Year-Round Enrichment Activities at Coral Reef Activity Center: Exploring Holistic Development for Kids
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Year-Round Enrichment Activities at Coral Reef Activity Center: Exploring Holistic Development for Kids

Immerse your child in the Coral Reef Activity Center's diverse offering of year-round enrichment activities. Our center provides an amalgam of skill-enhancing activities from after-school programs to a state-of-the-art indoor sports facility, all aimed at nurturing the holistic development of children. Continue reading to discover how we create an environment that fosters growth, creativity, and endless fun, regardless of the season.

Fun Fact: Did you know that gymnastics was invented by Friedrich Ludwig Jahn in the early 19th century?

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster growth and development in a safe, friendly, and fun environment. We aim to provide high-quality gymnastics programs that promote physical fitness, teamwork, discipline, and perseverance.


Activities Offered

Coral Reef provides a wide range of engaging activities, from LSU Gymnastics to YMCA gymnastics. Each activity is carefully designed to promote the growth and development of kids. Learn more about us and our offerings over at our Coral Reef Activity Center Profile.

Staff and Coaches

Coral Reef prides itself on its dedicated team, led by passionate owners Steve and Carla Arcamonte. All our instructors are USAG Safety Certified and have undergone extensive background checks.

Carla Arcamonte, Owner

With a background in Sports Medicine from FIU, Carla has been tirelessly steering the center for 14 years. As a Safe Sport Certified, USAG Certified owner, she brings her extensive knowledge and skills to the foreground, resulting in a safe yet exciting learning space for the kids.

Steve Arcamonte, Owner

Also at the helm for 14 years, Steve brings value from his construction management education at FIU. Steve's expertise in Safety and Risk Management is crucial to the center's operation.

Sabrina Arcamonte, On-Site Manager

Sabrina is a valuable asset at Coral Reef with 10 years of teaching experience and 14 years as a competitive gymnast. With a bachelor's in Economics, she is skilled in managing various functions at the center, from birthday parties to front office operations.

Other notable staff members include:

Leesa and Arno van Werven, Team coaches, providing over 30-years of coaching experience.

Elgin Aponte “Coach E,” Class Program Instructor with extensive experience as an all-around gymnast.

Isabella Arcamonte, Class Program Instructor, Birthday Party Facilitator, and After School Program Assistant.

Vanessa Mesa, Class Program Instructor and competitive gymnast for 10 years.

Claudia, Class Program Instructor & Team Instructor.

Kylie Glover, Party Lead & Class Program Leader.

Madison Harper, Hospitality Leader & Cheer Coach.

Why Choose Us

Setting us apart is our dedication to the holistic development of kids. Combining elements of physical fitness, teamwork, and learning, we create a supportive and engaging learning environment enriched by our experienced team. Look at our blog post on "How Participation in Sports Enhances a Child's Development" for more insight.

Our Programs

We offer a gamut of programs to ensure kids are provided with invigorating environments to thrive - After-school programs, camps, parties, and more. Explore our offerings on our Coral Reef Activity Center Profile.

If you wonder how much gymnastics typically cost, the price includes instructional time, use of facility and equipment, and the coach's time. It can vary based on the level, location, and duration.

Facility Tour

Our facilities are designed to provide a safe, engaging learning environment for kids. Don't hesitate to check out our infrastructure at the Explore Page for Other Youth Programs.

After-School Activities: Coral Reef Activity Center

At the Coral Reef Activity Center, our after-school program uniquely combines fitness and skill enrichment activities tailored with a flexible schedule. Our diverse array of activities includes gymnastics, martial arts, and creative arts, managed under the careful supervision of experienced instructors.

Premier Indoor Sports Facility at the Coral Reef Activity Center

At the Coral Reef Activity Center, we offer a state-of-the-art indoor sports facility designed to cater to various athletic needs. Equip with modern sports equipment and surfaces tailored for numerous disciplines including gymnastics and martial arts, we ensure an exciting, safe, and all-weather playground for children.

Contact Information

Do you have any inquiries or questions? Feel free to contact us. Visit our Profile for more information.


At Coral Reef Activity Center, we believe every child has immense potential to grow in the world of gymnastics. Through our year-round enrichment activities for kids, we aim to build skills that go beyond the gym. Explore more about sports participation and its numerous benefits through our blog.

Do you wonder when the next big gymnastics competition or Olympics is going to be? Stay tuned for the Paris 2024 Olympics and our local, regional, and national competitions that we host throughout the year!

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