Embarking on the Pathway with TLT's Youth Leadership Program
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Embarking on the Pathway with TLT's Youth Leadership Program

In our ever-changing world, it's become incredibly important to involve our younger generation in youth leadership programs. Initiatives like "TLT Stand," the gateway to TLT Movement's youth leadership program, are more than just educational endeavors; they provide transformative experiences that mold the leaders of tomorrow.

These programs do more than just teach leadership skills. They foster personal growth, enhance communication abilities, and motivate young people to discover their unique purpose. There are so many advantages to participating in this program. Young individuals emerge from these experiences as self-assured, decisive individuals with an elevated sense of emotional intelligence, ready to make a positive impact not only on their family, friends, and communities.
Let your child embark on this remarkable journey with the TLT Movement's youth leadership program and join hands to mold a brighter and better future.

5 Benefits of the TLT Youth Leadership Program

  1. Personal Growth: Participants are mentored to hone their strengths and transform weaknesses into learning opportunities, fostering significant personal growth.

  2. Communication Skills: The program emphasizes effective communication as a cornerstone of leadership, helping youths articulate their thoughts eloquently.

  3. Purpose Discovery: By guiding participants to seek their unique purpose, we ensure each student realizes their potential to contribute meaningfully to society.

  4. Emotional Intelligence: Emotional Intelligence is a key takeaway from our program, enabling students to understand and manage their emotions and relationships better.

  5. Community Impact: TLT's Youth Leadership Program empowers students to apply their learnt skills for the betterment of their communities, fostering a positive and lasting impact.


These programs go beyond imparting leadership skills. They cultivate personal development, augment communication proficiencies, and inspire youths to uncover their distinct purpose. The benefits of such a program are multifaceted. Youths are nurtured into confident, decisive individuals with heightened emotional intelligence, ready to positively impact their communities and beyond.

Let your child embark on this remarkable journey with the TLT Movement's youth leadership program and join hands to mold a brighter and better future.

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The TLT Philosophy: Shaping Tomorrow's Leaders Today

TLT stands for 'Tomorrow's Leaders Today' and this ethos is the driving force behind their mission. It depicts their unwavering belief in the immense potential of today's youth and our commitment to forging them into the leaders of the future. We understand that leadership is not just about guiding others but also about self-awareness, personal growth, and skillful communication.

By focusing on these areas today, they are methodically preparing their students to become capable and influential leaders of tomorrow. This philosophy shapes their programs, influencing every aspect from their curriculum design to mentorship approaches, ensuring that they not only meet but exceed their mission of shaping tomorrow's leaders today.

About the Event

The moment has arrived. TLT Movement presents TLT Stand from February 9-11, 2024 - one of the country's most anticipated youth leadership programs. Designed for high school and college-age students from across the country, TLT aims to inspire the upcoming leaders of tomorrow.

Event Structure and Focus

TLT Stand, one of the country's leading 3-day youth leadership conferences, serves as a springboard to our one-year mentorship program. The conference offers valuable life leadership lessons coupled with empowering mentorship opportunities.

February 9-11, 2024: Intensive Youth Leadership Training

Youth leadership training begins with a transformative residential experience at the Hilton Home2 in Pompano Beach. The expert facilitators and mentors imbibe personal growth, communication, conflict resolution, and finding one's purpose - all core aspects of their leadership curriculum.

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Your Investment

For an all-inclusive fee of $1799.00 USD , attendees receive the 5 following items:

  1. All local logistics during the conference, including comfortable accommodations at Hilton Home2 Pompano Beach

  2. Nutritious meals

  3. Local transportation

  4. Comprehensive access to TLT program curriculum and materials

  5. Personalized mentorship sessions.

Please note that this fee does not include airfare.

The Mentorship Journey

Post TLT Stand, the mentorship journey commences. This year-long program ensures seamless integration of the skills obtained into daily life.

5 Key Offerings:

  1. Monthly Mentor Meetings

  2. Resume Building Support

  3. Internship Opportunities

  4. Service Hour Opportunities

  5. Access to Advanced Training & Travel

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Ongoing Support

Their holistic approach extends beyond one-off training to continual support, aimed at nurturing stronger bonds between youths and their families.

Key Services:

  • Family mentorship

  • Enrichment resources

  • Family-oriented special events

Join the TLT Stand

Make the first move towards unlocking your high school or college kids leadership potential by immersing them in the TLT Stand experience, one of the highest rated youth leadership programs in the country. It's time for transformation, growth and recovery. Allow them to become the best that they can be!

About TLT Movement

TLT Movement is a renowned organization dedicated to empowering young individuals through transformative youth leadership programs and mentorship. With a team of experienced facilitators and mentors, we nurture personal growth, foster effective communication, and encourage self-discovery. Our commitment to shaping future leaders extends beyond training and includes ongoing support for students and their families. Discover the difference with TLT Movement - where leadership journeys are crafted, and lives are transformed.

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