New Verified Badge for public pages on Camps With Friends!
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New Verified Badge for public pages on Camps With Friends!

Introducing public pages, verified businesses, coupon codes & more...

We are very excited to announce a host of new features accessible to all verified businesses on the CWF platform in the coming weeks.

The 1st thing to touch on is that currently in order for your business profile to receive views from parents, they would either have to download the IOS app & create a profile OR they would have to visit the website & create a profile. We felt that in many ways this is limiting the amount of parents who may find your information online by putting your information behind the account creation process.

The change we are implementing is now parents will be able to view your information without having to create an account first. This means your business profile will show up in google search results and parents will be able to see all your info without having to create an account. This will mean more views & eyeballs on your latest business / camp / program information. 

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As you will see in the information & images below we are also introducing Verified Badges VS non verified businesses. We feel that adding basic business information will better serve our parents by offering them more choices in their search for activities for their children. The way businesses with admins managing their businesses will stand out is through the Verified Badge program. See below for more information.

The 1st image below shows the profile page or an unverified business meaning this business doesn't have an admin managing it.

1: You will see an unverified business does not have a logo associated with the profile page.

2: An unverified business has a "CLAIM IT" button where-by a business owner can apply to claim that page as their own. 

3: Parents who browse this page can suggest edits & categories which will better describe the business & help other parents out in search & explore.


Unverified Business Page CWF


In the image below we have a Verified Badge / Business profile.

4: You will see the presence of an official business logo on the profile making the page more authentic.

5: The presence of an official CWF Verified badge will give Trustworthiness: A CWF Verified badge gives your profile an added layer of trustworthiness, allowing you to build trust among parents. Exposure: Verified accounts have the potential to reach more parents all around the platform.

verified badge

6: Verified businesses have loads more features. They have the ability to post images & videos to their followers, create programs more specific to their business & have a full about section. They also have user reviews & the ability to create & offer coupons & discounts.

7: The live feed can be filled with images, videos & business updates. This is also where you will post your coupons codes which will in turn be fed into parents news feeds. Boosted coupons codes will also find their way into the all new "Deal Of The Day" section.

8: Coupon Codes! ( feature coming soon )


Verified Business CWF


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