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5 Marketing Tips You Should Take To Your Grave

There are so many rules of thumb in business. Actually, there’s too many to count. Don’t worry because we’ve done the work for you, and scoured the earth for the information that’ll help assist you in the long run.

We’re passionate about your success and want you to get it right the first time. Read further for our top biz tips, to help you on your journey to success!

  • Get social!

Being active on social media is vital to your small business. Your intentions should be to engage and build trust and brand loyalty. Meaning, promotions should constitute 20% of your social media marketing campaign; the ‘social’ aspect should make up about 80%. Your efforts should be focused on creating content that will resonate with your target audience. 

One of the things I like to tell some of my clients is sell without selling! So instead of telling people how amazing your camp is & why they should send their children there, rather share an awesome picture of kids having fun at your camp. They will want the same for their children.

  • What’s your email?

Email marketing is a must in this ever-changing, digital world. Almost everyone has an email, and they check it. If you want to drive traffic and increase sales, email is a great start. Whatever you do, don’t spam your customers. Send newsletters, special offers, and/or coupons to peak their interest. 

Start by making sure you're capturing email addresses on your site through a newsletter sign up form. You could also hold competitions etc to entice people to sign up.

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  • But first, your website.

It’s imperative that your website is in tip-top shape; this is where it counts. According to Impact, long load time, crazy colors, your logo, layout, popups and ease of navigation can all play a factor in your visitor’s first impression of your website. You should have a mobile-friendly site with a modern, clean design.

Your visitors should know exactly who you are and what you offer the second your page loads. Get the most important info above the fold on the home page. Videos have been shown to slow down load time and people seldom watch them. Investigate & find out what your website bounce rate is. perhaps test 2 different versions of your site. One with video & one without. See in which version people spend more time on your site before leaving.

  • Your network = Your net worth

As a growing business, building a strong and solid network should be second nature. Get out there and make connections with like-minded people and businesses. The benefits you gain from being intentional about expanding your network are endless. Here they are:

  • Friendship
  • Growing your personal profile
  • New business
  • Advice


  • Recycle!

When your marketing budget is low, consider recycling your content. Give life to an old blog post, by transforming it into a shareable infographic for social media. You can tweet info from notes that you’ve taken at a conference, or create a slide show with some of your favorable user-generated content (UGC). The possibilities are endless; get creative!

We want to see you flourish in every area of your biz. Download this guide, as well as our other guides, to help you set out on a lasting quest for success!

5 pillars of small business marketing

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