Steve & Kate's Youth Enrichment Programs: The Kids are in Charge!
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Steve & Kate's Youth Enrichment Programs: The Kids are in Charge!

Founded back in 1980 by Steve and later joined by Kate, Steve & Kate's has become a unique household name among summer day camps throughout the nation. What started as a mere summer day camp in Mill Valley has for the last 16 years expanded its impact, hosting over 55 camps across the United States, from California to New York. With the help of Bright Horizons, which later joined the Steve & Kate's bandwagon, the organization hopes to add even more locations each year.


The Steve & Kate's Difference

The defining feature of Steve & Kate's is simple yet profound: kids are in the driver's seat of their experiences. This philosophy permeates every aspect of their camps. Each day, campers are presented with a wide array of activities to choose from. From sports such as soccer and basketball to creative pursuits like arts and crafts, sewing, and even robotics, Steve & Kate's ensures there's something appealing for every child. The choice to participate in whichever activity they choose is completely up to them.

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Beyond the daily activities, Steve & Kate's is committed to maintaining flexibility for parents and guardians as well. With camp options from 8 AM to 6 PM at every location, parents can rest assured their children are engaged in meaningful, thrilling activities that cultivate their creativity, leadership skills, and independence.

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Immersive Locations Nationwide

Presently, the summer day camp operates in 13 different states, primarily using facilities like schools, community centers, and churches. The locations are chosen with great care, ensuring spaces that provide a value-rich experience for every camper. Some locations have historical significance, having been part of the Steve & Kates's community over the years while others are fresh additions broadening the scope of influence for the camps. For the most up-to-date information concerning locations, parents are encouraged to check the Steve & Kate's website.

A Day at Camp: Embracing Variety and Adventure

There isn't one "typical" day at a Steve & Kate's camp, given its child-driven philosophy. The day usually starts with a drop-off period from 8 AM to 9:30 AM. Campers are then taken on a fun tour of the facilities, getting them accustomed to where everything is - classrooms, outdoor spaces, restrooms, support areas, and, of course, the bakery!

The morning period, generally from 9:30 AM to noon, is the first major activity period. During this time, campers get to explore various activities available at camp, based entirely on their own volition. No matter if they decide to cling to the basketball court the whole time or wish to bake cookies, every day at Steve & Kate's unfolds as a unique adventure!

Activities and Special Programs: Fun and Learning Combined

At Steve & Kate's, a day's activities vary widely, offering a multitude of options to campers. Some activities may last multiple days, such as creating music videos, while others may take only a few minutes, like learning how to sew. The camp is designed to accommodate children with diverse interests and parents who require flexible options throughout the summer. With day passes valid across all locations, whether for vacationing families or those away on business, parents can ensure their child has access to a safe, fun, and educational environment.

Steve & Kate's not only provides summer camps but also has break camps available during winter, spring, and Thanksgiving. The summer season usually stretches from June to August, dependent on school calendars in different locations.

Staff Selection and Training: Ensuring the Best Experience for Campers

To provide the best experience for campers, the selection process for counselors and staff is stringent. While the goal is to retain superstar returning staff members, Steve & Kate's consistently expands and adds new locations, increasing the need for more qualified personnel. Staff members are carefully screened, with background checks, CPR, first aid, and AED certifications. Additionally, they undergo thorough training, combining online and in-person sessions to ensure they are fully prepared on day one.


Exciting Activities Offered at Camp

Steve & Kate's camps offer an array of activities across all locations, making every child's experience exceptional. Some of the exciting options available at camp include stop-motion animation and sewing. Campers as young as four years old can learn sewing, though they must pass a test on sewing machine operation first. Such diverse and engaging activities provide an enriching and comprehensive experience for children aged 4-12.

Ultimately, Steve & Kate's puts the camper's interests first, offering choice, adventure, and flexibility for families, ensuring a high-quality summer camp experience for kids across the nation.

Learning Through Fun and Engagement

Steve & Kate's Camp offers a wide range of activities, from coding and robotics to baking. They also provide a tinkering lab encompassed in STEAM activities. The camp ensures dynamic daily specials – offering water slides for hot days and inviting local organizations for an extra dash of inspirations.

Success Stories Providing Inspiration

The camp prides itself in creating environments of comfort, fostering rapid development for its campers. A poignant example presented was an international camper who struggled initially due to language barriers and unfamiliarity. However, with the staff's patience, the introduction of peers speaking the same language, and the camper's immersion in activities, there was a dramatic transformation. The child went from crying at drop-off to crying at pick-up, not wanting to leave.

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Empowering Kids and Promoting Independence

Steve & Kate's Camp's unique structure lies in allowing kids to be in charge. From baking cookies to sewing pillows, the camp provides a platform for children to make choices, take responsibility, and learn from failures. Such an approach sets them apart from other camps, giving campers a sense of autonomy and developing their decision-making skills.

Accessibility and Flexibility

The camp's presence is rapidly expanding, with new openings in areas like Dallas, Texas, aiming to serve larger communities. Parents can find their nearest location by visiting the official website, The website provides succinct navigation to various locations and an FAQ page for any queries. Parents are highly recommended to sign up for the email list for updates and vital registration information.

What sets Steve & Kate's Camp apart from many others is its flexibility. Like a Multi Day Pass, parents don't have to reserve months in advance - a camp pass can be used anytime, offering the same level of convenience and adaptability.

Uncompromised Access and Flexibility

At Steve & Kate's Camp, you're always welcome. Their day pass system accepts transfers across different camp locations, ensuring accessibility and flexibility. Additionally, they offer a summer pass that grants full access to all their locations, for the entire summer. The focus is clearly on ensuring flexibility and minimizing hassle for parents.

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Multiple Platforms to Connect

Parents can connect with Steve & Kate's Camp not just through the official camp website,, but also on These platforms make it easy for parents to find the necessary information and engage with the camp.


The conversation with Brandon wraps up on a positive note, reminding parents of the ease and accessibility of engaging with Steve & Kate's Camp, and leaving parents anticipating more informative content to assist them in making the best decisions for their children's summer experiences.

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