the vision behind Camps with Friends ensuring all kids access to phenomenal programs, attention shifted to a business partner standing out in this mission - Singing Studios.


1: Introduction and Background

Singing Studios approaches music education in an innovative fashion, offering private lessons in the homely environment of a studio, extending its reach to daycare centers with early childhood music programs. The menu of services is quite an ensemble, with lessons stretching from voice to piano, guitar, electric bass, drum set, and even the ukulele. The studio encapsulates music programs that cater to all ages, such as Animal Adventures in Music, early childhood music classes, mommy and me music classes, and the Little Piano Players Club.

Nestled comfortably in the Fort Worth Dallas area, Singing Studios has broadened its wings beyond the mid-cities, offering lessons both online and in person, ensuring every aspiring musician can engage their services despite their location.

But what makes Singing Studios beats resonate more profoundly lies in its origin story. Drawn from years of passion for music and children, the inception of Singing Studios was not mere chance. Before propelling this initiative, years were spent running a licensed home childcare, an experience that, though tasking, laid the foundation for the music studio.

Since the second grade, music was never far away, fostering a lifelong journey that spanned working in music stores, customer service, sales jobs, and even performing. The desire to inspire musicians, build their confidence, and help them reach beyond their perceived potential became a force driving the formation of Singing Studios.

Closely tied to this passion is an understanding of the cognitive treasure trove music education offers, especially for young children. Studies point out that musicians often score better on their SATs, a testament to the remarkable impact of music. Furthermore, music's potency in stimulating both brain hemispheres stands unrivaled, emphasizing its vital role in cognitive development for children, channeling the age-old saying – where words fail, music speaks.

One-on-one private music lessons

Experience the magic of one-on-one private music lessons with Singing Studios. Their experienced educators custom-tailor sessions to unlock each child's musical potential while nurturing creativity, self-confidence, and a lifelong love for music.


2: The Powers of Music and Program Overview

As Candi shared more details about Singing Studios' operations, she also underscored the profound positive effects music can have on individuals, particularly children. Scientific research showed that children engaged in instructional music programs often boasted higher IQs, indicating a unique mind-awakening that music can spark. Along with stimulating intelligence, music also teaches valuable life skills like discipline and hard work, while nurturing creativity.

The benefits extend beyond children – even elderly dementia patients showed signs of memory recall when exposed to music, suggesting the healing and life-sustaining powers of melodies.

Singing Studios' diverse programs catered to numerous preferences and needs. Covering instruments from voice to piano, guitar, bass, drum, and the ukulele, the Studio ensured every aspiring musician found their groove. Specialized programs like the Animal Adventures in Music targeted younger students aged two to six, allowing them to explore different instruments and delve into music appreciation, theories, notes, rhythms, and more.

Other than the in-home lessons, Singing Studios also works with daycare centers, offering early childhood music programs that stimulate fine motor skills, rhythm learning, talking, and singing. For our youngest future maestros, there are mommy and me classes that embrace the healing and growth-sparking powers of music.

Post-COVID, the shift to a more virtual delivery posed some challenges, notably due to technology limitations. Despite some difficulties initially, Singing Studios has worked around such hiccups. Adopting strategies to enhance online learning, like ensuring close proximity to a router, adequate lighting for technique observation, and providing support for younger kids prone to distractions, Singing Studios managed to accommodate the new normal. Despite these adjustments, in-person classes remain the ideal, particularly for younger students, given the unique, direct engagement benefits they offer.

3: Affinity for Online Learning and Singing Studios' Distinct Advantage

When teaching younger children online, having a parent available is beneficial for redirecting the child's focus when needed. Nevertheless, Candi recognizes that online instruction comprises the future of music education. It opens up opportunities for rural areas where physical music programs are not easily accessible due to population constraints. Difficulties related to finding an instructor due to personality differences or genre obstacles also diminish with logical lessons.

Singing Studios hopes to persuade parents considering various online music options for their children. Their key selling point resides in their instructors – all are experienced music educators well-versed in guiding all age groups. The 'littles' often get overlooked by many programs, but Singing Studios has the knowledge, experience, and resources to cater to their unique needs.

Instead of a proficient guitar player, you find an educator who can simplify and break down concepts to suit a beginner. In addition to teaching, they focus on fostering relationships with their students, gathering insights about their struggles, and supporting them through their journey. This comprehensive approach helps foster a sense of community among the students and their families.

As parting advice, Candi, a parent herself, urges other parents contemplating introducing music into their children's lives to just 'go for it'. Music provides numerous benefits like stress relief, teamwork, creativity, and solo work. It's a gift that stays with individuals throughout their lives, instilling a sense of self-worth. For parents, nothing is more rewarding than watching their children learn and progress.

Parents interested in exploring more about Singing Studios can visit their website, '', or their active Facebook page that updates followers about their weekly class activities, known as 'singing-studios, lessons and classes on Facebook'.

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